Your Guide to Buying Push Scooter Parts

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Your Guide to Buying Push Scooter Parts

The push scooter is a small-scale vehicle, powered when the rider pushes off the ground in the opposite direction with their feet. It allows the user to travel at a faster pace than walking with minimum effort. Push – or kick scooters as they are also commonly known – have two main usages:

  • Every day, general use.
  • Leisure activities- there are numerous scooter championships which take place all around the world in different formats.

This guide will provide details of how to buy the perfect push scooter parts for general use. They are made up of simple scooter parts and accessories. These parts are:

  • Handlebar
  • Base
  • Wheels; which can be modified to the riders’ requirements if needed.

Different models can come with two, three and sometimes four wheels depending on the user and company who have produced them.

Shopping for push scooters can be done either online or in specialised shops. eBay offer a large range of push scooters for multiple use. They also offer expert advice to assist you with your purchase.

Main Parts of a Push Scooter

The push scooter has varying components and parts that comprise the complete structure. The main components of a push scooter are;

  • Base/deck
  • Wheels
  • Handlebars
  • Brakes
  • Forks
  • Pegs
  • Grind plates
  • Headsets
  • Grip tape

The different components are explained in the table below:



The deck of a push scooter is what the user will balance their non-pushing foot on when riding. It should be stable and provide friction. This is to prevent the user from slipping or losing control of the vehicle.



The mechanism allows the scooter to move freely when the opposite force is applied. Different scooters are equipped with either two, three or four wheels. This will depend on their design.



The handlebars are positioned at the front of the scooter. They allow for the rider to keep their balance on the vehicle with their hands. They permit the rider to direct the scooter and provide access to the brakes.



Just like on a bicycle, the brakes give the rider the possibility of slowing down. The brakes are attached to the handlebars.



The forks are the apparatus that connects together the frame of the scooter to the front wheel. They are flexible and absorbent to shock.



These are sockets that are added to the wheels of the scooter. They are mainly for advanced users who like to perform tricks, i.e. wheelies, as they allow the rider to stand on the pegs.



Grindplates are attached to the underside of the scooter. They offer a smoother surface, which allows the rider to perform numerous grinds without long-lasting damage.



A headset is the part of the scooter that holds in the forks connecting them to the handlebars. This allows the handle bars to spin. Advanced riders need headsets to perform certain twists of the bars whilst in mid-air.


Grip Tape

To enhance the friction on the top of the base or deck, grip-tape is added to provide more of an adhesive force on the users’ balancing foot.


Accessories of a Push Scooter

There is a wide range of accessories available to enhance your push scooters. Different gadgets are used to customise the scooter to suit individual usage. Accessories are also used to create an aesthetic to reflect the owner’s personality. Aesthetic items such as attachable bags, water bottles and customised paint-work are available. Equally, enhanced safety measures like headlights, backlights and scooter bells are also available. Accessories purely for aesthetic reasons are not needed to enjoy the basic utility of a push scooter.  

eBay has an online section dedicated to purchasing these push scooter accessories from some leading suppliers in the UK.

Modifying Your Push Scooter

Within the freestyle scooter community, implementing adjustments to the mechanism of the vehicle is a popular way of improving its performance and ability to execute particular tricks. Alternatively, it is ways of making the scooters’ appearance stand out in a design that suits the riders’ style.

If this is something that you would be interested in then make certain that the type of accessory that is being purchased matches the brand of scooter already in your possession. Specific components will not correspond or fit in with the design of certain other scooters. Additionally, take into consideration the size and weight of the rider when investing in a scooter outright.

There is also the option to try and modify it yourself. Taller people will need the appropriately sized handlebars to ensure they feel comfortable when riding.  If they are reaching down too far to grip the bars of the scooter then it may become difficult to steer, control and slow down. Heavier users may also require a more sturdy and well-built model in order to support their physique. These are all areas to reflect over before finalising a purchase.

If buying or modifying a push scooter for younger children then there are some safety measures to take into account. These are:

  • Some scooters are built with the inclusion of three or four wheels, rather than the more advanced two. This will provide more support and safety for the rider, acting in the same manner that stabilizers do on a bicycle for example. These are better suited for younger children or first time riders of scooters.
  • Bigger wheels convert into a faster speed.
  • Also take into consideration the capability of the scooter to brake easily and quickly if needed, as this could save your life.

Recommended Push Scooter Modifications

Experts will generally advise the utilisation of a standard compression system rather than the inverted or hidden compression counterparts. Standard compression systems are generally easier to install. Remember this when deciding which system to purchase. (Note that the standard compression system will raise the height of the handlebars by up to 2 inches.)

Consider the size of the users’ feet when modifying the deck – 4.5 inches to 20 inches is the standard and most popular measurement of a deck size. This size is sufficient for most people.

Headsets come with the option of being threaded or not. Both preferences are perfectly acceptable, but the more popular choice is the threadless headset. This is because:

  • They are considered to be lighter and more rigid.
  • They take less time to adjust (if needed).

Note to consider: When looking into buying threadless or non-threadless headsets, make sure that they match with the appropriate fork on your scooter. For example, a threaded fork will need a threaded headset.

 Where to Buy Push Scooter Parts

As well as selling plenty of fully equipped push scooters, eBay is an extremely useful marketplace for the different components that make up a variety of scooter models. If looking for specific parts then use the search bar which is located on each eBay page. For example, if looking for a ‘threadless push scooter fork’ simply type this into the required space. Then examine the results and product listings that appear.

If a large amount of results appear then customise the selections by clicking on the ‘Advanced’ button which is located to the right of the search bar. If what you are looking for is not available on eBay, it is possible you can save a search term within the ‘My eBay’ section. This feature will provide the saved search in an email if and when it becomes available, so the user will get notified.

eBay Stores is also a great way of homing in on the more particular or unique products that may not have been listed in the marketplace. Another useful tip, because of the more distinctive and specific nature of push bike parts, the listings on eBay will generally have the ‘Buy It Now’ option. This allows the user to make the purchase of selected items without going through the potentially disappointing auction process.


Buying additional or replacement parts for your push scooter is a great way of enhancing the experience of using it. When coming to make a purchase, one of the simplest and most obvious pieces of advice is to ensure that any new parts bought are compatible with the type of scooter you have. If buying in-store then ask if any modifications required can be made in the garage with the guidance of an expert. Make sure to test any changes made to the scooter before actually riding it for performance reasons and safety concerns.

If buying products for a push scooter online, contact the seller or company if unsure about any parts you want to buy, no matter how trivial they may seem at the time. A feature of modern push scooters is the fact that they are foldable. This allows for easy carrying and storage of the scooter. Keep an eye out for the details of the warranty. If you buy different parts and install them onto the scooter, always check the warranty. It may become void with the addition of new parts. In addition, it is key to always feel confident of any purchase and eBay can provide this via its Buyer Protection Program. Using Paypal will ensure a safe and secure transaction.

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