Your Guide to Buying Heineken Cup Final Tickets

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Your Guide to Buying Heineken Cup Final Tickets

The rugby world is fiercely competitive, and teams from around the world clash frequently at major tournaments and competitions. One of the biggest rugby tournaments is the Heineken Cup, which is sponsored by the Dutch beer brewer Heineken. This annual event is one of the biggest in the rugby world and draws legions of devoted fans every year. There are a number of games held during the Heineken Cup, as teams are eliminated until only two remain. These two teams face off in the Heineken Cup Final where the victor earns a trophy and bragging right for a year.

For the most diehard rugby fans, getting a chance to go to the Heineken Cup Final is a dream come true, provided they can get tickets. While tickets are sold at the venue where the Final is to be held, many fans find that online purchases are more convenient. However, tickets bought online occasionally sell out quickly, meaning that fans must look to other means of making a purchase, such as through eBay. When buying tickets for the Heineken Cup Final, it is helpful to be aware of what kind of event it is and what to expect when attending. This makes it possible for anyone to make a more informed purchase.

About the Heineken Cup

Unlike some other major sporting events, the Heineken Cup is not a global competition. Instead, it is a tournament organised by the European Rugby Cup. Invitations are limited to teams from the International Rugby Board. This board is made up of six nations, including England,France,Scotland, Italy, Ireland, and Wales. Each nation has different criteria for selecting national teams to represent them. In the end, there are 24 teams that are invited to enter the initial competition.


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There are also two spots available for the reigning champions of the Heineken Cup and the European Challenge Cup. This means that some nations may get an extra spot if one of their wins includes a champion.

How the Heineken Cup Works

Unlike some sports tournaments where all games take place over a short time, the Heineken Cup lasts from October to May. Games are scheduled when the participating teams have room in their schedules. Initially, teams are divided into six pools of four teams each. The teams assigned to each pool are random, but there are a variety of complex factors that determine how teams are placed. After several games during which teams are assigned ranking points, the top eight teams enter the quarter-finals.

Quarter-Finals and Semi-Finals

The quarter-finals match teams against each other based on rank, with the highest seed teams playing lowest seed teams and so on. Teams with a higher seed are allowed to play quarter-final games in their home stadium. The winners of the quarter-finals advance to the semi-finals, which are held at neutral locations. The winners advance to the Heineken Cup Final.


The location for the Heineken Cup final is held at a predetermined location each year. In some cases, a certain nation may host the Final for multiple years in a row. The stadium used for the final match is typically larger than any single team's home venue. This means that it is usually held in a massive football stadium where thousands of people can attend. The rules for attendance would be the same as it would be for a football match.

What to Expect at the Heineken Cup Final

The Heineken Cup Final is a highly respected and anticipate event. The winner gains a lot of clout in the rugby world, so for both teams in the event, the competition is fierce. For fans, the energy of the Final match coming after months of competition is extremely high. Although the venue for the Heineken Cup Final changes each year, there are some things that stay consistent from year to year.


Since the venue for the Heineken Cup Final is selected before the tournament even begins, the fans of the teams competing likely have to travel a long distance in order to attend. This means that the fans in attendance are typically the most devoted and excited. It is also likely that a fair number of locals may attend as well. Fans, especially of energetic sports like rugby can be loud and enthusiastic. It is helpful to be prepared to yell and make lots of noise.

What to Bring

It can be difficult to plan for attending the Heineken Cup Final as the rules for each venue might change. This is even more difficult when the venues are in a different country. Since the venue is known well in advance of the actual event, it can be helpful to look at the rules for the stadium before attending. Some venues may allow cameras and other devices and some may allow outside food and drink to be brought in. For the most part, it is a good idea to bring money for purchasing food or drinks at the stadium in order to avoid complications or the need to lug heavy bags and other materials in and out of the stadium.

What to Wear

For the most part, people don't think much about what to wear at a rugby match aside from team colours. It is helpful, however, to think about what to wear in order to be comfortable. The crowd at the Heineken Cup Final is extremely enthusiastic, which means that everyone is on foot for most of it. It is helpful to wear comfortable shoes that can be stood in for several hours at a time. It is also important to dress for the weather if the venue is outdoors. Wind, rain, and other atmospheric conditions can make an unprepared fan feel uncomfortable during the match.

What to Look For When Buying Tickets

When buying tickets to the Heineken Cup Finals, it is helpful that the venue is known in advance. This allows a potential buyer to examine the area and do some research into what one can expect in terms of weather at the stadium. If the stadium is outdoors, knowing what time the sun sets or if there is a limited view from certain sections of the stands is incredibly important. With this information, along with the geographic position of the stadium, a potential buy can determine what sort of conditions to expect with specific seats.

It is also helpful to be aware of where certain fans might be sitting. This is not always possible, but generally, fans of one team tend to sit near each other. Finding where a specific team's fans are and sitting with them can make the overall experience more enjoyable.


The Heineken Cup is one of the great events in the rugby world, pitching the best teams from six nations against each other. The Heineken Cup Final is the culmination of months of fierce competition from these teams. It is no wonder that tickets to the event are coveted by rugby fans from around the world. Luckily, those who wish to attend the event can find tickets in a number of locations, including eBay. Before buying tickets, it is helpful to be aware of how the Heineken Cup works and what sort of preparations can be made before attending. It is a good idea, for example, to wear comfortable shoes to the final as cheering for one's favourite team means a lot of time on foot. It is also helpful to look for tickets that are situated out of the sun or that contain enough seats near each other in order to accommodate a group. Finding the right tickets for the Heineken Cup Final can be a big step toward enjoying one of the biggest sporting events in the world.

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