Your Guide to Buying Tickets for the Hideout Festival

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Your Guide to Buying Tickets for the Hideout Festival

Music festivals have been a popular summer experience for revellers all over Europe since the 1960s. While music lovers in the United Kingdom have a large variety of music festivals to choose from, there are newer additions around Europe that are beginning to rival the popularity of large English music events. One such event is the Hideout Festival.

This relatively new event is held on a remote beach in Croatia, which one may think flies in the face of where a popular music festival should be held. The contrary is true as the Hideout Festival is fast becoming an underground phenomenon that has been growing every year. Ravers and other music lovers alike are pleasantly surprised by the beautiful location and many amenities available as part of the festival. One can purchase tickets to the Hideout Festival from festival organisers. Finding tickets to the Hideout Festival can also be a pleasant surprise for those who choose the powerful search tools available on eBay to find exactly what they are looking for.

About the Hideout Festival

The first Hideout Festival was held in early July of 2011 on Zrce Beach on the Isle of Pag, which is located in Croatia. The unlikely location is difficult to reach, taking some party-goers over 16 hours in travel time to get to, but the event has become a sold-out success in the years that it has been held. The Hideout Festival is an electronic music festival that takes place amidst three different beach clubs called the Papaya, Aquarius, and the Kalypso. The Hideout Festival is unique from other festivals in that it has main events in the evenings that last until dawn as well as several different daytime events that can be enjoyed by individuals who are not as nocturnally inclined.

The Hideout Festival features boat parties that are held several different times each day over the course of the festival. These boat parties take a number of people for a cruise along Zrce Beach while a disc jockey plays electronic music for them to enjoy and an onboard bar serves beverages to keep them refreshed. Pool parties are held all day long, where people can enjoy the music of daytime performers while frolicking in the cool pool waters. There is also the local town of Novalja that offers interesting sights to visit as well as local accommodations for the Hideout Festival. For those who are attending solely for the music, the quality of the clubbing nightlife at the Hideout is on par with the top spots on the planet.

Ravers' Paradise

While many attend the Hideout Festival for the overall experience of enjoying the sun and the beach, a large portion of the attendees are there for the pure excitement of a three-day rave that lasts all night long. Many music festivals are held for several days at a time and feature large areas where attendees put up tents and party as long as they can and then sleep off the revelry for a few hours at the campsite. The Hideout Festival is different in that it still offers the ability for ravers to go at it all day and all night long, but when they have reached their limit, they can take a quick bus ride to a rented apartment or hostel and have an actual shower and a nap in an air-conditioned room with a clean bed. Such amenities offered at the Hideout Festival have made it a very popular venue and change of pace for the festival crowd.

Zrce Beach on the Isle of Pag

Zrce Beach is located on the northern coast of Croatia along the Adriatic Sea. The closest major town to the beach is Novalja, which operates regular shuttle buses between the town and the beach. Novalja is a full-service town that features hotels, restaurants, and apartments available for rent. There are three main nightclubs located on Zrce that operate around the clock during the summer season as well as a number of smaller cafes for those who want a smaller and quieter setting. Lifeguards are on duty at Zrce from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m., and emergency medical facilities are also available. Windsurfing and water skiing rentals are available at the beach as well as motorboats, canoes, and paddleboats. There are shower and bathroom facilities in various locations around Zrce and a large parking area for those who rent cars and drive to the location. 

Attending the Hideout Festival

The main music events at the Hideout Festival are held from evening until dawn at the Papaya club and the Aquarius club, but there is continual music playing throughout the festival. Both outdoor venues feature full-service bars and multiple dance and gathering areas. Festival-goers can also take advantage of the cool waters of the Adriatic Sea only a few yards from either club. Accommodations for the Hideout Festival are best found ahead of time in the nearby town of Novalja. The town is accessible via bus, taxi, or airport transfer from several airports, the closest of which is Zadar at 77 km away. The next closest airport is Rijeka at 133 km. Novalja features different villas, apartments, hotels, and resorts that vary in price according to the proximity to the beach and the luxury level of the accommodations.


Distance to Novalja

Driving Time


77 km

1 hour


133 km

2 hours 40 minutes


226 km

2 hours 30 minutes


228 km

3 hours 35 minutes


238 km

3 hours 45 minutes


277 km

4 hours


370 km

4 hours 30 minutes


405 km

5 hours

Many people who attend the Hideout Festival choose to make the event the centrepiece of a mini holiday. The event usually concludes on the weekend so revellers can choose to make it the culmination of a weeklong holiday or the beginning of a week that allows them to rest and recover after the experiences of the festival. While there are many amenities available at Zrce Beach, festival-goers still need to take a shuttle from Novalja, so they should plan accordingly and be prepared for a long day at the beach. Novalja is only a five-minute shuttle ride however, so if something is forgotten in the hotel room it's not a difficult trip back to recover it.

Boat Parties

Boat parties are one of the most interesting events at the hideout Festival and are a must for serious party-goers. Boat trips last four hours and run throughout the day and into the evening during the entire festival. The costs associated with boat parties depend on the featured DJ; the parties feature music and a full bar that serves refreshments throughout the trip. Tickets for boat parties should be purchased ahead of time since they sell out quickly. The increasing popularity of the Hideout Festival and the limited size of the event means people should look for tickets well in advance of the event. 

How to Buy Tickets for the Hideout Festival on eBay

If you are planning on attending the Hideout Festival and have not yet purchased your tickets, a great way to find them is by utilising the powerful search tools available on eBay. The Hideout Festival and the Boat Parties sell out quickly, so if you have not purchased your tickets yet, visit the eBay home page, and begin your search by entering "Hideout Festival Tickets" into the search box. If tickets to the festival are available on the website, then a list of available tickets is displayed for your perusal. To attend a boat party, you can enter "Hideout Festival Boat Party" into the search box and a list of available tickets is displayed.

Many ticket sellers for the Hideout Festival on eBay ship the tickets to customers, and some may even include shipping charges for free. Other sellers list their tickets as collection only, so be aware of the differences and check to see how close the seller is to you if you choose the option of collection. Also, verify the seller's feedback rating to make sure you are purchasing tickets from someone with a track record of being reliable.


There is no dearth of summer festivals that combine music and the outdoors in Europe. However, although it is a relatively new entrant in the festival circuit, the Hideout Festival has been commanding its share of growing number of attendees. The Hideout Festival continues to increase in popularity as more and more festival-goers discover the unique venue. What began as a low-key festival is now a high-level experience for extreme festival regulars who were willing to make the long journey to the venue. The Hideout Festival is quickly becoming a must-attend event for serious music festival enthusiasts all over England and Europe. The festival has been adding events and entertainment with each passing year, making it a sellout event.

Tickets to the Hideout Festival as well as to the boat parties sell out very quickly. People who are interested in buying tickets may find a great avenue in eBay, thanks to its wide network of sellers and many useful search tools.

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