Your Guide to Buying Supplies for False Nails on eBay

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Your Guide to Buying Supplies for False Nails on eBay

False Nails are one of the most popular beauty products on the market. This is mainly due to the fashion statement that can be made with a great set of nails and also because they are a relatively budget-friendly way of changing the appearance for the better.

Now that false nails can be easily applied at home, this has resulted in a further boom in the industry with thousands of false nail art design ideas, related accessories and care products available for the home manicurist. Buying false nails cost-effectively cannot be easier than online, where the widest range in terms of price and variety is available.

Buying false nails and their related supplies on eBay is a cost-effective way of guaranteeing a great product. The range on offer cannot be beaten and many sellers also give the buyer a chance to buy a number of items from a single store.

What do you need for False Nail Application?

There are many essential items you need for false nail application and others which are just for decoration or adornment. The products you need for false nail application are:

  • False Nails (acrylic are the most common)
  • Glue (unless the nails bought are adhesive)
  • Nail Polish (including base coat and top coat)

There are further additions which are purely for decoration and style including:

  • Nail Tips
  • Coloured Polishes
  • Nail Jewels or Gems
  • Nail Piercing Jewellery
  • Nail Decals or Stickers

The items required by the buyer will be dependent on their personal false nail plans and if a beginner is thinking of trying out false nails for the first time then kits can be bought. If the essentials are bought then anything else is a bonus and the false nails can still look fantastic without any further adornment.

How do you apply False Nails?

Understanding how to apply false nails is essential; otherwise there is no benefit to buying the product and related accessories. Applying the nails correctly means they are less likely to break, get damaged or cause discomfort. Here is a step-by-step guide to applying false nails properly so they are ready for any additional decoration or design.



Step One

Lay out the false nails in the order they are to be applied.

Step Two

Cut the natural nails as short as possible.

Step Three

Push back the cuticles using a pusher and oil.

Step Four

If supplied apply the glue to the back of the first nail, if already adhesive, skip this step.

Step Five

Lay the false nail onto the natural nail and push it firmly into the cuticle and apply pressure for 15 seconds.

Step Six

Repeat steps three to six for all other nails.

Step Seven

Polish and design the nails as preferred ensuring base and topcoats are applied.

Once the false nails are applied then the fun can begin. Many nails come with already patterned or designed but buyers who opt for plain ones can then add anything they like to the nails to make them more stylish.

Choosing Nail Tips

Nail Tips are one type of additional product that can be applied to false nails. White tips are commonly used for French Manicures but they have been developed with more interesting and vibrant designs regularly available online. Nail tips can be bought as polishes and as pencils. They have been developed with glitter designs and more vibrant patterns as well as white for buyers who want to try something different.

The majority of nail tip products are designed for the natural French manicure design but more modern designs are becoming popular too. False nails can even be bought with the tips painted on so there is no need to buy separate tips. They are a great idea if buyers have a preferred style but buying additional tips is a good idea if the buyer likes to change their style regularly.

Choosing Nail Polishes

The traditional nail polish has changed so much that the types available have hugely expanded. Buyers can find hundreds of different types of polish with glossy colours, glitter-based polishes and much more. The colours on the market are much further reaching than the traditional red, purple, black and pink of old and now almost every colour can be found. Searching for polishes via eBay will show buyers exactly how wide the range is and UV gel polishes can even be applied to false nails for an even longer lasting result.

The most basic polishes a buyer needs is their top coat and base coat, both of which are clear. The base cost protects the nail and helps to strengthen it whilst the top coat is designed to keep the nail art decoration sealed and it also helps to prevent the nail chipping.

Choosing Nail Art Supplies

There are hundreds of different types of nail art supply on the market and it’s hard to decide which is right. There is no reason a buyer can’t buy some of each type until they find something they like. Therefore, browsing the full range online is a sensible option for buyers who aren’t sure of the design they want.

False nails can be simply polished or can have tips applied. They can also have nail decals or wraps applied, which provides a ready-made design with much less effort than other methods. Airbrushing designs through a stencil originated in salons, but real nail art enthusiasts can pick up their own airbrushing gun from eBay and complete their own designs from home.

Buyers who aren’t sure where to begin could consider a full nail art kit for experimenting with different designs on false nails and with trial and error a preferred design option is bound to be found. The sheer range of different items available online means there is scope for buyers of different kinds to find nail art supplies to suit their needs.

Bulk-Buying False Nail Supplies

Many false nail supplies on the market are small and these can only be bought in bulk, which is great for the buyer as they get more for their money. Making cost-effective false nail purchases could not be simpler on eBay, as many sellers offer a wide range of different products giving consumers plenty of choice.

Bulk-buying false nail supplies are a sensible option for regular wearers and new buyers alike, as they give more scope for design choice. When a preferred design is found, then the buyer can focus on the products necessary for this particular design.

Essential items such as glues, cuticle oils and the nails themselves can also be bought in bulk, making it easy for wearers to have a constant supply of the items they need regularly.

How to buy Supplies for False Nails on eBay

Buying supplies for false nails on eBay is a very straightforward process and buyers can locate their product within minutes. Browsing eBay is the best place to start, and from here the widest range of relevant products can be found. When looking for false nails on eBay buyers first need to locate the health and beauty category from the main page and then select the hand and foot care subcategory. From this point there are a number of different choices. For false nails themselves there is the false nails category, whilst there are further subcategories for nail art, nail polish and full manicure kits. All of these could be relevant depending on what the buyer is searching for. It is possible to further pare down each search with variables including price range, method of purchase and product type too.

If there is a particular product being looked for then using the eBay search function makes the most sense, as entering the unique search term will give a wider range of results. Some of these results will be from outside the health and beauty section and probably irrelevant, so they can be ignored and the left-hand sidebar can be used to narrow the search down to the specific relevant terms. For more information about using the search facility on eBay visit the Search Tips page.


False nails and the huge range of related supplies are big business, especially as the treatment has moved outside of the salon and into the home. Applying and designing your own nails from home is a great way of keeping costs within budget and designs are often much more innovative when designed originally. The range of products on eBay makes designing your own nails extremely straightforward and the variety means that different types of buyer can find products which meet their needs.

Beginners looking to try out false nails for the first time can see a range of different products including full manicure kits to make the first steps into this treatment simple and easy. Using eBay to buy false nails guarantees the widest variety and the best options for all different types of buyer.

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