Your Guide to Buying Patio Furniture on eBay

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Spending time outdoors can be a relaxing and enjoyable way to appreciate the warmer months of the year and make the most of patios, balconies, and yards. But that time can become considerably less enjoyable when there is no comfortable place to sit and relax outside. Luckily there are many styles and makes of patio furniture that can vastly improve any home’s outdoor space. Patio furniture is available for any budget; it is merely a matter of knowing how to shop for it. Whether shopping for designer patio furniture or simple basic pieces, eBay provides a wide array of patio furniture and accessories for any budget and style preference. If trying to spruce up an old set of chairs with new cushions or buying an entire room of patio furniture, eBay is a convenient place to shop. This guide will describe the various elements of patio furniture that should be considered before making a purchase, and how to easily make that purchase on the eBay website.

Types of Patio Furniture

When purchasing patio furniture, it is important to first decide what type of furniture is needed. After all, furniture can be a broad term. Just as it would not be appropriate to buy a sofa to put in the kitchen, not all patio furniture is appropriate for every situation. Furthermore, some patio furniture is sold in a set of table and chairs, or multiple lounge chairs, while some must be purchased piece by piece which can increase the expense.

Patio Chairs

Patio chairs are perhaps the most basic piece of patio furniture. Even an apartment with a small balcony can benefit from a chair or two to make that space more welcoming. But there are many types of chairs that would be appropriate for a patio. Some chairs are designed to sit around a table and are necessary for those who plan to entertain and host dinner parties outdoors, or even just eat outdoors with their own family. Other chairs are more specifically designed for lounging outside. Patio lounge chairs have full-length leg rests for sitting and lounging comfortably. Adirondack style chairs sit close to the ground, like lounge chairs do, but they do not feature leg rests and have a stylized, slatted back. The type of chairs necessary for any given patio, balcony, or deck are dependent both on the purpose of the chairs as well as the design of the area and the personal tastes of the homeowner.

Patio Tables

A patio table can also be a very nice addition to an outdoor area. Patio dining tables come in many different sizes. For smaller areas, like balconies or small homes, a bistro table for two may be the perfect size. For a large deck that will host many gatherings, a bigger table will be a necessity. Some patio dining tables are large and round while others are styled more like a picnic table with a long, rectangular table top and matching benches. Choose whichever table fits best in the space. Taking measurements of the outdoor area is a good idea before committing to a table, so as to ensure there is enough space to move around, pull out chairs, and otherwise engage with family and guests.

Patio Umbrellas

Chairs and tables are certainly the most basic pieces of patio furniture, but for many people an outdoor patio umbrella is also essential. In hot weather, having an umbrella in place can make all the difference when it comes to deciding whether to spend time outside or stay indoors with the air conditioning. Some patio umbrellas are designed to sit in a hole in the middle of a patio table so as to provide much-needed shade to people who are sitting around that table. However, cantilevered patio umbrellas that are freestanding and can be repositioned to provide shade in many different areas are also a popular choice. When deciding on a new patio umbrella, be sure that it is made from UV-resistant fabric, since otherwise the color can fade quite quickly. It may also be necessary for the umbrella to have wind vents if it is to be used in a windy area, otherwise a strong gust might carry it away.

Patio Furniture Cushions

It is important to keep in mind that the cushions of patio furniture can be the first thing to deteriorate, long before the rest of the furniture becomes unusable. In these instances, it is possible to replace the cushions, either from the same manufacturer or from a third party. Even if the cushions are still useable, replacing them can be an affordable way to spruce up furniture or change the look of an outdoor space. When shopping for replacement patio furniture cushions, it is best to choose those are specifically designed for outdoor use. These cushions may be made from solution-dyed acrylic, which is made resistant to UV rays to prevent fading as well as moisture and mildew from inclement weather.

Patio Furniture Materials

One of the most important considerations when buying patio furniture is the material from which the furniture is made. When shopping for indoor furniture, the look and comfort of the pieces may be the only concern. However, patio furniture is kept outdoors and frequently exposed to the elements including heat, moisture, and UV rays. Therefore it is important to buy patio furniture that can resist these things; otherwise it will be necessary to replace it often, which can get quite expensive.

Wicker Patio Furniture

One popular patio furniture material is wicker. Wicker may be made from a few different types of natural materials including rattan or bamboo. The woven look for this type of furniture is a cozy, country style that can be very welcoming. Wicker patio furniture is also very lightweight and easy to maintain, although it may not be quite as durable as some other materials. Wicker is available in a wide variety of colors for any sensibility.

Resin Wicker Patio Furniture

An alternative to natural wicker is resin wicker patio furniture. Unlike natural wicker, resin wicker is made from synthetic materials that make it more resistant to weather and therefore very durable, even when stored outdoors. Resin wicker is also easy to clean, as it can simply be sprayed down with a hose. For those who like the look of wicker but want their patio furniture to last a very long time with little maintenance, resin wicker patio furniture can be a good solution.

Iron Patio Furniture

Iron patio furniture is another option for those who want their patio furniture to have a bit more heft. Since iron is quite heavy, there is little risk of this type of furniture flying away in a windstorm. However, it is important to keep in mind that iron still must be maintained properly, especially when it is constantly exposed to the elements. The best iron for patio furniture is powder coated with a UV-resistant finish. Iron patio furniture can be a bit pricier than wicker, but the look is very elegant and timeless.

Wood Patio Furniture

Wood patio furniture is also a popular choice, falling somewhere between iron and wicker in terms of heft and durability. However, if you choose the right type of wood, this patio furniture can be extremely durable and actually require little care. The following chart outlines the best types of wood to use for patio furniture.

Type of Wood





Extremely durable, no need for sealing

Quite heavy, pricier than other woods



Naturally weather-resistant, beautiful and unique coloring

Not as substantial as teak



Lightweight, very affordable

Needs to be pressure treated or it will rot



Affordable, lightweight

Needs to be sealed at least once per year to protect from weather


Depending on your decorating budget, it may make sense to buy a more affordable type of wood. However, the additional time and effort it takes to maintain with yearly sealing may actually reduce the value in the long run.

How to Buy Patio Furniture on eBay

Shopping for patio furniture can be a daunting task with the varieties and styles that are available. However, it is worth taking a look at the myriad options that are available on eBay. It may be possible to find impressive deals on brand new patio furniture or even gently used pieces that could brighten up your home for a fraction of the price.

In order to browse the patio furniture that is available on eBay, navigate to the Home & Garden portal from the homepage. From there, select Yard, Garden & Outdoor Living and then Patio & Garden Furniture. You can sort by price, style, or material. Since patio furniture can also be quite large and unwieldy, you may also want to sort by location and see if there are any sellers near you that can arrange a pick-up so you will not have to deal with shipping costs.

You will surely want your patio furniture to last a long time, so be sure to ask the seller any questions you may have about its condition. This may include if the furniture has already been sealed or if it has ever been exposed to rain or other harsh conditions. This is easy to do on eBay since you can contact sellers directly to get answers to those important questions.


Whether one lives in a temperate climate where outdoor dining is a regular occurrence or in a colder area where every moment of sun must be taken advantage of, spending time outside can be truly rewarding. But there are many people who are unable to enjoy their outdoor spaces because they simply do not have the necessary furniture to make their yard, patio, or balcony comfortable. Luckily, there are so many different types and styles of patio furniture available that it is possible for anyone to find a way to spruce up their patio furniture while remaining within their decorating budget. From iron to wood to classic wicker furniture, every taste is represented in the spectrum of patio furniture that is available on eBay. Whether it is a discounted set of patio chairs with a table for entertaining or simply a chaise lounge for some solitary time with a good book, new patio furniture can make sure that outdoor spaces are beautiful, comfortable, and welcoming no matter what the weather.

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