Your Guide to Buying a Designer Suit

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Your Guide to Buying a Designer Suit

Not everybody lives close enough to Savile Row to just pop down and have a new suit custom-tailored for them on a whim. At the same time, many customers may not want to settle for whatever is on the rack in the own brands sections of their local high-street shops. Luckily, there is another option; buying a designer suit. While a designer suit may not be as personal as one made to measure, it is likely to be of a better quality and have a more stylish cut than a suit bearing a shop's own label. In fact, many designer labels have a cachet of their own, making these suits as much a statement as a clothing purchase.

What is a Designer Suit?

The term "designer suit" is a suit made according to a pattern from a name designer. It does not mean that it was handmade and custom tailored by that designer; many designer suits are made in too great a quantity for that to be practical. The difference between a designer suit and most suits found at a high-street chain is that the suit is cut in the style favoured by the designer, rather than a style favoured by the chain, and that it commands a higher price. This higher price also means that they are often both better made and longer-lasting than their less expensive counterparts.

Common Features of Designer Suits

Unlike less expensive, "no-name" suits, designer suits often come with additional features to set them apart from the crowd. For those buyers who may not be familiar with designers, the following list of features may help them gain a better understanding of just some of the differences between a designer suit and an inexpensive suit from a major retail chain.



Flower Loop

This small loop under the lapel is a clear sign of a good-quality suit

Hand-Sewn Sleeves

Look for almost imperceptible pleats and creases where the sleeve lining meets the shoulder which reduces the chance the suit will bind

Vented Pleats

This is an interior fold beneath the waistband which helps ensure a comfortable fit and smoothes the line of the shirt under the trousers

Inside Trouser Pocket

This interior pocket concealed beside the zip is an excellent place to stow cards and other small valuables in safety

Reinforced Interior Breast Pocket

If the interior breast pocket is reinforced with exterior fabric, it is a clear sign of quality

An inexpensive suit may have one or two of these features, but a designer suit will have most, if not all of them. Checking for these features is just another way to ensure that a new suit will both fit and wear well.

Reasons to Buy a Designer Suit

There are many reasons why someone may want to buy a designer suit, ranging from the physical to the psychological, and every reason is equally valid. Some reasons may be relatively unimportant to one customer, but utterly vital to another. The key for any prospective purchaser is to identify the reasons that matter most to them, and then buy the suit that best satisfies those reasons.

The Psychological Effect of Wearing a Designer Suit

One of the hardest things to quantify about designer suits is the effect they have on the wearer. For some people the simple act of putting on a designer suit makes them stand a little straighter, square their shoulders a little more. It may not seem significant, but for some it is the difference between slipping into the background and projecting the confidence that gets the wearer noticed. The designer suit not only makes wearers look better but it also makes them feel better. It creates a self-fulfilling prophecy of success, and that can be good for everyone involved.

Designer Suits Fit Better

One of the ways that a designer suit helps boost the wearer's confidence is through the way it fits. These suits are usually cut to provide a better fit than many off-the-rack suits, and that fit means that the suit will often be more comfortable to wear. This means that because the person wearing a designer suit will be physically more comfortable in the suit, they will also be emotionally more comfortable than they would be in a suit that does not fit as well.

Designer Suits Last Longer

Designer suits are usually made of better materials with stronger stitching. Because the purchaser is paying for the designer's name as well as the suit, there is less competition on price alone, which means that the makers of designer suits are under less pressure to cut corners on materials in order to reduce costs. They are more likely to be made with double-stitching, and more generous hems, making them much easier to let out as the owner ages. A better quality of cloth also means the suits tend not to get as shiny at the knees or rear, therefore, further extending their useful life. A designer suit is simply a better investment in so many ways than an inexpensive suit bought off the rack.

Designer Suits Have a Certain Style

Every designer has their own personal style which is reflected in the suits they make, and some of these styles are more suited to a certain body type than others. Some emphasise the wearer's chest, while others are designed to minimise the apparent size of the wearer's waist. By sticking to a designer whose line is cut to flatter their particular body type, the buyer can ensure that they always look their best in their suit; something that is not always possible with suits bought off the rack.

How to Choose a Designer Suit

When choosing a designer suit, there are a few things that every buyer should keep in mind, both for themselves and for the suit. One of the first things to consider are the conditions in which they will be wearing the suit. Someone looking for a suit that they will be wearing outside in summer will want a lighter weight fabric than someone looking for a suit that will be worn under cooler conditions. This can be achieved either through the purchase of a suit cut from a lighter weight of wool, or possibly from a suit cut from another fabric.

Another thing each buyer needs to consider is their body type, and also their measurements. Not only are accurate measurements a key to a well-fitted suit, but they are also important for determining which style of suit will fit the wearer the best. A taller customer is likely to prefer a three-button suit to a two-button suit as the line of the jacket will not only fit better, but also help show off their height to the best advantage. Someone who is not as tall may prefer a suit with two buttons, and narrower lapels to draw the eye upward, providing the appearance of height.

Buying a Designer Suit on eBay

Buying a designer suit on eBay is as simple a matter as typing the words "designer suit" in the search box that can be found on every eBay page. Purchasers with more specific tastes can add the name of their favourite designer, "Ted Baker suit", to speed up the search. Once the results appear, you can use the filters in the sidebar to narrow your search, limiting your results by anything from price range to designer. eBay also provides sorting tools to arrange the results so that the ones that interest you the most come up first.

After you have found the right designer suit, or suits, the next step to consider is which of eBay's many reputable sellers is your best match. A quick look at their profile page will not only give you their feedback and location, but also let you see their shipping and other policies. This can be especially helpful for those buying more than one suit, as some sellers will allow the buyer to save on shipping by bundling multiple items together, and some may even permit those who live nearby to pick up the suit in person, cutting out shipping costs altogether.


The first step in buying a designer suit is knowing what to look for. As a rule, designer suits are both more stylish and better put together than less expensive options. Designer suits are also likely to outlast less expensive suits, increasing their value as investments as well as garments. It is not just about style, either. Many wearers also find that designer suits are more comfortable than suits bought straight off the rack. This means that not only will the suit look better on the wearer, but in many cases a person wearing a designer suit will feel better about themselves, hence they will project more confidence than might otherwise be the case. For many men, buying a designer suit that fits their body type can be the first step on the road to success. A designer suit can make or break a person’s overall personality, and what other people feel that they are trying to say.

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