Your Guide to Buying a Coat Rack with Storage

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Your Guide to Buying a Coat Rack with Storage

Coat racks with storage are functional and decorative. They provide a convenient location to store outwear and other household items, including keys, bags and purses, shoes, and umbrellas. Coat racks and stands with built-in storage are ideal solutions to help organise household items and reduce clutter in an entryway or hallway. Depending on their design, coat racks with built-in storage can also make design statements. Elegant and stylish pieces can make an immediate impression on guests or visitors. For example, a traditional or antique design can evoke a welcoming and warm feeling, while a unit with contemporary lines can provide a bold addition to a property.

About Coat Racks with Storage

Coat racks and stands with storage feature built-in space to organise and store a wide range of household items. These coat racks are typically found at hallways and entryways or doorways. While most coat racks with storage are mobile and can be moved, some are wall-mounted and affixed with screws. They typically require some assembly, which can be undertaken by most adults without difficulty. Larger units may require up to two people to assemble and move. Coat racks with built-in storage provide an alternative to coat racks and stands that primarily allow for hanging only coats, jackets, and small accessories, such wraps and scarves. From a dog leash and shoes to gloves and backpacks, coat racks with built-in storage can be used for much more than just hanging a jacket or coat. Larger coat racks with built-in storage can include cushioned or wooden benches, which can be used to have a seat after a long day. They can even be used to store toys and household cleaning products.

Choosing Coat Racks with Storage

The type of coat rack selected depends on individual storage needs and personal design preferences. They can be selected purely on a functional basis or based only on their aesthetic appeal, or a combination of both considerations. Coat racks are available in a range of sizes with a variety of built-in storage options, from shelves and cabinets to baskets and covered benches. They are also made from a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and fabric. The choice of coat rack will also depend on the unit’s price and individual budgets, with units offering the most storage tending to cost the most.

Types of Coat Racks with Storage

Coat racks and stands are available with a variety of built-in storage space. From cabinets to shelves to baskets, coat racks can be used to organise and store a wide range of household items. The table below provides an overview of the main types of coat racks featuring built-in storage space.

Coat Rack with Umbrella Stand

This type of coat rack features a case at the bottom of the stand for umbrellas. Umbrella coat stands can also be used to store other accessories, such as golf clubs, canes and walking sticks. They are typically small and easy to move.

Coat Rack with Storage Bench

Coat racks can include covered storage spaces with a hinged lid. These benches can be used to neatly store items away from view. Coat racks with storage benches are used to store a range of items, including shoes, gloves, scarves, and bags.

Coat Rack with Shelves

Coat racks with built-in storage can feature open shelves for storing a range of items, including shoes. Shelves may also include baskets for placing small articles, such as keys, gloves, scarves, or hats. Shelves are found at the bottom of the stand. Larger coat racks, also know as a hall tree or a hall coat stand, may also feature shelves above coat hooks.

Hall Tree or Hall Coat Stand

A hall tree coat rack or hall coat stand typically features a panel with coat hooks near the top of the unit. At the base of these large coat racks are storage shelves or a bench, which can also be used as a seat. Storage shelves or cabinets may also be found at the top of the hall tree. Some units may also have a mirror and a top crown to place decorative items, such as flowers, plants and collectables. Hall trees are available in a range of sizes, with narrower units offering less space for storing jackets and other items.

Mounted Coat Rack with Storage

Mounted coat racks are fixed to a wall or, in some cases, a door. They typically feature more than one coat hook arranged in a row. Mounted coat racks with storage have built-in shelves or other storage solutions to place accessories and other household items, including hats, gloves, scarves, and keys. Storage tends to be found above the coat hooks. Mounted coat racks may also be available with matching storage benches, which are separate and placed under the mounted coat rack.

Coat Racks with Storage Designs

Coat racks can range from rustic and traditional to understated and modern. The following table provides an overview of the common designs for coat racks with built-in storage space.


Traditional coat racks often feature classic or antique designs, including rustic and heritage decorative elements. Many traditional and antique coat racks are made of wood.


Contemporary coat racks have modern lines. They are typically simple and sophisticated, and are often built using metal and other materials, such as fabric, and wood.


Decorative or styled coat racks feature a broad range designs and colours, often appealing to unique design preferences. Examples include coat racks with cast iron decorative features or niche themes, such as natural and futuristic themes

Materials Used for Coat Racks with Storage

Coat racks with built-in storage space are generally constructed from either wood or metal. Often, units combine wood, metal, and other materials, as well as fabric. For example, a frame may be wooden while the coat hooks are metal. The table below compares the types of materials used to build coat racks with storage.


Wooden coat racks are classic additions to a home. They can feature traditional or contemporary lines, as well as decorative elements. Wooden coat racks can be stained in a variety of colours, as well as finished with a range from varnishes that leave a matte, semi-gloss or gloss sheen. Common wood varieties include pine, mahogany, oak, and cherry.

Metal and Alloy

Coat racks can be made from a variety of metals and alloys, including iron and steel. They may include a variety of finishes to enhance their visual appeal, including brass, bronze, stainless steel, and cast iron features. Metal and alloys can be incorporated throughout the design. Storage solutions can also be made from a variety of materials, such as mesh wire for storage baskets or metal and plastic for shelving, coat racks or frames.


When choosing a coat rack with storage, consider the amount of available space in the hallway or room where it is to be placed. The amount of storage space needed is also a major consideration when purchasing a coat rack. Other considerations when selecting a coat rack with storage include the price and style of the unit. Different finishes, materials, and designs can evoke vastly different emotions. A coat rack should complement a space, and blend or match with existing styles, decoration and furniture. In addition to providing a decorative piece in a property, a coat rack with storage space also allows home owners to neatly organise outwear and other household items. This can help entryways and hallways appear larger without the clutter of scattered shoes, jackets and other items.

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