Your Guide to Buying Safety Collars on eBay

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Your Guide to Buying Safety Collars on eBay

Dog Collars are used to protect and identify a dog. But which is the right collar for your dog? This choice can be determined by a number of different things including the dog’s size, breed and preference. Also, improper use of a collar can be harmful for a dog.

It is possible to purchase the right collar for your dog in a variety of different places including high street shops, local vet clinics and specialist pet stores. There are also online options like eBay.

Purchasing a safety collar on eBay has never been easier. This guide aims to outline the way in which a purchase can be made as well as offer advice on the different choice of collars available on the market.

Different Types Of Collars For Dogs

There are many different types of collars for dogs available on the market. These include:

Flat or Rolled Collars

A flat or rolled collar is considered to be the most common collar for dogs. Made out of materials like leather or synthetic they will have a plastic or metal clasp holding it together. These collars come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, patterns and colours.

Choker Chains

Choker chain collars are predominately only used when the dog is going for a walk and are always attached to a lead. Made out of metal, the chain wraps around the dogs throat and tightens when the dog pulls on the lead or releases when the lead slackens. These chains are often used for training purposes or for dogs that have a tendency to pull when walking. It is worth investigating the health hazards attached to these collars before purchase and to take classes in how to use them safely and effectively.


Martingale collars are a cross between a choker chain and a flat collar. Designed to tighten when pulled similar to the choker, this collar is used to stop a dog from taking it off himself or herself. It is not often used for correctional or training purposes.

Pinch Collar

The pinch collar is another correctional collar. They are designed to gently pinch the animal when they display unwanted behaviour like excessive pulling. Despite appearances, this collar is safer then a choker chain and at times more effective. However, it is still vital that the user knows how to use it safely and effectively.

Safety Harness

The safety harness is the only alternative collar that does not fit solely around a dog’s neck. A dog safety harness or collar is designed to fit around the dogs’ neck, down their chest and around their legs connecting onto their back.

Different Types Of Dog Safety Harnesses Available

Similar to collars, there are many different safety harnesses available on the market. These are:

Front Attached Harness

The front attach harness allows the owner to attach the lead to the front of the harness. This type of harness allows the owner to maintain control over the animal in such a way that does not risk the animal’s health. The front attachment means that the dog is turned around when the owner stops it, pulling it away from and diverting attention from the distraction. This feature can help keep a dog safe, especially if the dog is larger or stronger than you. A front attached harness won’t always attach under the legs, but this is the most common design.

Freedom Harness

The Freedom Harness. This particular harness has an attachment at the front and the back. This enables the owner to have the lead attached at both points. If the dog pulls, it will tighten the harness around the dog. This is a safer alternative to the choker chain and pinch collar. It is also a great harness for the new dog owner with limited knowledge or experience.

Head Halters

A head halter sits around the muzzle of the dog rather than the neck and chest (like a harness). It is important to note, that it is not the same as a muzzle. A head halter allows the dog to eat, pant, drink, bark and perform all actions they would without the halter on. It is a great tool for training puppies and is often used in the early stages of training. Most dog owners will switch their dogs over to another harness after the training is complete.

Safe-T-Stretch Collar

Safe-T-Stretch collar. This collar sits around the dogs neck like a normal collar but is designed for easy escape should the dog become stuck on a tree or a branch. The way the collar is designed means that they are able to pull out of the collar should they find themselves in a difficult position. This may ruin the collar, but this is a far better outcome then losing the dog.

What To Look For When Purchasing A Dog’s Safety Collar

There are a number of different things to look for when purchasing a safety collar for a dog. This can be obtained by observing a few simple questions:

  • What breed and size is the dog? A simple answer that will point to the suitable products available for the animal. This will include suggestions on the best material, diameter of the collar and specific design.
  • Is the collar well made? This will help eliminate having to purchase another collar shortly after the first is bought. A good quality collar will last the duration of the dog’s life.
  • What sort of safety collar does the owner want? This may be determined by what has been used in the past or what you think will work for the particular dog. Always make sure a purchase is made where both dog and owner are happy.

How To Buy A Safety Collar On eBay

Purchasing a safety Collar on eBay has never been easier. The site is easy to navigate as well as offering a safe and secure platform to purchase goods. eBay also provide a Buyers Protection Programme that offers additional peace of mind to all users. If at any point more information is required it is possible to reference the Buying Tips page. This offers additional information as well as answering frequently asked questions.

The easiest place to begin searching is on the home page. Here you will find a large search bar at the top of the page (which incidentally is present on every page). This search bar is the most visible of the search options. To use this, all that is required is a general search term. Once this is entered, eBay will locate and display all items that fit in the search term. This is then ready to browse at your leisure. If an exact item is known, this too can be entered into the search bar with the same results.

If a search term is not known, it is possible to browse via the Categories. Then click through to the categories and sub categories to identify the one that best fits the item. Once in a certain category it is possible to advance the search further using the check box system on the left hand panel.

It is also possible to search using the advance function that is located at the top of the page to the left hand side of the search box at any time.

Once an item is chosen, it is advisable to double check it is the product desired before purchase. This can be done using the description and photograph provided by the seller.  This will enable you to check that the condition of the product outlined in the description with the photo. If there is any doubt regarding the product, it is possible to converse with the seller. This is done via Ask The Seller (essentially this is an internal eBay email system).

There are three main ways to purchase a product on eBay. These are Bid, Buy It Now and Best Offer. It is up to the seller as to which way they put their product up for sale.

When finally ready to purchase after completely all checks and research, this can be done using PayPal. PayPal is a third party that works in partnership with eBay to keep the transaction between seller and buyer safe and secure.


There are many different types of safety dog collars available on the current market. These include safety collars and harnesses. Ultimately the best choice for your dog will be an individual one. It is important to undertake adequate research before making a purchase and choose a collar that is suitable for the dog.

Using the search functions available on eBay this is easy to do. It not only allows easy browsing, but also a safe and secure platform to purchase goods off. Couple this with the fact that the site is accessible from home makes it the ideal choice. There really is an affordable option for every user on eBay. It is a one-stop shop that will see you purchase all your dog accessories, not just the right collar.

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