Your Guide to Buying Used Replacement Parts and Tools

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Your Guide to Buying Used Replacement Parts and Tools

What better way to kill time than play a video game with great graphics, amazing characters, and engaging gameplay challenges? With many video game platforms or consoles that are out on the market today, along with different video game genres to choose from, any gamer would not run out of a game to play. Most gamers prefer Xbox, Nintendo, or PlayStation mainly because of the variety of games that can be played on these consoles. When it comes to game genres, one has the option to play an action, adventure, action-adventure, RPGs, simulation, strategy, purpose, or traditional game.

Just like any device, the parts of a video game console will inevitably need replacement, due to wear and tear. Smart buyers know that they have the option to buy used replacement parts as well as tools for their consoles. However when someone says "a used video game replacement part" or "used video game replacement tools", it can further be elaborated in four different levels. Furthermore, there are considerations to make when buying common replacement parts. Knowledge in these matters allows the buyer to take the guesswork out of buying.

Understanding the Term "Used"

When buyers search for used replacement parts or tools online, they can encounter different terms that are used to be specific about the condition of the item. These specific terms are "like new", "very good", "good", and "acceptable"

Like New

A video game replacement part or tool that is "like new " looks as if it is fresh from its original shrink wrap from the manufacturer. Such used item has the manufacturer's seal still intact, if applicable. One example is an Xbox 360 HDMI motherboard that is for sale with the fully-functioning item removed from an unused game console with a faulty DVD drive.

Very Good

A used item that is in "very good " condition contains no damage such as scratch, scuff, crack, or hole to the item cover or the jewel case. This type of used video game part or tool can still include the DVD box, cover art, liner notes and the game instructions. A Sony PS3 Blu-ray Drive that has been used for six months but is fully working is considered in very good condition.


A video game replacement part or tool that is in "good " condition may have minor damage such as scratch, scuff, crack, or hole to the item cover or jewel case. Buyers also receive the DVD box, cover art, liner notes and the game instructions. A DVD drive that has light scratches on the surface but is fully working is deemed as an item in "good" condition.


When a used item is "acceptable " it means that buyers can see noticeable and significant wear on the replacement part or tool but the item is still useful. There may be tears or holes on the DVD and the game instructions may not be included. Usually, sellers provide the number of imperfections in the item description. A heat sink assembly with parts missing or is slightly faulty but sold at a cheap price is considered "acceptable".

Summary of the Four Types of Used Video Game Parts and Tools

The table below shows how the four types of used video game replacement parts and tools differ from each other. They are compared based on the advantages, level of damage, and accessories that can be included.




Accessories Included

Like New

Looks like it is fresh from its original shrink wrap; intact manufacturer's seal


Box, cover art, liner notes, and game instructions

Very Good

Fully working despite used longer than "like new" item.


Box, cover art, liner notes and game instructions


Relatively cheaper


Box, cover art, liner notes and game instructions



Noticeable and significant wear; has one or more faulty components

Usually none—just the item

The above table serves as a quick reference guide for buyers who are determining the difference among the four types of used replacement video game parts and tools. Buyers should weigh the pros and cons of each type when buying a used item and decide based on which can give them the best deal.

Replacement Parts and Tools for Video Game Consoles

There are many different replacement parts and tools for Xbox, Nintendo, and PlayStation.. The common parts include motherboards, casing or housing, disc drives, and power supply units.


A video game console that has problems such as no power, no picture, system errors, graphic issues, crashing, freezing, and sync issues may have been a result of faulty motherboard. Replacement motherboard for Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo models are available online and buyers can get them in different conditions. Those who want to save money buy used motherboards which are still fully working. If a buyer knows how to tinker with video game console parts, especially its motherboard, he or she can buy a faulty motherboard and just fix the problem to replace a too damaged motherboard. In most, if not all, cases a faulty motherboard considered having an acceptable condition is way cheaper than other used motherboards.

Owners who plan to open a game console to diagnose it and determine the problem must have a repair kit with an opening tool. There are kits that can be bought online which contain metal washers, nylon washers, bolts, a thermal paste, alcohol wipes, an opening tool, and a manual on how to troubleshoot a gaming console and a controller.

Hard Disc Drive

Hard disc drives are an integral part of many game consoles. A PlayStation 3, for instance, offers a hard disc drive that can save and store game data, playback HD DivX or MPEG video files, and play music and show their album art. Xbox360 hard drive allows expansion through downloading content; storing of saved games, game profile, demo, and custom soundtracks. Buyers of replacement hard disc drives must make sure that the item is able to perform the mentioned functions as well as storing multiple game saves and playing the best-selling Xbox games.

For Wii, a usual indication that its disc drive needs replacement is if the user keeps getting a DRE or disc read error notification when trying to play a game disc. Buyers of replacement hard disc drives of a game console must make sure that the disc drive they are buying are compatible with their console. They should look for a seller who either guarantees compatibility or agrees to the return policy in case the hard disc drive is not compatible. One exception is the Wii DVD disc drive because it is compatible with all versions of Nintendo Wii.

Casing or Housing

Housing or casing of game consoles and controllers are among the widely available replacement parts on the internet. Damage such as scratches or cracks and style and colour preferences are the main reasons why people change the housing of their game console. For Nintendo gaming consoles, buyers can choose from a wide variety of housing that come in different colour, size, and design. Whether buyers have a Nintendo 3DS, DS, DS Lite, DSi, and DSi XL, they can easily get replacement housing.

There are consoles that require multiple parts in their housing, such as a faceplate, side panels, and non-HDMI top case and bottom case. An Xbox 360, for instance, is a large console; therefore, requiring more parts for its housing. Unlocking tool kits for such game consoles are also available for purchase, and these kits should include a complete set of tools to tackle tabs, hooks, and crevices of the console. Buyers should remember that before purchasing a game console housing the item should be complete with screw set that lock the housing in place. Another consideration is the quality of the buttons. The buttons should fit right and have the right hardness to function well.

Power Supply

The power supply of a game console, or any electronic device for that matter, is a crucial component. Without a power supply, the console would be useless. Since it is always used, the power supply cord may need replacement over time. For Sony PS3, the indications that the power supply needs replacement include failure of the console or the red light to turn on. Most replacement PS3 power supplies can be plugged in 100 to 240 volts.

Buyers who are shopping around for a power supply for PS3 must check if the item is compatible with the PS3 model. There are power supplies that are compatible with all 20GB and 60 GB PlayStation 3 models but not with all 80GB models. There are game consoles that can be used only in a particular wattage. The 203-watt power supply for Xbox 360, however, is compatible with all types of Xbox 360, except for the Xbox 360 slim.

How to Buy Used Replacement Parts and Tools on eBay

eBay is a great place to buy replacement parts and tools for video game consoles and controllers. The site has thousands of products so you can find what you are looking for. You can save money by purchasing used replacement parts and tools on eBay, and with a variety of products to choose from and with so many sellers on the site it is not impossible to get a great deal. Top-rated sellers are the most trusted sellers on eBay. This is due to their high positive feedback score and a great collection of testimonials from satisfied customers.

You can make buying on eBay a quick and convenient affair by learning the filter options on the site, which is very easy. Using the filter options helps you to show only used video game replacement parts and tools. In addition, you have the option to view only the offerings for the particular item you are looking for when utilising the filter options. Many people count on eBay to get great deals for different items, and you can be one of those who manage to save money while getting a quality product when you shop on eBay.


Buying used replacement parts and tools for a video game console or controller is done chiefly to save money. The common replacement parts that game console owners need are a motherboard, hard disc drive, power supply, and housing. A repair kit is almost always needed when replacing a part of a video game console, and such a kit can easily be found online. The term used, when applied to replacement parts and tools for video games on eBay, is further divided into four categories: like new, very good, good, and acceptable. "Like new" parts and tools come as if brand new, with no damage or missing parts and includes all the accessories and the manufacturer's seal, if applicable.

Used parts and tools in "very good condition" have been used for an amount of time but are fully working and are guaranteed having no damage and missing parts. Those that are in "good" condition, on the other hand, can have minor damages but are still fully working. "Acceptable" used items carry considerable and noticeable damage and could have missing parts but are usually—and should be—the cheapest among four types of used video game parts and tools. Buying used replacement parts and tools, if done with enough consideration and caution, can lead to getting items that are cheap but very useful.

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