Your Guide to Buying Van and Pickup Truck Parts on eBay

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Your Guide to Buying Van and Pickup Truck Parts on eBay

Part of being an automobile owner means that you have to maintain the vehicle and replace parts as they break or wear out. In the case of vans and pickup trucks, parts are often specialised or larger than those in other vehicles. Many people choose to make their own repairs to save on the cost of a mechanic. Some jobs are easy enough to complete without the help of a professional, but others are too complex. In both of these instances, you can either purchase the parts to make the repair yourself or purchase the parts for the mechanic to make the repair. This often saves you a bit of money over what the mechanic charges.

Finding the right van or pickup truck parts can be a challenge if you are not familiar with automobiles and their repairs. Be sure to find the right part for the area of the car that needs the repair and ensure that it fits your vehicle. eBay makes locating van and pickup truck parts even easier by organising them by category and vehicle type so so that you can easily compare different parts to find the right one.

Van and Pickup Parts Categories

Vans and pickups trucks are made from thousands of different pieces. When you factor in how many different manufacturers there are for those vehicles, the number of parts becomes innumerable. Fortunately, auto stores categorise their inventory to make it easier to find the parts that are needed. Usually the parts are grouped together by the system they go along with. For example, all parts for a brake system are grouped together and all parts associated with the cooling and heating system are grouped elsewhere. When shopping for van and pickup parts on eBay, you can also find parts grouped by category.


The engine is the heart of any vehicle. Without the engine, the vehicle would not operate. This is the part of the van or pickup truck that converts the fuel into usable energy to propel the wheels of the vehicle. The engine alone is made up of hundreds of smaller parts. Some of the parts you may need for an engine are pistons, cylinders, valves, spark plugs, and crankshafts. Manufacturers use their own engine designs, which means that you must look for parts that are designed to fit the type of engine in your van or pickup truck.


The transmission of a van or pickup is perhaps the second most important part after the engine. This is the part of the vehicle that allows the energy produced by the engine to be sent to the wheels to allow them to turn. Transmissions can be either manual or automatic. With the manual transmission, a clutch pedal and a gear shift knob are located on the interior of the vehicle for switching gears. The clutch pedal is not needed in a vehicle with an automatic transmission, and the gearshift is simplified.

Fuel and Exhaust Systems

The fuel system and the exhaust system are quite different, but they are connected. The fuel delivery system feeds the petrol into the engine to be converted into energy. The byproducts leftover from that reaction are then removed from the system through the exhaust. Auto parts that people commonly need for these systems include fuel tanks, fuel lines, mufflers, and tailpipes.

Cooling and Heating

The cooling and heating systems of an auto work to ensure that the engine does not get too hot and that you remain comfortable in the interior of the car. Keeping the engine cool is extremely important because if it does overheat, it could damage the engine, leading to more expensive repairs. Parts needed for these systems include air conditioners with all of their hoses, compressors, and fans, blowers, heaters, and temperature sensors.

Suspension and Steering

The suspension and steering systems are needed to control the direction of the wheels, allowing drivers control over where their vehicles go. Bearings and bushings are some of the smaller parts that need to be replaced most often. Additionally, you may need tie rods, shock absorbers, coil springs, and other joints.


While the auto parts mentioned do not need to be replaced very often, the brakes often do. The brakes are necessary to make the vehicle slow down or stop. The brake pads must be replaced every few months, but if these are properly maintained, then parts, like the shoes, drums, boots, and discs, do not need to be replaced as often.

Wheels and Tyres

You cannot forget about wheels and tyres. These are required to make sure that the car grips the road and propels the car forward. The tyres must be replaced every few thousand miles, more or less depending on the quality. The wheel rims do not need to be replaced unless they become dented or damaged. Shoppers should keep in mind that wheels and tyres for vans and pickup trucks are larger than those for smaller autos, thus they are often more expensive, as well.


Lights are needed for more than just seeing at night. Headlights, turn indicators, and brake lights are all important for safety purposes. These lights ensure that other vehicles on the road see you and know where you are turning or if you are slowing down. The interior of the car uses several lights as well. The dashboard lights up so that you can easily see the controls at night. Additionally, roof lights illuminate the interior so that you can locate things inside your car. The light bulbs need to be replaced often, but wiring systems and fuses may also be to blame if the lights are not working.

Windscreen Wipers

The windscreen is a large piece of glass that protects you from wind and debris but also allows you to see the road ahead. When it is raining, it can be hard to see through the windscreen because of the water. Additionally, windscreens can become dirty and hard to see through. For this reason, windscreen wipers are installed to ensure that you can see where you are going no matter what the weather conditions. These wipers need to be replaced on a regular basis as the rubber can wear out or dry out causing the wiper to be less effective.

Exterior and Body Parts

While they do not always affect the functionality of the auto, exterior and body parts for vans and pickup trucks ensure that the vehicle has a nice appearance. These parts include everything from fenders and bumpers, to wing mirrors and door handles, to manufacturer emblems that identify the type of vehicle.

Choosing Between Original or Aftermarket Parts

One thing that you must determine when buying van and pickup parts is if you want original parts from the manufacturer or aftermarket parts made by a third party. Original parts are great because they are made by the same manufacturer that built your vehicle. The manufacturer designed the vehicle and is therefore the expert on that vehicle and its parts. Aftermarket parts are not necessarily bad choices, though. These parts meet the manufacturer specifications to be used in a certain vehicle. They are also often much cheaper than parts made by the manufacturer.

Searching for Van and Pickup Truck Parts on eBay

Once you have determined which van or pickup truck part you need, you can begin searching for it on eBay. Start by using a basic keyword search to locate all matching parts on the site. You can then narrow down the selections based on the options that you select. Identify the make and model of your vehicle to limit results only to those parts that work with your vehicle. Select the part manufacturer if you have a preference, and select whether you want new or used parts. Once you have narrowed down the list to a manageable amount, begin reading each listing to find the one that meets your needs. Be sure to look at the listing photos to asses the condition of the part before purchasing it.

Choosing a Seller

eBay gives you more control over your shopping experience by allowing you to determine which seller you want to work with. The feedback rating system allows a buyer to rate the seller based on the quality of the shopping experience. Look at this rating to assess the seller's reputation and determine if he is someone that you wish to purchase from. You can see information such as the total number of transactions completed and the percentage of those transactions that were positive. You can also read comments left by previous buyers.

Delivery Options

When looking at a listing for van or pickup truck parts, be sure to see what delivery options the seller has available. Some sellers offer free postage and packaging for small parts while others charge a hefty fee for larger parts. Still, large and heavy parts, like engines, may not be sent through the mail at all. For these, be sure to look for sellers who are located within your postcode or nearby so that you can drive to pick the auto part up in person. This saves you money on the cost of postage and packaging, while also saves you from having to wait for the part to be delivered to your home.


Having to repair a van or pickup truck can be an expensive ordeal, and many auto owners cringe at the thought of having to buy parts and find someone to make the repair. Fortunately, eBay makes the process of a finding the right part at a reasonable price simple. You just need to be familiar with the different categories that the parts fall in so that you find the part that fits. With thousands of parts to choose from, it can be an overwhelming process. As long as you limit your search to certain categories, you will have a much simpler time identifying the necessary part. By shopping on eBay, you have a large selection of manufacturer original and aftermarket parts to choose from, as well as several sellers to purchase from. This ensures that you are getting the best deal so that you do not spend more than is necessary. Whether you are looking for new or used van or pickup truck parts, eBay surely has what you are looking for at a price that you can afford.

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