Your Guide to Buying Modelling Balloons

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Your Guide to Buying Modelling Balloons

Modelling balloons are commonly used to create balloon sculptures, especially animals and hats. They are a fun addition to a party, and almost anyone can learn to use them. When it comes to buying modelling balloons, there are many options available. Learning more about the types of balloons and popular brands is a good way for buyers to ensure that they purchase the best product for their event.


Overview of Modelling Balloons

The majority of modelling balloons are made from latex, so they are not suitable for people that may suffer an allergic reaction. However, some people with mild latex allergies are not affected by balloons that are inflated with a modelling balloon pump, provided they handle them with care. Although it is possible to inflate modelling balloons by blowing into them, it is very difficult, so it is easier and faster to use a pump. Latex modelling balloons typically come in large packs of 100 or more. Balloon modelling kits are available that come with balloons, a pump, and instructions.


Sizes of Modelling Balloons

Modelling balloons come in three standard sizes. The smallest are 2.5 centimetres wide and 152 centimetres long when fully inflated. These thin, long balloons are ideal for creating smaller, more delicate sculptures. For medium-sized sculptures, there are balloons of the same length that are 5 centimetres wide. Finally, there are balloons that are 7.6 centimetres wide, but only 127 centimetres long when fully inflated. Many beginners find these wider balloons easier to work with, but they do not result in intricate shapes.


Colours of Modelling Balloons

Buyers can find variety packs of modelling balloons that contain an assortment of colours. These are ideal for making colourful balloon animals at children's parties. There are also packs of balloons in just a single colour, which are better when an event has a particular colour scheme.


Popular Brands of Modelling Balloons

One of the most popular brands of modelling balloons is Qualatex. It makes balloons in a wide variety of colours and sizes, which are known for their durability and long lifespan. Sempertex balloons are also popular and easy to manipulate. They can withstand a lot of stress without popping.

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