Your Guide to Buying Motorcycle Levers for Small Hands

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Your Guide to Buying Motorcycle Levers for Small Hands

Motorcycles are handy for a variety of reasons. Besides the obvious enjoyment that can be derived from riding one for pleasure, they are also a less expensive way to get to your desination. Motorcycles use much less gas than other forms of personal transportation, so they are popularly used on a routine basis for back and forth to work, or even to use as a mode of transportation for vacationing purposes.

However, for one reason or another, a motorcycle is not always a choice some people feel they have for situations such as these. Often, people refrain from riding a motorcycle because parts on the bike do not match up to their own physical requirements. One common complaint in this area is that the motorcycle levers are too big for small hands. What many people do not realise though is that this is a situation that can be easily remedied by exchanging the stock levers for ones that meet the needs of the rider. Motorcycle clutch and brake levers can be located at motorcycle shops and online at eBay.

Overview of Motorcycle Levers

Motorcycle levers are located on the handlebars of the bike and need to be operated by hand. They are used to engage the brakes and clutch of the bike. This piece of equipment is a vital tool that needs to be able to be accessed and used in a way that both the rider and other motorists on the road are safe from harm. Because motorcycle levers are such an important safety feature, it is essential that the rider is able to operate them properly, which is often difficult or impossible for some people who have small hands.

Thankfully this problem can be fixed easily by replacing the stock motorcycle levers with ones that are specially designed for people with small hands. There are styles to fit all different types of motorcycles including ones used for sporting activities. Knowing what factors should be taken into consideration before buying this equipment helps to ensure the correct choice is made.


When it comes to picking out motorcycle levers for small hands, there are some features that you should take into consideration while browsing. One of the things that should be considered is how comfortable the handles are to operate from an ergonomic standpoint. Ergonomic motorcycle levers can help prevent strain on the upper portion of the body, including the shoulders, neck, wrists, and arms of the rider. Just like any other job that a person's hands have to perform for long periods of time, using levers that are not ergonomic to the rider can lead to serious problems like carpal tunnel syndrome or other nerve damage.

In order to ascertain if the handlebar levers are ergonomically suited to the rider, you need to make sure that when the levers are gripped that the forearm and wrist are in straight alignment with each other with there still being enough room for the proper rotation of the levers as needed. Because people with small hands are also often smaller in stature, in order for the rider to be the most ergonomically positioned, other features of the bike might need to be adjusted as well.

Aftermarket Motorcycle Parts

One of the most frustrating things for people who have small hands and desire to change out motorcycle levers is being able to find ones that are the proper fit. Sometimes looking for people who sell aftermarket motorcycle levers is often the easiest way to find what you are looking for. These people often also have other motorcycle parts that can help shorter riders feel more comfortable while riding. Often buying a new seat, or even adjusting or changing out the handlebars aids in tailoring the bike to the person who is riding it.


Another common problem that is often associated with finding motorcycle parts such as these is that not all motorcycle manufacturers make the necessary parts for their brand of motorcycles that allow for riders to customise their bikes. What is even more frustrating is that when a part like a brake lever is located, often other parts such as the clutch lever is not.

Since this is a common problem and most motorcycle riders want their parts to match, knowing where to shop for matching clutch and brake levers aids in alleviating this frustration. Before choosing a pair, it is important to know what size to buy. Even though a seller advertises a part such as this as being a small size, not all small sizes are the same. Knowing how to appropriately gauge the size of small motorcycle levers helps to find the perfect fit for the person with small hands. The table below provides information on what should be checked when measuring levers and some possible solutions to adjusting size deficits.

What to Measure

Possible Solutions


Measure lever width and adjust any deficit by adding lever covers


Measure tip to end of current lever and find new a lever that is shorter

Hand Span

Measure distance between thumb and finger knuckles to find span; buy a lever that is adjustable

The solutions presented here are ones that can help you tailor the motorcycle levers to better fit the hands of the rider. Often these tips are not necessary when you find the right levers to start with. This may require finding used motorcycle levers if ones made by a company are hard to find, like ones needed for vintage motorcycles sometimes can be. If all else fails and you cannot find the correct fit right away, these possible solutions can help you get by with the existing levers until you can find a suitable replacement.

Types of Motorcycle Levers

There are a variety of motorcycle clutch and brake levers available that fit different makes, models, and the manufactured year of motorcycles. The ideal solution to finding motorcycle levers for small hands is to obtain ones that are specific to the same make, model, and year of the motorcycle. Although this can often be achieved, in some cases it may take some time if you have a rare model or year.

Vintage Levers

The older a motorcycle is, the more likely it is that parts need to be replaced. Vintage motorcycle levers can often be hard to find in smaller sizes. One of the reasons that they are hard to find is that depending on the year and model of the bike, many motorcycle manufacturers only made levers and other motorcycle parts in a one-size-fits-all style. Stock levers with refurbished motorcycle levers are great finds and can still often be modified by adding other motorcycle accessories to the levers in order to customise them to small hands.

Adjustable Levers

Another lever option that is available for people with small hands is adjustable motorcycle levers. Often when another suitable choice is not able to be quickly located, many people opt for these types of levers. Many other people prefer these types of levers for small hands and they become permanent fixtures on their motorcycles.

Universal Levers

Universal motorcycle levers are also another ideal choice for motorcycle riders who have small hands. This type of lever is widely available and can help to solve problems for people who otherwise find it hard to locate small motorcycle levers from their own bike's manufacturers. Other accessories such as span adjusters can also be used to make levers more comfortable for riders as well.

How to Buy Small Motorcycle Levers on eBay

Often finding the right sized motorcycle levers for small hands can seem to be a big ordeal, unless you shop for them on eBay. There are a large variety of levers available for almost any type of motorcycle ever made. It is easy to find the correct size lever by performing a keyword search from the eBay home page. If you want to find only items specific to your particular motorcycle, then make sure to enter descriptive keywords while not making the query too lengthy.

For example, if you need small motorcycle levers in new condition, all you have to do is type in "new small motorcycle levers", and returned to you are going to be any items that are tagged with those keywords. You have the option to add other filters such as price range, model, and other refinements at this point as well. You can also choose to use the advanced search feature option available to make refining your search even simpler.


There are many inconveniences in life for people who are not considered to be of average size when it comes to purchasing consumer goods such as motorcycles. Most motorcycles come equipped with levers and other features that are designed for a person that the manufacturer considers to be the average sized rider. Stock motorcycle levers should be replaced for people who have small hands with ones that are ergonomic for the biker.

Brake and clutch levers are very important safety features on a motorcycle and a rider must be able to operate them correctly in order to be safe on the road. It is important to not just take the manufacturer's word that a small lever actually suits all small hands. Every person is different, and in order to find the ones that are the best for the rider, it is a good idea to take measurements before shopping for this item.

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