Your Guide to Buying Ties for Fabric Curtains on eBay

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Your Guide to Buying Ties for Fabric Curtains on eBay

eBay is an excellent place to purchase your ideal curtain ties, since it offers a large range of different styles, materials and designs. When fabric curtains are required to be held back neatly from windows, curtains ties are the ideal solution. Ties can be simple or decorative, depending on the style and weight of the fabric curtain, serving to correspond with the style and design of the room.

Curtain ties are an easy way of keeping the fabric curtains neat and tidy, either on a permanent basis or for during the day. This guide will explain the best ways to search for the right fabric curtain ties and how to purchase them safely from eBay.

Types of Curtain Ties

Decorative Tassel Curtain Ties
These are popular and decorative ties that are used for rich, heavy and elaborate fabrics. Because these ties are normally large and weighty, they are therefore in the correct proportion to the curtains. Used with thick, rich curtain fabrics; their bulky style complements and contributes to the overall feel of the curtains. The tassels on the tie are made from thread, with beads sometimes chosen to harmonise with a theme or colour in the room.

Plain Fabric Curtain Ties

Softer and lighter, these plain curtain ties are made from fabric to match lighter and more delicate curtains. These ties work well with heavy or lighter fabrics, depending on the choice of their width. Shaped simply, their colour can match the curtain shade. These ties are quick and easy to remove if on curtains that are frequently moved.

Braided Curtain Ties
Sometimes used for their decorative effect, braided ties are made to varying thicknesses according to the weight and style of the curtain. Strong and sturdy, they are capable of holding heavier fabric curtains, but can also be used with lighter materials.

Cord Tassel Ties
Made from a large cord, the cord tassel tie is often adjustable to suit the weight and bulk of the curtain fabric. Depending on the design and colour of the cord tassel, these ties are similar to the decorative tassel tie in terms of bulk and style. The ties can be made with a hook, which goes either side of the curtain; the cord can then be adjusted appropriately to hold the fabric in to place.

Simple Matching Fabric Ties
A tie does not necessarily have to function as the main feature of a curtain. Instead, the fabric curtain ties could be made from a piece of the same material as the curtains. For example, a pair of red fabric curtains could be held by a delicate strand of the same red fabric in order to match the style. This is an easy way to choose a suitable fabric tie that blends nicely with the theme of the room.

Characteristics of Fabric Curtain Ties

Fabric curtain ties vary in their shapes and sizes. Consider which ties would be the most suitable for the curtains and the atmosphere you wish to create in the room.

Fabric Curtain Tie




Decorative Tassel Curtain Tie

The decorative tassel has a bold, heavy formation, often with detailed and decorative designs. It has large tassels that hang from a study base. Sometimes braids or strung beads are hung with the tassels to add to the rich, decorative effect.



Plain Fabric Curtain Tie

The plain fabric curtain tie is a softer, lighter tie made thinly or thickly depending on the desired look. These ties can have a similar design and colour to match the curtains.



Braided Curtain Tie

The braided curtain tie is formed either from one or a few large braids. It is generally a strong tie, capable of holding rich, thick fabrics. Slimmer, more delicate braids for lighter fabrics also work nicely.



Cord Tassel Tie

Often for the heavier material, the cord tassel tie is essentially a rope-like design with a tassel hanging at the front. It can be adjustable when wrapped around the fabric curtain, with some having more than one tassel.


Simple Matching Fabric Curtain Tie

The simple matching curtain tie is made from the curtain material itself. It is a strand of the same fabric wrapped around the curtain, blending the two nicely.

What to Consider When Buying Ties for Fabric Curtains

  • How big do the curtain ties need to be? The ties need to be in the correct proportion to the fabric they are holding; this will complete the style of the room.
  • How many curtain ties are needed? Think about whether you would like buy the ties in a pair, or order them as a set, for example.
  • How often will the curtain ties be used? Will the ties be used to hold the curtains in a permanent position for decorative purposes or will they be used more regularly? If they will be used frequently then consider curtain ties that are light and simple.
  • What sort of condition should the curtain ties be in? If there is no outer damage to a curtain tie and it works correctly, there is no reason not to buy the item second hand.
  • Which type of tie is right for the fabric curtains? As illustrated above, eBay offers a large variety of curtain ties, each with their own characteristics to suit the customer’s needs.
  • Which material should the ties be made from? Some are simply made from the same fabric as the curtains but others are also made with tassels and beads for example.
  • After browsing the Internet for the item, get a price range in mind. What sort of price is acceptable for the curtain ties and their condition? Remember that your preferred price range can be selected via the preference filters on the left hand side of the page. Think about what sort of purchase you would like to make; will the item be bought immediately or through a bid or auction? How quickly are the curtains ties required? Sale and delivery preferences are also available on the left hand side filters.


Curtain ties are the ideal solution for fabric curtains that need to be held back from a window neatly and stylishly. The ties vary according to the weight of the fabric that they carry, and add style and colour to the room. When buying the curtain ties, consider how big they need to be and the style that would match the fabric. Is the fabric particularly heavy, and will it require a large cord tassel or decorative tassel tie? What sort of condition should the ties be in?

Remember that other websites can be visited to research tie types and prices before returning to eBay to use the search preferences and make a final decision. Be sure to check the terms and conditions when you are ready to make the purchase.

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