Your Guide to Buying Items to Help You Quit Smoking

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Your Guide to Buying Items to Help You Quit Smoking

Types of Quit Smoking Aids Available

There are many different types of aids available for quitting smoking. Here are some of the most popular and readily available aids:

Most people try one of the easy to buy over the counter options. Medication from a GP is usually a last resort for those who need to quit for health reasons. It is a very personal decision as to which type of aid to use, and different ones will suit different people. Busy individuals looking to quit discreetly may find a patch more convenient, whereas those who enjoy having an activity that replaces smoking may prefer chewing nicotine gum or using an inhalator. Most aids for quitting smoking can be found online, on websites such as eBay.

Nicotine Gum

Nicotine gum is one of the most popular smoking cessation aids available, and it can be found on websites such as eBay. There are a variety of brands and flavours to choose from. Whilst many people dislike the original flavour of gum, it is easy to find the following flavours online:

  • Fresh fruit
  • Freshmint
  • Whitening mint
  • Liquorice
  • Spearmint

The three main brands of gum are Nicotinell, Nicorette and NiQuitin, and the range of flavours available varies slightly with each brand. There are also different strengths of gum, and it is recommended to slowly reduce the strength and amount of gum consumed in order to quit nicotine for good. Nicotine gum can be reduced slowly and replaced gradually with regular sugar free gum.

Nicotine Patches

Nicotine patches are worn directly on the skin, either on the upper chest, hip or arm, and release a constant supply of nicotine directly into the bloodstream. Because they are so discreet and can be worn for either 16 or 24 hours, they are ideal for busy individuals who do not have time for gum, inhalators or other smoking cessation aids.

Nicotine patches come in 3 different strengths ranging from 7mg to 25mg, and NiQuitin, Nicorette and Nicotinell all produce patches. These can be found on eBay for reasonable prices. The idea is to gradually move through a 3-step program, reducing the amount of nicotine being used. Nicotine patches can cause irritation to the skin where they are applied, but this usually resolves itself after 24 hours.

Nicotine Inhalators

These look like a cigarette made from plastic and are ideal for those who miss the physical action of smoking. The inhalator releases vapour containing nicotine, which is absorbed through the mouth. Because inhalators work so quickly, they are ideal for an instant ‘hit’ of nicotine and calm cravings fast. Most inhalators give around 400 puffs and can be used over a period of about twelve weeks to help in quitting. The number of cartridges used should be gradually reduced over the twelve week period and it makes sense to stock up on inhalator cartridges by shopping on eBay.

Because they work so much more quickly than nicotine gum and other aids, inhalators are very popular, as they can be used as soon as a craving hits. They are also a great choice for those who miss the action of smoking, and can be found for very reasonable prices online, on websites such as eBay.

Nasal Sprays

Nasal sprays release a fine mist of nicotine into the nose. No more than forty doses should be administered in a 24-hour period, and usually the nasal spray is used twice an hour. Each dose gives the same amount of nicotine as found in a traditional cigarette, and nasal sprays release nicotine into the bloodstream far more quickly than other stop smoking aids.

For the first eight weeks, one to two sprays per hours is normally used, and then this is gradually reduced over a 12-week period until the spray is no longer needed. Nasal sprays are similar to inhalators in that they provide an instant hit of nicotine as soon as cravings hit. They are the strongest form of NRT and ideal for heavy smokers who are struggling to quit.


These small tablets dissolve under the tongue and should never be chewed or swallowed. These are popular not only with those quitting smoking completely but also with people trying to reduce the number of cigarettes they smoke. The amount of tablets taken should be gradually reduced over time, as with other aids. Microtabs can be found in the ‘Quit Smoking’ section on eBay.

Electronic Cigarettes

In recent years, electronic cigarettes or ‘e-cigs’ have become popular with those looking for an alternative to traditional cigarettes. E-cigarettes convert liquid solution into a mist, simulating the act of smoking. Whilst the liquid solution contains nicotine, it has no tobacco, tar or chemicals in it, so it is a healthier alternative to cigarettes. Because there is no real ‘smoke’, there is no unpleasant smell when using an electronic cigarette and no risk of passive smoking.

It is also possible to use e-cigarettes in public areas such as bars, restaurants and cinemas, where smoking is now banned. Some people use electronic cigarettes as a way to gradually quit smoking. Cartridges for these cigarettes can be found online, on websites such as eBay, in various different strengths, which means the amount of nicotine consumed can be gradually reduced in order to quit. These cartridges are also available in a variety of flavours such as chocolate, cinnamon, apple and coffee as well as a variety of tobacco flavour blends.

How to Choose the Best Quit Smoking Aid

When choosing an item to assist in quitting smoking, it is important to consider budget, lifestyle and the number of cigarettes currently smoked a day.


Best used by

Nasal spray

Heavy smokers and those struggling to quit – provides an instant ‘hit’ of nicotine when cravings strike. This is the strongest form of NRT available to buy.


Ideal for those looking to quit but also those trying to cut down the number of cigarettes smoked.

Nicotine patches

A discreet way to quit smoking, ideal for those looking to quit gradually and benefit from a consistent supply of nicotine to the bloodstream.


Great for those who miss the action of smoking and ideal to provide an instant ‘hit’ of nicotine when cravings strike.

Nicotine Gum

This is ideal for those who like an action to replace smoking. A variety of flavours and strengths help in quitting gradually and it is easy to buy nicotine gum on eBay.


These provide short bursts of nicotine – ideal for those who don’t like the taste of gum.

Electronic cigarettes

An expensive way to quit smoking but provides the feel of smoking and the nicotine without any of the tar or harmful chemicals. Can be used indoors and nicotine can be reduced gradually. It is safe to use long term as a replacement for traditional cigarettes.

How to Buy Items to Help You Quit Smoking on eBay

The easiest way to buy Items to Help you Quit Smoking online is to explore eBay. Just visit eBay and go to the drop-down menu of categories next to the main eBay logo on the left of the page. Select Health and Beauty and this will open up a list of sub-categories. Go to Health Care and select Smoking Cessation. From here you can choose from ‘Patches’, ‘Gum’ or ‘Not Specified’ from the sub-type menu.

Searches can be narrowed using a certain term if looking for something specific. Just type the words related to the search, such as ‘Nicorette Nasal Spray’ into the main search box. For further tips on how to search eBay, go to their Search Tips page.


There are many different types of NRT available to choose from, and it is a personal decision choosing the best aid to help when quitting smoking. Whilst gum and patches are popular choices, those who are heavy smokers may benefit from using a nasal spray or inhalator. It is all about which is more convenient for the individual and also the most affordable.

There are many different brands to choose from and eBay usually has a wide range of products, brands and strengths available. Shopping online for items to help in quitting smoking is a great idea, as it is easy to buy items in bulk and ensure supplies don’t run out when a nicotine craving strikes.

NRT doubles the chances of an individual successfully quitting smoking for good, and whether using a nasal spray, electronic cigarette or microtabs, buying items to help in quitting can only be a good idea. Gradually reducing the amount of nicotine will make quitting smoking much easier in the long run.

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