Your Guide to Buying Wheel Rims on eBay

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Your Guide to Buying Wheel Rims on eBay

In order to mount the tyres on a vehicle, they first need to be mounted on the wheel rims. Each car uses different types and sizes of rims, so it is important that you purchase the right kind for your car. eBay makes it easy to find the rims that you need by providing several tools for searching and comparing the wheel rims that are available for sale. Additionally, since all of the listings on eBay are posted by private sellers, you have a better chance of finding a better deal than you would in a retail shop. As long as you know what to look for and how to search for it, you should have no problem finding the wheel rims that meet your needs, on eBay. When searching for rims on eBay, you should search by the type of vehicle you have, size or features of the rims, and be sure to consider the used rims listed for sale to find the best deals.

Searching for Wheel Rims on eBay

Looking for the wheel rims that you need for your car is simple with eBay. The site is organised in a way that you are able to narrow down the selections based on the type of car you have or the features that you need. The easiest way to find wheel rims on eBay is by searching for them. To begin, use a basic keyword search to find all listings on eBay that match specific keywords. For example, a search for 'renault rims' returns all results that contain those words. Be sure to make your keywords specific, but not too specific. Rather than entering all of the features you are looking for in the initial search, use only the main features. This returns a larger amount of results and ensures that you don't miss out on any great deals. If the list is still too long, then begin by narrowing down the results by categories or features, such as the ones listed in the sections below.

Shopping for Wheel Rims by Vehicle

One of the easiest ways to narrow down the results for wheel rims on eBay is to only search for rims that match a specific vehicle. This weeds out all other listings for other types of cars that have wheels that do not fit your make and model of car. You have the option to specify the vehicle's make, model, or both. The make of an car refers to its manufacturer. Some manufacturers produce wheel rims that fit on several of their vehicles, regardless of the model. Narrowing down results just by the make of car allows you to search rims for all models, and perhaps find a set that fits on your car, though the rims are specified for a different model. However, many models require wheel rims that are a certain size. This means that for a focused set of results, you should specify both the make and model of car.

Shopping for Wheel Rims by Feature

Many aftermarket wheel rims do not specify a certain make or model. Instead, you need to know the size of the wheel rim as well as the number and size of the studs used to secure the rim to the car. Some vehicle owners like rims made by certain brands. eBay allows you to narrow down all of the listings for wheel rims based on the brand, size, and other features. This allows you to review a large number of results that match your interests and needs.


Original manufacturer parts can be found on eBay by searching for wheel rims based on the make and model of car. Buyers who are just looking for replacements often look for original wheel rims for their cars. However, many people shopping for wheel rims are looking for custom or specialty rims. You can find some of the top brands in wheel rims, like OZ Racing, Dezent, and Team Dynamics, on eBay. Different brands have different styles and made from various materials. Many of the materials used are lighter than original parts, which enhances the performance or efficiency of your vehicle.

Rim Diameter

Rims range greatly in size depending on the type of car you have. Sports cars often have smaller wheel rims than sedans, and both have smaller wheel rims than large vans and sport utility vehicles. Wheel rim sizes range from 10 inches to 23 inches with the majority falling in the 15- to 18-inch range. Since not all sellers list the make/model or even the brand in the title of their listings, searching by size ensures that you do not miss any listings.

Rim Width

Vehicles not only need to have wheel rims that are a certain diameter, but they need to also be a certain width. The width is important because it also affects the size of the tyres on the car. If you choose rims that are too wide or too narrow, then you are not going to be able to install your tyres properly. The width is measured from the outer edge of one rim lip across to the other. Since there could be an error with measurements, vehicle owners should always consult the manual for compatible rim sizes for their vehicles.

Number of Studs

When you examine the wheels of different cars, you notice that different types of vehicles and wheels have varying numbers of studs. These are the screws that are used to attach the wheel to the vehicle. Certain manufacturers use a specific number of studs, ranging from three to six. In addition to the number, they are also configured in a certain way on the wheel. Be sure that these studs correspond to the type of vehicle you intend to use them for. Otherwise, the wheel rim cannot be attached to the vehicle.

Shopping for Used Wheel Rims

One way that you can save money on wheel rims for your vehicle is to buy them used. Many are kept in good condition, so they look almost new. Additionally, buying used wheel rims allows you to buy a set that may no longer be in production or cannot be found in a retail shop. Extra care needs to be taken when shopping for used wheel rims. When shopping for used wheel rims, be sure to evaluate the condition and the price.


eBay sellers can put photos of the rims in their listings. They also provide detailed descriptions of the rims, including the size and any damage the rims may have incurred. Be sure to inspect these images and read the descriptions carefully. If you see any dents, rust, or if the rims are not completely round, do not buy them. In order for the rims to work on your vehicle, they have to be in near perfect condition. Scratches do not affect the usability of the rims, but they do affect the appearance. Make sure that the images of the rims match your expectations. Use caution when buying rims on eBay when the listings do come with photos. Also make sure that you can see all sides of the rims in the photos. This ensures that you know exactly what you are paying for.


The price of the wheel rims you are examining should be in line with their condition. High quality rims are priced higher than those with scratches or other signs of wear. Locate the prices of the rims when they were new and be sure that the price for used rims is much lower. If the prices for used rims are close to the price of new ones, then you are better off buying them brand new. This way you can be certain that the wheel rims are in excellent condition.

Analyse Delivery Options and Costs

Wheel rims are bulky and heavy. This means that you can expect to pay hefty fees for postage and packaging. Fortunately, eBay sellers specify their own postage and packaging costs, so you don't have to settle for high fees. Many sellers cover the delivery costs and offer free postage and packaging so that you do not have to pay the fees. While you can order from sellers across the U.K., consider looking for sellers that are closer to home. This reduces the distance that they have to travel and may reduce the delivery fees as well.

Local Pickup

Some sellers refuse to send wheel rims through the post because of their size. Instead, they allow buyers to pick them up. Enter your postcode onto the eBay site, and sort the listings by sellers who are located nearby. You can then save yourself the time and cost of delivery by driving to pick up the wheel rims on your own once you have purchased them.

Choose a Seller

Thousands of wheel rims are listed on eBay at any given time. Each listing is made by a private seller, which means there are thousands of sellers to choose from as well. Use the feedback rating system to determine which seller you wish to do business with. Buyers and sellers have the option to leave feedback for each other once a transaction is completed. You can view this feedback as well as the percentage of positive feedback that the seller has received. Use this to determine which sellers are reputable.


The wheel rims are the part of the car that the tyres are attached to. These metal wheels are an essential part of the auto. Without them, the tyres could not be attached to the car, and you would not be able to go anywhere. Shopping for new wheel rims does not have to be a difficult task, and eBay makes it easy to find everything that you need in one convenient location. When buying rims on eBay, you can sort the listings by the type of vehicle you drive, the size of the rims, and different features that are offered. You can also search for used rims. This makes it easier to find the type of rims that you need even if you are uncertain of the exact type of wheel rims that fit on your car. Whether looking for original manufacturer rims or aftermarket parts, you can find everything that you need to get your vehicle rolling, on eBay.

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