Your Guide to Buying a 3D Blu-Ray Player

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Your Guide to Buying a 3D Blu-Ray Player

Total immersion TV has finally come to the family lounge, and a 3D Blu-ray player allows you to feel like you are part of the event. Stream content, save Freeview programmes, watch on multiple devices, and continue watching all your favourite non-3D discs in addition to maximising all the latest 3D content. Whether you want to feel like you are in the stands for the finals or dancing in the corps during 'The Nutcracker', you can experience it all with the power of 3D technology.


Upscaled Viewing and Surround Sound

One definite perk is you can continue playing your favourite standard Blu-ray discs on 3D Blu-ray players. Many 3D players offer 4K upscaling that automatically 'translates' 1080 HD content to the 3840 by 2160 resolution of an Ultra HD TV. Surround sound of at least 5.1 channels is standard with Blu-ray players, and upgrading a home cinema system to surround sound adds to the multidimensional experience that a 3D player provides.


Internet and Freeview Access

To use a Blu-ray player for streaming video and Internet content, select a player compatible with the services you want. Different manufacturers partner with different free and subscription services, including Blinkbox, Netflix, Now TV, YouTube, Picasa, Flickr, Pandora, and Slacker. For access to Freeview, choose an antenna-compatible Blu-ray Freeview recorder. Many are 3D Blu-ray players that offer up to 1TB of storage for your favourite Freeview programmes. For homes with more than one television, consider a recorder with two HD tuners built in so more than one programme records simultaneously.


Optimum Connectivity

A Blu-ray player with wired connectivity links to one television in the same room, but a 3D Blu-ray player with Wi-Fi connects with a single or multiple televisions in different rooms using the home's wireless router. A 3D Blu-ray player that meets the DLNA standard connects with any DLNA computer as long as the home network has sufficient bandwidth. For video streaming, 802.11n Wi-Fi is the best choice. Connection with Apple devices requires the Media:Connect app.


3D TVs and 3D Glasses

To optimise the use of 3D capabilities, 3D glasses and 3D TVs are essential. The 3D TV and 3D Blu-ray player do not have to be the same brands, but if the 3D glasses are battery-operated active shutter glasses, they generally have to be the same brand as the TV. Battery-free passive 3D glasses are frequently offered in party packs for children's sleepovers and parties. A 3D TV that uses passive technology makes it easy and inexpensive to welcome a crowd for a 3D Blu-ray movie festival.

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