Your Guide to Buying Rubber Car Mats on eBay

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Your Guide to Buying Rubber Car Mats on eBay

Rubber car mats are an excellent addition to any car because they are easy to clean, affordable, and water resistant. Mud and spilled beverages that would ruin a standard car mat or car upholstery can simply be wiped off a rubber mat, making rubber car mats an excellent choice for anyone with kids or who works in a muddy or messy area. Many buyers looking for car mats choose to search on eBay because of the wide range of car mats available and the website's simple search system.

Purchasing rubber car mats on eBay is a relatively simple process as long as the buyers take the time to decide where they need mats, and to measure the car. Most mats on eBay are listed according to size, according to the make and model of the car they are designed to fit, and according to where in the car they are meant to be placed. Buyers can also choose their mat from eBay based on budget or choose between new and used items.

Measuring the Car Mat Size

The first step to purchasing rubber car mats on eBay is to know the size. Many car mats are made to fit a specific type of car. While many dealerships sell mats made specifically for the cars they sell, there are multiple eBay sellers offering tailored car mats, or who have car mats cut out to specific sizes in order to fit into an exact car. Usually these mats are listed as 'tailored' or simply with the make and model of the car. Buyers can use keywords to search for relevant results, such as 'Honda Civic floor mats'. Some car mats are universal or 'one size fits all' and simply have measurements for length and width.

Front Seat Rubber Car Mats

Measuring the front seat mats should involve measuring the narrowest part of the floor beneath the passenger seat by both length and width. It is important to avoid measuring the widest part unless the intention is to purchase a mat and then cut it down to size to fit into the narrower portions of the space. In most cases it is also possible to purchase car mats with different proportions or with one end wider than the other. Measuring for the driver side should involve checking the distance between the pedals and the seat to ensure that the mat is not longer than that distance. Most universal mats are designed to fit into the smaller proportions so that they can be placed in nearly any car.

Back Seat Rubber Car Mats

Measuring for the back seat is usually a great deal easier than measuring for the front. Many back seat car mats are only available as 'one size' so most buyers can simply look for a back seat set and then purchase it. Options that are too large can usually be pushed under the seat as well. Owners who want the car mats to fit well in the back seat should measure the narrowest portions of the floor and then use those measurements to make a purchase decision.

Boot Rubber Car Mats

Some people choose to put rubber car mats in the boot. Anyone who often transports dirty items or who does not like to vacuum the car can simply purchase a mat to go in the car boot. The benefit is that the mat can simply be shaken out or scrubbed down to be cleaned. Boot mats are very large and should fit exactly into the car boot. As an alternative, many people purchase lightweight rubber mats and then simply cut them out to the exact dimensions of the boot.

Different Types of Rubber Car Mats

There are different types of rubber car mats on eBay. These range from different colours to different sizes and styles. For colour, most rubber mats are black but some come in other colours including beige, blue, grey, and several other colours. Buyers who are looking for coloured rubber mats should specify the colour in their eBay search in order to see the rubber floor mats in the colour they are looking for. Importantly, rubber car mats are not made in all colours so if the colour is not on eBay, it is possible that rubber floor mats are simply not made in that colour.

Standard Rubber Car Mats

Standard rubber mats are typically solid layers of black or coloured rubber. These normally feature grips such as lines and patterns designed for scraping mud and dirt from the feet to prevent it from getting on the vehicle. The bottom of these mats usually features some sort of textured grip to keep the mat in place. Standard rubber mats are cheap and easy to purchase on eBay due to the fact that they are widely available and commonly sold as simply 'rubber car mats'. Standard rubber mats are sold for an array of vehicles and as 'one size' options.

Layered Rubber Car Mats

Layered rubber mats are usually more expensive than standard rubber mats but are also more attractive. These mats often feature napped nylon or cotton overlay to make the mat more aesthetically pleasing, and can include an array of designs and patterns on the fabric. The advantages of layered mats include that they are more attractive and less utilitarian, and can be more comfortable, especially if from a good quality brand. Importantly, layered rubber mats with fabric napping on the top are more difficult to clean than normal rubber mats.

Custom Rubber Car Mats

It is also possible to purchase custom mats on eBay. Usually, customised options include the ability to have the mat tailored to a specific size or design, but can also include the option to have the mat fitted with special connectors according to the make and model of the car, or even fitted with different colour liners. Most custom mats are simply called 'tailored mats' and are made to the specifications of the make and model of the vehicle. It is important to include the year of the vehicle when purchasing tailored car mats on eBay as sellers do customise the mats to a specific model and cars can differ from one year to the next.

Purchasing Car Mat Sets

Car mat sets are a great option for any buyer because they allow the entire vehicle to be outfitted with matching floor mats. Sets can be purchased on eBay as 'sets', 'front seat sets', or 'back seat sets'. Most eBay sellers tend to list a full set including front and back seats as a set. Usually, mat sets sold on eBay do not include boot mats but if these are included, they should be listed in the item description, and perhaps the title. Buyers should take the colour and style of the mats into consideration and check to ensure that the mats are designed for their make and model of car.

Choosing New or Used Rubber Car Mats

eBay is home to both new and used items and this includes rubber car mats. Buyers can typically save money by purchasing second hand car mats, but there are disadvantages as well. Used mats are more likely to rip, tear, or break more quickly, and can be damaged. Any damage should be listed in the item's description so buyers can check before making a purchase. New car mats are often more expensive but do not come with potential wear, tear, or dirt.

Buying Rubber Car Mats on eBay

Rubber car mats can be quickly and easily purchased on eBay as long as you have an idea about what you are looking for. You can start your search on the home page of the site and then type in either 'rubber car mats' or the make and model of the vehicle you own plus 'rubber car mats'. For example, 'Mercedes E Class 2009 Rubber Car Mats'' would bring up factory or tailored options for E class Mercedes Benz cars. You could also choose to type in 'used', or to specify 'car mat set', depending on your preferences.

Once you find a rubber car mat that you would like to purchase, you should read the full description. Check the shipping to see how much it costs and how long it takes to ship to you, and then ask the seller any questions you might have before you purchase. A few considerations include that you can sometimes purchase mats from eBay authorised sellers and that local sellers ship more quickly than international or long-distance sellers.


Buying rubber car mats on eBay should include the careful consideration of necessary sizes and options. Some cars have special connectors for mats, although these are usually self-installed. eBay includes a wide range of different mats of various sizes, different styles such as layered mats, and many tailored options. Buyers can also choose between new and used car mats for budget reasons although the disadvantages of purchasing used items should also be considered.

Purchasing mats on eBay should include searching for mats sized for or created specifically for the vehicle they are intended for. Buyers should also consider colour, layering or solid rubber, as well as budget when making a purchase decision. Many mats are available at a range of prices and qualities so buyers can choose something that suits their needs. Finally, checking the description and the eBay seller are important steps to ensuring a positive purchase experience on eBay.

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