Your Guide to Buying N Gauge Train Tracks on eBay

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Your Guide to Buying N Gauge Train Tracks on eBay

N Gauge locomotive trains are still being thoroughly enjoyed by millions of people around the world, including throughout the UK. Many people of all ages have fun with their friends and family members as they play with these well-developed train sets within their homes for countless hours.

Professional collectors that enjoy collectables with a high monetary value also cherish these valuable train sets in a much different way. Regardless of how much or how little you will be using this particular train set over time, investing in quality N Gauge train tracks is still going to be a necessary purchase for you. These tracks are available in many stores and online websites, including eBay. To assist you in knowing what to look for and how to effectively shop for the best deals, eBay has developed this guide for you to use.

Know the Difference between the Scales

A common mistake that many shoppers make is assuming that all model trains are the same. This assumption is not true whatsoever. Understanding how the train models differ from one another plays a major role in understanding how to effectively shop for the train tracks that you need.

The chart below examines each of the different types of model train scales that are currently available and the standard measurements of those trains which will distinguish them from all of the others. Use these measurements when trying to find the appropriate tracks to correspond with the train. Attempting to match the right train on the wrong track can detrimentally damage both products.

NOTE: Keep in mind that the scale measurement of the actual trains represents a proportionate ratio reflecting the comparison in size between the model train (the first number) and the actual version of the same train in the real world.






Primarily designed to be used indoors but highly recommended for owners of garden trains. Bachmann and LGB are two of the most popular brands that mostly sell this particular type of train.



One of the most popular types of toy trains. Highest O scale train sales figures usually come from brands such as Lionel and MTH.



Not as popular as the HO or N scale trains and track sets; mostly purchased by professional collectors and dedicated fans of mode railroaders.



Most models seem to lean towards the HO scale options. Similar to N scale trains, there are quite a few scenery options that are available for this scale as well.



Very popular on a global scale. Highly recommended for owners interested in using the train for entertainment and recreational purposes. Micro-Trains (MTL) is one of the most popular brands for N scale trains and tracks currently available on the market today.



Even though Z scale trains are known for being extremely small in size, they are still very intricately detailed and designed. Most people that have a small amount of allotted space for a train set choose this particular train model and tracks.

Buying Safety Considerations

It does not matter how you choose to go about purchasing N Gauge train tracks. There are still going to be several key points that you need to take into consideration before finalising any purchases. These points include such things as the quality and condition of the product, the price, the shipping expenses (if applicable) and the reputation and service of the seller.

❖ Quality: N Gauge train tracks need to be high-quality in order for them to last long without the frequent need for maintenance and repairs. The level of quality that you personally invest in should be based on the level of activity and use that the train set will experience while under your care as well as your long-term goals and expectations for the set. For example, long-term users and professional collectors will want to invest in high-quality tracks for preservation purposes.

❖ Condition: The condition of the tracks needs to be seriously considered in all cases, but especially if the train tracks have been used by previous owner(s) in the past. Whether purchasing them online or in the store, take the time to physically examine the condition of the tracks. Check for any signs of substantial damage or wear and tear. Do not hesitate to notify the seller of any of these signs that you may discover during this examination.

❖ Price: Do not be too quick to commit to one particular product or even one particular seller. Take the time to shop around for the best deals and the most competitive pricing. Studies have confirmed that online stores and websites sell more affordable products than traditional stores across the board, so the internet should be one of the first places that you look for these deals.

❖ Shipping Expenses: In most cases, the best deals come with free shipping. However, this is not going to be the case with all products and sellers that you may encounter while shopping around for the best deals. There could be some sellers that offer discounted shipping but marked up products or, on the other hand, discounted products but marked up shipping. Research the local postage rates to calculate an average estimate of what shipping and handling should cost as a guide to follow in this regard.

❖ Reputation and Service of Seller: The person or company that you decide to purchase the N Gauge train tracks from needs to be considered even more seriously than the actual product. If you are purchasing these products from an online seller, take the time to research reviews and ratings that have been published by their past customers. If using eBay, check the feedback history for negative ratings and do not hesitate to contact the seller if you are skeptical or uncertain about their service in any way.

How to Buy N Gauge Train Tracks on eBay

N Gauge train tracks are available in most traditional hobby stores, online websites and other places where N Gauge locomotive trains and motors are normally sold throughout the UK. However, it is going to be hard to find a place that can match the wide variety featured on the eBay website. There are two ways that you can access the complete listing of N Gauge train tracks that are currently available.

The first way is to simply type the key phrase "N Gauge train tracks" into the search box on the eBay homepage. The second way that you can find the completing listing of these products is by finding N Gauge Train Tracks in the N Gauge section of the Trains/Railway Models category of the Collectables portal on eBay.

Regardless of how you get to the actual listing of the products, the steps that you will take after that point has been reached are the same across the board. Prospective bidders and buyers can review the primary details and specifications of these products with the public display section of the listing. This saves time in the long run because it allows shoppers to quickly avoid the options that do not meet their needs and focus more on the options that do.

After locating the train tracks and other train equipment that are the most interesting, thoroughly research the additional details and other impertinent information that is featured prominently within the actual item listing. This information will cover everything that buyers need to know about these products. Before committing to any purchases buyers should consider (but not limited to) such important points as:

➢ Pricing

➢ Additional shipping expenses (if applicable)

➢ Estimated delivery scheduling

➢ Condition of train tracks

➢ Measurements and other key specifications

➢ Seller information and feedback history

Another important part of the eBay purchasing process is exploring the flexible payment options that are available. If a buyer is interested in bidding for the train tracks that they want to try and get a better deal, then he or she should look into the Auction options. However, keep in mind that once a bid has been submitted and confirmed, you will be obligated to pay that amount if that is the winning bid once the auction has been completed.

On the other hand, many other buyers might be interested in purchasing their chosen train tracks right away without waiting for an auction to end. If that is the case, then the Fixed Price option would be the best route to take.


Even though it may seem as if more people are having fun playing with video games, mobile technology and other devices that have been introduced into the world through the digital age, railway models,, such as N Gauge locomotive trains are still popular in many countries around the world - including the UK.

In order for the N Gauge locomotive train to run properly and operate without any malfunctions or unexpected problems, the best thing that a railway model owner can do is ensure that they have the very best quality N Gauge train tracks available. Use this buyer's guide and follow these steps closely to examine the various options that you may find either online or in a traditional hobby store to make sure that you are truly getting the best deal of the highest quality possible.

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