Your Guide to Buying Metal Chess Set Pieces

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Your Guide to Buying Metal Chess Set Pieces

Metal chess sets are fashionable and popular. These variations on the traditional wooden sets offer a variety of stylish and beautiful designs that create chess sets that offer not only a fun game but also elegant decor. Purchasing the right metal chess pieces involves understanding the available designs, themes, and materials and choosing those that are most important to you.


Chess Set Themes

One of the most distinctive aspects of metal chess set pieces is the wide variety of themes in which they appear. The traditional shape of chess pieces is the Staunton. Other pieces, however, sport a Greek or Roman look, possess a Renaissance feel, or even have Camelot themes. As a result, when purchasing metal chess set pieces, it is important that you select a theme around which to build your chess set or, if you are purchasing replacement pieces, to find those that fit into the theme of your current pieces.


Chess Set Construction

Construction is also an important factor to consider when purchasing metal chess set pieces. Many of these items are solid metal, making them much heavier, and sturdier, than wooden or plastic pieces. In addition, most of them, regardless of their quality and price, are made from moulds that leave a distinctive line around the piece.  Lathe-created metal pieces, called turned pieces, on the other hand, produce a smoother, though more expensive, item.


Chess Set Metal Types

In addition to theme and construction, when purchasing metal chess set pieces, you should consider the type of metal from which the pieces are made. The most common metals that appear in these items are zinc, pewter, brass, and copper, as well as combinations of these materials. Many pieces are made out of one type of metal and then overlaid with another. The most common, and generally most expensive, metal overlay is brass, while other kinds of metal, like copper, tend to be more affordable.


Vintage vs. Modern Chess Sets

Another choice you will face when purchasing chess pieces is the choice between vintage and modern. Vintage chess sets are typically defined as those created between the 18th and 19th centuries. They serve primarily as collector's items, and therefore make a good selection if you wish to display the chess set. Modern sets, on the other hand, generally offer a more updated feel and are suitable either for display or for playing chess.


Chess Set Details

Many of these chess pieces, regardless of the metal out of which they are constructed, boast detailed hand painting.  Hand painting can involve either painting the entire piece or using the paint to highlight certain aspects. The overlaid metals can also be used to create fine details that make the pieces stand out. Other pieces are simply lacquered to preserve the metal.

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