Your Guide to Buying a Brand Name Candle

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Your Guide to Buying a Brand Name Candle

People have been using candles as a source of light for thousands of years. Since the ancient Egyptians used animal fat to create the first known candles, successive civilisations have attempted to create more efficient and effective versions. The Chinese used a combination of seeds and insects to create primitive candles, and ancient Indians used to boil cinnamon to create their own adaptations. Modern-day candles are used for their special properties rather than as a primary source of light, yet they still play a large role in the lives of human beings. A candle is often used to create atmospheric lighting for a special occasion, or it can be used in order to circulate pleasant aromas around the home. There are some people who actually prefer candlelight to electric bulbs and lamps. Whatever the reason for buying a candle, the range available in the UK is massive, and trying to select the right one for a particular occasion can be a difficult task. There are many different styles of candle, and the wax used in them can differ greatly. However, this guide aims to give people the knowledge they require in order to make an informed purchase. A quick search on the eBay website will deliver thousands of candles for sale, and there will be some of them which are made by well-respected candles brands. Each brand has its own approach to the art of candle-making, and many expert manufacturers specialise in very specific styles and themes. The only way to buy the right candle for the right occasion is to understand a little about the different candles, as well as the brands behind some of them.

The Different Varieties of Wax Used in Branded Candles

Branded candle-makers are extremely protective of their brand, so they always use wax of the very highest quality. However, the consumer should always check exactly which kind of wax is used in their candles, as different waxes have very different properties.

Paraffin Wax

Paraffin wax is made from the heating of oil, so many people are reluctant to use it. It is not known how many potentially harmful toxins are released into the air when paraffin wax burns; however, some people are not willing to take the risk. Paraffin wax is used in only the cheapest candles on the market, as they burn quickly and emit soot.

Soy Wax

Soy wax is used in candles of the highest quality. It comes from the soy bean, so it is completely renewable. The wax is generally harder than that made with paraffin, so soy candles burn for longer. They also emit no smoke or soot, so people can relax when they are burning them in the home.

Palm Wax

While palm wax is clean and renewable, consumers should be careful when they are purchasing candles made from the substance. Large areas of rainforest are being ravaged in order to harvest the palm fruit needed. Palm wax candles are expensive, but they are very pleasant, and they emit absolutely no smoke.


The UK is short of both bees and bee-keepers, so the price of beeswax is currently very high. However, beeswax candles are perhaps the best all-round performers. They emit a natural scent of honey, and they burn without mess or smoke.

The Main Types of Wax Candle

Candle-makers tend to associate their products with particular types of candle. Choosing the right variety is essential in order to create the desired ambience, so consumers should know exactly what is on offer.

Floating Candles

Floating candles are ideal for outdoor parties and romantic settings. They can be lit before being left to float in ponds and pools as they burn.

Pillar Candles

Pillar candles are perhaps the most popular candles to be used around the home. They are thick enough to stand without a holder, yet they are elegant enough to create an attractive display. Pillar candles are very popular ornamental features in many homes.

Container Candles

Container candles are placed inside jars, tins, and pots, and they are designed to burn inside their vessel. Many aromatic candles are placed in containers in order to collect dripping wax. However, many people buy them because of their attractive appearance.

Votive Candles

Votive candles are often placed in their own holders, yet they are thick enough to be used on a free-standing basis. They are often used to create atmospheric lighting in specific areas of the home.

Tea light Candles

Tea lights are widely used in restaurants as they are small, cylindrical, and sit in their own purpose-made containers. They are designed to completely melt when they burn, and that aids the circulation of their scent.

Taper Candles

Taper candles are sometimes referred to as ‘dining’ candles. They are slim and slender, and they are usually placed in candlesticks.

Aromatherapy Candles

Aromatherapy candles are burned for their aromatic properties. They come in all shapes and sizes, and their scents are thought to promote relaxation and the easing of stress.

Wickless Candles

Wickless candles are designed to be melted instead of burned. They have no wick, so no naked flame is involved. They are used for their aromatic properties.

A Few of the Leading Brand Name Candles

There are dozens of candle-makers selling products of the highest quality; however, here are just six of the leading names in the UK

Jane Packer

Jane Packer specialises in attractive gift-sets, and many of their packages include scented creams and bath salts.


Stoneglow specialises in festive candles, and their current range of Christmas products make ideal festive ornaments for the home. Many of their candles are sculpted into iconic symbols of Christmas, and they are scented with aromas such as cinnamon and egg-nog.

Bluebell 33

Bluebell 33 is a speciality candle-maker, and their creations are made with flair and elegance. Many of their candles come in their own glass container, and they are all wrapped in stylish packaging.


Boujies is one of the most recognisable makers of premium candles in the UK. They specialise in a range of contemporary designs, and they are extremely proud of their use of soy-wax in their candles.

True Grace

True Grace candles are based in Wiltshire, and they take pride in their hand-poured range of products. They have their own specially-formulated brand of wax that is made with vegetable oil. They sell many of their candles in attractive glass holders.

Parks of London

The candles produced by Parks of London are of the highest standard, and they only use wax that is 100 per cent GM free. Their products are only made from the highest quality renewable wax.

Buying a Brand Name Candle on eBay

Buying branded candles on the eBay website couldn’t be easier. The whole site is geared towards people searching for the most suitable items for their needs, and narrowing a search to a very specific set of criteria is simple. Many shoppers will simply enter a search term into the text-entry box at the top of the homepage. However, by using categories, shoppers can whittle the list of possibilities down to just a few dozen, and that can ensure that the right candle is bought for the best price possible. A category search starts by clicking the All Categories link that is situated near the top of the homepage. This will then reveal a drop-down menu, and the category entitled, Home, Furniture & DIY should be selected; clicking Search will then reveal a list of sub-categories on the left of the web page. The Home Decor link should then be selected, followed by the Candles & Tea Lights link. There are then several types of candle that can be selected in order to cut the results down to only those which are suitable.


The burning of candles is now much more than just creating a source of light. Setting a candlelit atmosphere is a great way to mark a special occasion or create a special ambience. Candlelight is thought to be a more relaxing source of light than an electrical appliance, and candles are very effective at emitting pleasant aromas. However, when it comes to buying candles, consumers should remember that paraffin wax candles create smoke and soot, and they don’t last as long as beeswax or soy candles. Paying a little more for a better candle is always a cost-effective purchase. There are some very attractive branded candles on the eBay website, and many of them come with their own stylish packaging. Buying a well-recognised brand may be a little expensive sometimes, but it is almost guaranteed to deliver a cleaner, more efficient candle. Manufacturers rely on their own reputation amongst the shopping public, so they are very unlikely to use substandard waxes in their products. Buying the perfect candle is based on the individual’s preferences, and it depends on factors such as aromas, design, and environmental issues. The purchase of paraffin-wax candles may be sufficient if they are intended to be kept in storage for power-outages, but candles for special occasions should be of the highest quality.

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