Your Guide to Buying a Choker on eBay

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Your Guide to Buying a Choker on eBay

Chokers prove that necklaces do not have to be long or extremely heavy to draw attention. The choker necklace is a highly popular style that dates back further than the Victorian era, where women's clothing used extremely high necklines unlike the daring styles of modern day dresses and shirts. In many cases, these antique dresses came up to a woman's neck, and the choker was used as a fashionable collar. Today's modern day chokers come in many different styles, from the traditional ribbon chokers to the hard-edged metallic chokers and delicate chokers lined with gemstones. Only through a massive website like eBay can customers can explore the best of new and vintage products in a multitude of styles. When it comes to choosing a choker necklace, the customer should select a piece based on its comfort, value, and personal appeal to get the most out of their purchase.

Choker Necklace Length

The choker necklace gets its name for its tight fit around the neck. Most chokers are only 16 inches, or 41 cm long, making them the shortest necklace style. Sellers on eBay often list chokers either according to inches or centimetres. Chokers usually have an adjustable clasp that allows you to tighten or loosen the necklace depending on the shape of your neck. This very important because chokers are designed to be worn around the neck itself, not against the collarbone.

Choker Materials

Because chokers are so tight around the neck, they use different materials not usually found in other necklaces such as ribbons, leather, and hemp. This provides a more comfortable fit around the neck than a cold metal necklace, though you can certainly find plenty of metallic necklaces on eBay. If you have never worn a choker before, it is best to start with one of the softer materials until you get a feel for how the necklace fits against your skin. Some people adore chokers while others cannot stand wearing them for any length of time.


Chokers actually come in several types of ribbon fabric, but silk is usually the most common. This is because silk feels soft against the skin and its tight weave makes it remarkably strong. Many vintage style chokers modelled after the Victorian era use ribbons, because they were highly popular during this time period. You should know that any vintage choker labelled as a Victorian choker is likely a reproduction, since it is very rare for even the best preserved ribbon necklaces to last over a hundred years. They are great for modern fashion accessories, but do not expect to be able to pass them down to your grandchildren one day.


Leather is made from animal hide, and it is more durable than other fabrics. While the main drawback of a ribbon choker is how easily it deteriorates, leather chokers can last for many more years. Of course, this is only true if the leather is properly cared for, meaning that is need to be periodically treated using a leather finish to keep the material from cracking. Braided leather chokers can be worn with almost anything and feel gentle against the skin. If you want something that looks a bit edgier, a spiked leather choker collar is a classic punk rock accessory.


Hemp is one of the strongest plant-based fibres in the world, and it makes an exceptional choice for a choker necklace. Hemp chokers are usually woven into cords through the knotting practise of macramé and often adorned with beads. These necklaces are softer than leather, and amazingly enough become softer, not harder, over time. However, they are remarkably casual jewellery pieces, and would not work at formal or even semi-formal events.

Metallic Chokers

Chokers made of metal typically last longer than their fabric-based counterparts, and can be worn in more formal settings. The downside to wearing metallic chokers is that they are less flexible, and therefore can be uncomfortable for some wearers. Furthermore, they are more expensive, especially those types made out of precious metals.

Golden Chokers

Gold belongs to the family of precious metals due to the scarcity and value of this material. The benefits of owning a gold choker necklace include the high resale value, and resistance to tarnishing. However, there are several downsides to owning a gold necklace as well. Because it is so valuable, gold is extraordinarily expensive. Furthermore, the most expensive types of gold are those that are almost pure without any alloys, such as 24 ct and 22 ct necklaces. However, pure gold is very soft and the chains holding the necklace together could eventually break. For this reason, gold is usually mixed with other alloys, giving it additional strength. You can tell how much pure gold is in a necklace based on its carat weight.

Gold Carat

Percentage of Pure Gold

British Mark













For chokers, it is best to stay away from the high carats like 22 ct or 18 ct simply because the fit of the necklace puts a lot of strain on the metal. Lower-weight gold such as 14 ct, or even 9 ct, are strong and less likely to break. They are also more affordable, though their resale value is not as high.

Silver Chokers

Silver is another precious metal, and since it is more affordable than gold or platinum, it is a widely popular choice. Like gold, it is rare to find pure silver necklaces because, in its natural state, the metal is very difficult for shaping. Therefore, metalsmiths often alloy silver with the more malleable copper, but this creates problems of its own. Silver comes in different types according to its purity.


Pure Silver Percentage


Britannia Silver



Mexican Silver



Sterling Silver



Coin Silver



German Silver



The starting point for a high quality silver choker necklace is sterling silver, which is comprised of 92.5 per cent pure silver. Anything with a greater silver content, such as Britannia silver, is usually marketed as fine silver. You should always read the mark on the jewellery to know how much pure silver is in the necklace.

Issues With Silver

Silver is stronger than gold, so you do not have to worry about breaking the necklace. However, silver does have some drawbacks, including the fact that it tarnishes when exposed to moist conditions. This usually happens most frequently to low-quality silver with a high copper content, since copper tarnishes quicker than silver. Another byproduct of using copper as an alloy is the problem that it sometimes discolours the skin, turning it green when it comes into contact with the necklace. For these two reasons, when buying a silver choker necklace, it is best to stick to either sterling silver or fine silver. Both of these types are less likely to tarnish or discolour the skin, though they do need periodic cleaning.

Buying Choker Necklaces on eBay

You can find any type of choker necklace your heart desires by browsing through the endless listings available on eBay. Through its electronic platform, eBay allows sellers from all around the globe to market their products to buyers. Therefore, you can find an authentic reproduction choker necklace, an edgy punk rock collar, and a timeless white gold choker all in the same place. Furthermore, many of these pieces are offered at below retail price, allowing you to get a great deal for your choker.

Searching for Choker Necklaces on eBay

It is easy to get overwhelmed browsing for chokers on eBay, as a simple search for 'choker necklace&' returns thousands of results. Therefore, you should take what you learned about different choker materials and search for necklaces in a way that allows you to narrow down a result list even further. For example, a search for 'ribbon choker necklace&' only returns those pieces made from ribbon while looking for 'gold choker necklace&' returns results for yellow, white, and rose gold. You can also search for necklaces by their gemstones and even their manufacturer to get highly accurate results.


Choker necklaces have been around since at least colonial times, and they definitely are here to stay. There is a wide variety of choker necklaces, but the basic style is the same. A choker fits tightly around the neck, so you need to be extra diligent in selecting the right material for your necklace. If you dislike the feeling of cold metal tight against your skin, choose one of the softer chokers made out of fabric. While they are not as valuable as their metallic counterparts, they are far more comfortable. On the other hand, if the feeling of a tight metal chain around your neck all day does not bother you, then feel free to browse through the different types of metallic chokers on eBay. Both comfort and value are important considerations when it comes to buying chokers, so chose a necklace that meets both your needs.

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