Your Guide to Buying Sights and Scopes with Lasers

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Your Guide to Buying Sights and Scopes with Lasers

In the world of hunting, combat, and defense, there simply is no substitute for a properly equipped gun or rifle. To make sure you are ahead of the pack on the range, sharpshooters will need to take advantage of the technology that revolutionised the gun world.

Laser sights and scopes use straight lines of light to target objects, meaning that a shooter can perfect their aim long before a shot has been fired. When used correctly they can make aiming as simple as a point and click process. They place a red or green dot on a target, and then all the user needs to do is fire away. It can also be used to determine the distance between the gun and the target.

This guide will help shoppers distinguish the strong from the weak; in the process, they can find the perfect accessory for their weapon of choice.

Importance of Laser Scopes

Laser scopes have become increasingly important in hunting circles even if traditionalists derive them. Placing the laser dot on a target resembles a ‘lock on’ effect that can then be used to track moving targets. At short range they can prove the difference between a hitting a target and missing wildly.

Laser sights aren’t perfect; from long range they are ineffective and cannot replace a sniper riflescope. The importance of laser scopes in close range combat is unrivalled and should not be understated.

Forms of Laser Scope Sight

Laser scope sights take on a variety of forms; shoppers will need to find out which one suit their skill set best. The table below highlights the different forms of laser cope sights:

Real Laser Sight

It replaces the rear sights (typically made of iron) with a laser that runs along the top of the barrel. Real laser sights allow switching between both manual and laser assisted scopes with ease.

Laser Grip Sight

The most sophisticated form of laser scope. A pressure sensor is built into the guns grip, which ‘wakes’ the laser when touched. In night scenarios this reduces the risk of being spotted or altering surrounding animals.

Rail Mount Laser Sight

The most affordable form of laser sight and a reputable option. The scope clips to the rail on the handguns frame; this allows the laser to maintain pinpoint accuracy in spite of recoil. Its biggest downside is that the scope can suffer visibility issues in low light.

Guide Rod Laser Sight

Comes built into the gun so isn’t at risk of being knocked out of alignment. The laser is positioned as close to the barrel as possible, meaning that this scope is considered the most accurate.

Laser Beam Consistency

A beam can take on two kinds of consistency, each have their own specialist uses. Be careful that you use the right one, as use of the wrong type can be a disruptive influence while on a hunt.


Constant beams are most effective when used with a real laser sight. The laser remains permanently on which can be a give-away during a hunt. Those who use such should have a quick finger on the activator switch.


Easier for humans to see but difficult for animals to spot. The pulsating nature is similar to a strobe light. In order to aid shooters the light will remain on twice as long as it does off.

Green or Red Beam

Even though it seems like a simple choice, the difference between green and red lasers is far more than just colour. They have their own strengths and weaknesses, all of which need to be considered prior to purchase.

Red Lasers

Red lasers are considered the traditional choice, as it is the most well-known colour of laser. Even though its accuracy has been debated they are the cheapest to produce and have tremendous durability. For many, the strengths of a red laser out-weigh the negatives, but it may not be enough to sway hard-core laser scope users.

  • Red lasers have a wide temperature range so it will work in both cold and hot conditions.
  • They have a range that falls anywhere between 20 and 50 yards, however, such distance is model dependent.
  • Police departments in America’s most northern states use red lasers, it is a testament to their quality when used correctly.
  • The technology is simple and dates back to the 1960s; this means it consumes less power than its modern green counterpart.

Green Lasers

Green lasers are the most modern form of laser available, and contain technology that far outshines its red counterpart. Shooters will have an easier time seeing a green laser in daylight, as its build quality is second to none.

  • The green lasers are visible at over 100 yards and make shooting long range a genuine option.
  • They require less collaboration, whilst providing a steady shot that is more reliable than a red laser’s offerings.
  • The biggest drawback of a green laser is price. Their advanced technology means shoppers will find them at the top of the price spectrum.

IR Lasers

IR Lasers are the premier form of any other, and they adapt to night time surroundings better than most. Intended for use with night vision devices, it offers features that make it distinguishable from the rest of the market.

  • They can provide a clear target in low light situations.
  • Indoors they require supplement light such as an ambient light in order to function properly.
  • Infrared light is hard to detect by those who aren’t using the weapon.
  • IR lasers allow shooters to be able to see without being seen.

For all that IR lasers offer, some parts of the world have strict legal guidelines when it comes to them. Certain law enforcement services will confiscate these scopes and for this reason they’re not suitable for home defence purposes. Before buying an IR laser scope, check with local authorities to see if they are legal in the area in which you live.

Activation Switches

In order to turn on a laser sight, most scopes will require a switch. There are two different types that can be installed:

  • Manual
  • Pressure

Which switch takes preference is dependent on an owners shooting style.


Laser scopes are powerful rifle accessories that can make the difference when out on a hunt. They can improve a shooter’s accuracy tenfold and turn a good shot into a great shot. It can improve speed at both close and long range, whilst helping reduce the amount of ammunition that is wasted. Variety has made the rifle market a profitable venture, while allowing users to fully customise their rifle to a spec of their choosing.

It’s time for hunters to get serious about riflescopes and start employing laser units more regularly. So why not ditch your standard scopes and embrace all that laser variations have to offer? eBay has become a great place to find rifle accessories, shoppers will be sure to find great bargains when it comes to laser scopes and sights.

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