Your Guide to Buying a Cushion Pad on eBay

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Your Guide to Buying a Cushion Pad on eBay

If thinking of buying cushion pads online, then there will be no problem finding them. This is especially true if eBay is one of the sources used to search for cushion pads. There are literally thousands available at any time on eBay. Choosing two or three cushion pads, or however many are required, from such a huge amount, however, can be confusing and off-putting. Fortunately, eBay have provided convenient categories and sub-categories that can make it easy to filter out those cushion pads that are the wrong type, wrong size, or just too expensive to even consider.

Cushion Pad Categories

With so many cushion pads available in all types, shapes, and sizes at any time. Arranging them into categories is necessary. eBay uses the following selectable categories that can easily be accessed by selecting them from their respective check-boxes on the left-hand side of any cushion pads listings pages.



This option includes other closely related items to cushion pads such as cushion covers. By clicking the Show more button under the Type heading, further options are available. Most of these are just the same sub-categories as displayed next to the listing, but the size option is only found here under Type. A range of common sizes, from 16 x 16 inches to 24 x 24 inches are included.

Main Colour

The most popular colour ranges available, such as blues, browns, greens, and reds are listed. There is also an option to show more colour ranges, Clicking the Choose more button reveals further colour choices, such as purples, pinks, and greys.


There are four main types of material used in cushion pads that are included in the filtering check-boxes: 100 per cent cotton, chenille, faux silk, and polyester. The Choose more option located under the colour types lists other types of material that are currently available, such as linen, suede, and velvet.


This option enables to include cushion pads that are being offered for sale second hand by private sellers in addition to those that are being offered as new.


As there's quite a range of prices attached to the various cushion pads for sale, this option enables anyone interested in buying a cushion pad to search within an affordable price range. The minimum and maximum prices can be entered into the relevant boxes.


These are listed in the following sub-categories: They include: Contemporary, Country, Modern, and Traditional. This is one of the least useful filtering options they offer as the listings returned don't always match well with the styles selected.


If looking for a cushion pad made by a particular company, find that the brand is listed under its own brand sub-category. Any desired brand that doesn't have its own sub-category can still be found by entering the brand name into the search box.


Many eBay sellers have demonstrated excellent and consistently professional working practices and, as a result, have earned eBay's Top-Rated Seller accolade. This filter enables the search to return items listed only by sellers who have achieved this status. It can also be expanded to include individual sellers that the customer has been impressed by in previous transactions, even if the seller's good business practices haven't yet been officially recognised by eBay.

Buying Format

As is well known, eBay is, first and foremost, an online auction platform. Anyone can attempt to buy items by bidding and winning them on auctions. If preferring buying instantly rather than the lengthy and uncertain process of bidding, there is eBay's Buy it now option. Sellers can choose to offer their items for sale in an auction, or directly or both. Anyone looking to buy cushion pads either via an auction or by direct sale under eBay's Buy it Now option can use this filter to display cushion pads that are being offered in whichever buying format that is preferred.

Show Only

The Show Only option is a more general-purpose filter. Options such as Express Delivery, Free P&P (post and package), PayPal Accepted (a payment option) and even eBay for Charity can be selected to display the relevant listings.


­­­­While the vast majority of cushion pad listings on the site are from sellers based in the UK, eBay does enable the expansion of the search to the European Union or worldwide. This greatly increases the number of cushion pads, of course, but it should be kept in mind that buying from outside the country means delivery time and delivery charges will also be increased significantly.


Although standard delivery services are well organised and can be trusted to deliver anywhere in the country within a few days, most people prefer to buy locally where possible, especially if it means that the item can be picked up immediately or, if the seller is willing, delivered personally. This option enables the selection of the maximum distance within which cushion pad sellers are located. The available ranges start from 10 miles upwards.

Finding cushion pads on eBay

The first step is simply to perform a search in the search box of the appropriate eBay site. As a worldwide virtual market place, eBay has specific sites in various countries of the world so that most transactions can be completed within the same country and in local currency, wherever possible. This provides far greater convenience to anyone searching, buying, or selling items on eBay. Entering the term "cushion pads" into the prominently displayed search-box near the top of the eBay homepage returns a list containing a huge amount of cushion pads.

The eBay Category Search

Many of these are to be found in a wide range of eBay categories such as Home, Furniture & DIY, which is the most popular category for cushion pads, but some are also to be found in more specialised categories, such as Pet Supplies, Vehicle Parts and Accessories and Sporting Goods. These categories allow the looking for a more specialised type of cushion pad to avoid wading through the majority of listings, most of which are designed for home use. The majority of people searching for cushion pads, however, will be interested in purchasing them for home use and will search for cushion pads within eBay's Home Furniture & DIY category. The still huge number of available cushion pads returned in the search results within this category can be further whittled down by using the filtering check-boxes located to the left of the search results list as detailed above. Filtering out the types of cushion pad that are unwanted returns a list of suitable cushion pads that can more easily be compared and chosen from.

Payment Options

Every listing of cushion pads will include the seller's payment requirements. Typically, PayPal, which is an eBay owned financial transaction service, is the preferred payment method, both by eBay and most of its users. Other options, such as personal cheques or money orders may also be acceptable at the discretion of the seller.


The delivery method is decided by the seller and detailed on every listing. This is usually by standard professional delivery services, such as Royal Mail. Many sellers make their listings more attractive by offering free delivery. On completion of a sale, the cushion pads will be dispatched when the seller has received payment and, assuming both seller and buyer are located in the UK, the cushion pads will take a few days to arrive at their destination.


While cushion pads can be obtained from a variety of online sources, few, if any, can match eBay for sheer volume. Their well-organised operation and tight security measures have appealed to millions of users worldwide and ensured eBay's position as the first port of call when looking for any items to buy online.

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