Your Guide to Buying Ovenware on eBay

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Your Guide to Buying Ovenware on eBay

Ovenware is one of the most used pieces of equipment in a modern kitchen and the range is large. Ovenware consists of heat resistant casserole dishes, flan dishes & roasting tins, all of which enable the dishes to be brought straight from the oven to the table. A range of designs and colours are available to complement a kitchen and bring a touch of elegance to any kitchen. Passionate cooks will benefit from the range available and will be able to show off their culinary skills to their highest potential. Search the ranges that are available, which include individual items or ovenware sets that offer a selection of items. With researching sellers and asking questions, ovenware purchases will offer many years of use.

About Ovenware

Ovenware is used to cook meals in a gas, electric, or solid fuel oven or range oven. The materials that are used in the manufacturing process enable the ovenware to be heated to high temperatures, safely offering many ways to cook food in large amounts. Ovenware is very different to stove top cookware in that the heat from the oven will be spread evenly around the dish ensuring even cooking, whereas a stove top pan or pot will only heat the food from the bottom of the pan keeping the sides and handles cool. Ovenware has been around as a kitchen accessory since the First World War and has since become a global accessory for cooks both in a professional and domestic capacity. Since its early introduction, there have been many changes to the materials, designs, and colours, and the market is entrenched with makes and available ranges. Ovenware has now greatly improved and in today’s modern kitchens, is often used to accessorise kitchens as well as provide a range of versatile uses. Providing even cooking of foods and reducing cooking times, no kitchen is complete without ovenware. In the 70s, ovenware began to take on a new lease of life with department stores opening up kitchen departments and availability began to increase. This in turn prompted manufacturers to increase designs and colours to the general public to accessorise their kitchens and increase the market for different designs and pots, as cooking became more than just a chore. Over the last thirty years, ovenware has become a global market.

Choosing Ovenware

When choosing ovenware, finding the best is a matter of individual taste and there are several factors to be taken into consideration when the search begins.

Ovenware Materials

Due to the distribution of heat from an oven, the materials used in ovenware differ from that of a stove top dish or pan. The materials, therefore, should be considered and it is important to ensure that any ovenware contains the correct kind of materials for intended use. Safety needs to be taken into consideration and the basis of ovenware is that it is safe to be heated to high temperatures, safely. The following table describes the different materials used to produce ovenware.


Glass enables to see food as it cooks. Can shatter if dropped or misused. Heat is held with glass and cleaning is efficient. Can be smoked or clear glass. Important: Please check with the manufacturer if the material is flameproof for use on a stove top.


Ideal for slow cooking, earthenware ovenware has a protective glaze which prevents the food from interacting with the clay. Clay, which has been used for centuries for ovenware still remains as resourceful today. Earthenware ovenware holds heat well.


Cast iron, stainless steel, and copper are the most popular materials used in ovenware. Metal offers the largest range in a low cost option offering aluminium as an option. Can be used from oven to stove and vice-versa.


Much cheaper, can be precarious to handle for elderly people and are usually used for the preparation of breads and cakes. They are suitable for dishwasher use.

It is important to consider the type of oven the ovenware is to be used in, the oven fuel along with personal abilities with regards to movement and being able to lift the ovenware safely from the oven. A metal material is usually the more expensive of materials due to the metal and a cast iron product is at the high end of the price range, but will last a lot longer than a glass product which can break easily.

What Ovenware to Consider

Ovenware can be bought as individual pieces or come in a complete set of a type of dish. The table below describes the basic ovenware that is available and will cover all basic ovenware needs. If starting an ovenware collection, it is wise to consider starter sets. If a novice in the kitchen or simply looking to build a collection, then the options described below are a good basic foundation.

Lasagne Dish

A shallow dish used for pasta and vegetable dishes. These dishes are ideal for foods that require a browned finish and require a shorter oven time.

Casserole Pots

Available in a range of sizes, from small to large, these pots come with two handles and a lid. Ideal for slow roasting and casseroles of cheaper cuts of meats. Casserole pots are ideal for cooking in large quantities. Often sold in sets of small, medium and large.

Flan Dishes

Flan dishes come in a range of sizes and a 20cm flan dish is the ideal size for a family, offering sizeable portions for up to 8 people. These dishes are suitable for quiches and sweet open tarts and are ideal for oven to table use.

Ramekin Dishes

Ideal for individual portions of hot desserts and starters. Often sold in sets, also priced individually. Usually earthenware.

With the above items in mind to start off a collection of ovenware, it is advisable to choose a design that can be added to or complemented when building up a collection of ovenware.

Find Ovenware on eBay

Explore the vast range of ovenware on eBay, to do this, go to the main category page and click onto Cookware, Dining & Bar, then on the left hand side of the page, refine the search by choosing the options of ovenware available. Research sellers, explore the different ranges of ovenware and ask questions of the sellers about their items. For a more detailed search, enter a specific term such as ‘set of casserole dishes’ into the search engine at the top of the page and explore the ranges in more detail.


With the vast range of ovenware available today, researching choices will prove to be beneficial in an ovenware purchase. Ovenware is an investment and like any investment, it is prudent to research well. Chosen wisely, ovenware will bring colour, versatility and improve cooking skills whether a novice, a mother looking to feed an ever-growing and hungry family or giving a kitchen a new make-over. One can never go wrong with good quality ovenware and with a range of sets and individual items available, a well-researched ovenware purchase will bring many years of use and provide a family with nutritious meals.

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