Your Guide to Buying Wire Mesh to Keep Your Pets Safe

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Your Guide to Buying Wire Mesh to Keep Your Pets Safe

Wire mesh is a useful material if you need to keep your pets safe. Whether you want to build a run for your rabbits or erect a fence to keep your dog in, wire mesh is versatile and easy to use. Because of the versatility and the number of wire mesh types available, there are a number of factors to take into consideration to allow you to make a confident purchasing choice, helping you keep your pets safe.


Wire Mesh Height

The height of your wire mesh is one of the most crucial decisions you have to make. Consider whether your own animals can jump, and if so, how high, and whether predators and pests can potentially jump into the enclosure. The wire mesh, whether for a fence, run, or enclosure, has to be high enough stop your own animals from getting out and predators from getting in. You also need to account for at least 5 cm extra height to enable you to dig the wire under the surface, as this helps prevent your pets from digging out and predators digging in. If you have birds as pets or are concerned about birds of prey and climbing predators or vermin, add a mesh roof to the enclosure.


Fixtures and Fittings

As well as the wire mesh itself, you also need to purchase the fixtures and fittings to complete your enclosure. Consider how big your enclosure is and then estimate how many poles or wooden posts you need to provide a tight, secure enclosure. The posts need to be of equal or greater height than your wire mesh to prevent the loose mesh from bending and falling. For long-term use, paint the posts with outdoor wood treatment, such as a product from the Cuprinol range. You can use cable ties to secure the mesh to the posts, but for added security, purchase staples, place them over the mesh where it joins the posts, and hammer them in. You may also require flexible wire or cable ties to secure pieces of mesh together to limit any gapping at the joins.


Wire Mesh Type

You can choose a standard chicken wire, which has an even hexagonal wire mesh formation. Chicken wire is a common choice for low-security enclosures where vermin is not a concern, such as for garden fencing. Wire mesh panels or reels with a tighter weave provide more security. For garden fencing, large mesh is appropriate, but for runs and enclosures which require greater security, choose fine or very fine mesh that prevents vermin, such as mice and rats from entering the space.

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