Your Guide to Buying Trials and Motocross Bike Parts on eBay

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Your Guide to Buying Trials and Motocross Bike Parts on eBay

Trials and motocross are two popular forms of off-road riding that require speed, agility, and excellent handling and control of the bike. Whether riding as a hobby or as a profession, trials and motocross riders require their bikes and parts to be durable, hardwearing, and reliable. Many riders choose to purchase parts for their bike from well-known brands who offer the latest in design and technology, specifically with trials and motocross riders in mind.

Buying trials and motocross bike parts on eBay is simple and straightforward. With simple search methods, secure online payment options, and reputable sellers, many consumers choose to search through eBay's extensive listings to find the right bike parts at a competitive price. When buying bike parts, it is recommended that consumers have a good understanding about the different types of bike parts available and the brands that offer top quality parts and accessories for both amateur and professional riders.

Shop for Trials and Motocross Bike Parts on eBay

If you are looking for trials and motocross bike parts for sale on eBay, the easiest way to search is to use the search bar option at the top of eBay's home page. You simply type "trials and motocross bike parts" into the search bar to see an overview of what is available for sale. You can filter these results by using the search category options available. These include filtering the search by the type of part you are looking for, by brand, condition, or price range. If you want to find a specific type of part, such as some Honda fairings, all you have to do is type this into the search bar.

Common Trials and Motocross Bike Parts

Trials and motocross bikes are designed for off-road riding. These bikes are made to be lightweight and have small motors and limited fuel tanks. Ridden in all types of weather conditions, they need to be strong and hardy. Common types of bike parts that trials and motocross riders often require include decals and stickers, handlebars and footrests, tyres and tubes, the body and frame, and chains and sprockets.

Decals and Stickers

Designed to withstand any type of weather conditions and off-road riding, trials and motocross decals and stickers should be durable and hardwearing. The majority of decals are made from vinyl, making them weather and UV resistant. Decals are easy to apply. All that is required is a smooth surface that is clean, dust free, and dry. By simply removing the paper backing of the decals, they immediately stick to the surface of the bike.

Handlebars and Footrests

Handlebar grips and footrests are available for sale on eBay. Look for handlebar grips that are comfortable to hold and offer good grip and hand support. Rubber handlebar grips are ideal. Footrests are often made from titanium or stainless steel. Titanium footrests are lightweight, very strong, and more expensive than stainless steel footrests. With sharp spikes for added grip, they come in a range of colours, brands, and sizes.

Tyres and Tubes

A good set of quality off-road tyres for trials and motocross can greatly improve traction and handling, suspension, cornering, braking, acceleration, and overall performance of the bike. When it comes to inner tubes, trials tubes tend to be hardier than motocross tubes and are less likely to suffer a puncture. Trials and motocross tyres can be described by their tread, making them ideal for certain types of terrain. The following table provides a list of the common tyre types in relation to their terrain suitability.

Tyre Type

Tyre Description


Paddle Tyres

Designed for riding over sand; has around eight small rubber paddles across its width spaced apart; scoops sand from under the tyre to give traction

Sand; not suitable for any other terrain

Hard Rubber Tyres

With tread blocks spaced further apart for increased traction; traction blocks are higher than hard terrain tyres

Soft terrain; used in muddy or soft dirt conditions

Medium Rubber Compound Tyres

Ideal for those who do not intend to swap their tyres often; combine both hard and soft terrain tyre design

Intermediate terrain

Soft Rubber Tyres

Provides added grip on hard surfaces; tread blocks spaced closer together and are shorter in length that soft terrain tyres

Hard terrain

For the rider who tends to stick to one type of terrain, terrain tyres are the ideal option, and they only require the rider to swap tyres if they decide to ride over different terrain. The rider who rides bush trails, over rocks and stones, through mud and water, and over branches, brush, and grass would benefit from intermediate terrain tyres.

Body and Frame

Body and frame parts for trials and motocross bikes can include basic framework parts, shock absorbers and suspension parts, fairings, and mud guards, along with a wide range of other body and frame bike parts. When buying body and frame parts for trials and motocross bikes, it is recommended to purchase parts from well-respected brands. These brands offer durability, quality construction, top quality materials, safety, and good value for money. If budget is an issue and buying new parts from top quality brands is unrealistic, consumers can consider purchasing used parts on eBay.

Chains and Sprockets

Chains and sprockets for trials and motocross make up an integral part of the bike. These parts take a lot of physical wear and tear and need to be well-maintained to keep them in safe and good working order. If these parts begin to wear too much, they need to be replaced with new, good quality parts the rider can rely on. eBay has a great selection of front and rear sprockets, drive and cam chains, and chain guards to name a few. Choose well-respected brands for longer wear life.

Popular Brands of Trials and Motocross Bike Parts

When it comes to trials and motocross bike riding, safety, durability, and quality of equipment can make all the difference. Greater performance, better handling and control, and greater durability and lifespan of parts offer optimum efficiency and safety for the rider. Some of the more popular and highly respected trials and motocross bike brands include Ducati, Aprilia, and GAS GAS.


Ducati is an Italian manufacturer that specialises in motorcycles. They have been around since 1926 and have an excellent reputation for quality craftsmanship not only with producing top class bikes, but also a huge range of parts and accessories for all types of on- and off-road riding. For those looking to purchase Ducati trials and motocross bike parts, eBay offers a good selection.


Aprilia trials and motocross bike parts are a popular choice with budding enthusiasts and professional riders alike. Another Italian motorcycle company, they were established in 1945 and are well-known for their high performance sport racing bikes. Riders who have spent a good amount of money purchasing Aprilia bike parts can head out onto the track with the confidence their bike offers optimum quality and reliability.


GAS GAS is a Spanish motorcycle manufacturer specialising in off-road bikes. Probably best known for their top quality trials bikes, GAS GAS are renowned for their continued research and development in design and technology advancements with their bikes, parts, and accessories. Although relatively expensive to purchase, GAS GAS bike parts offer excellent quality and reliability.

How to Buy Trials and Motocross Bike Parts on eBay

When you have found the trials or motocross bike parts you are looking for, be sure to read the listing description carefully, taking note of whether it is a genuine part, its condition whether it is new or used, and the seller's preferred method of payment. Also take note of the delivery options and the seller's returns policy on the item, should you get it home and find it is not suitable for some reason.

If you want to buy with confidence on eBay, it is recommended to buy bike parts from top-rated sellers. These sellers are easily identified by the top-rated seller badge next to their listing. Those who offer accurate listing descriptions, constantly achieve 4 or 5 star ratings, receive excellent feedback, and ship items on time are awarded this status. When paying for your item, wherever possible it is recommended to use PayPal, a secure online payment method that is fast, secure, efficient, and easy to use.


Trials and motocross bikes are designed to withstand rough riding conditions and a variety of terrain types. Designed to be lightweight and easily manoeuvrable, they have good suspension, handling, and control. Trials and motocross riders need reliable and durable bike parts that allow for optimum performance.

Popular bike parts that can be purchased on eBay include decals and stickers, handlebars and footrests, tyres and tubes, body and frame parts, and chains and sprockets. When looking at what type of parts to purchase, consumers may like to consider some of the quality brands who specialise in manufacturing state of the art parts specifically designed with trials and motocross riders in mind. These top quality brands include Ducati, Aprilia, and GAS GAS.

Finding any type of trials or motocross bike parts on eBay is simple, time efficient, and cost effective. With various buying tools to help buyers find just what they are looking for, eBay is a popular destination for those avid trial and motocross riders to find just the right parts at a competitive price.

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