Your Guide to Buying a Divan on eBay

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Sometimes, the only thing that stands between you and success is a good night’s sleep. Sleeping on a good quality bed is one of the best ways to be sure to get the best rest possible. Of course, that means choosing a good quality mattress and the right base to put it on as well.

There are many reasons one may decide to choose a certain style of bed from the many available. When it comes time to decide, many people choose a divan because of the the built-in storage. The divan is also popular because its casters make it easy to move it around a room; this is something that can be quite difficult with other beds. However, the biggest reasons that people choose a divan are because they are typically more comfortable than other options, and because the support that it provides the mattress can help to extend its life, ensuring that the bed provides a quality night’s sleep for many years to come.

There are several different types of divans to choose from, and eBay sellers list a variety of each. Finding one is not difficult for the buyer that understands the available options and conducts an efficient, targeted search.

Choosing a Divan on eBay

eBay product listings include a wide variety of divans. Manufacturers even list a selection of their divans for auction at bargain prices on eBay. A bed can be an expensive investment, and perhaps it should be, as the average person spends up to a third of their time in bed. Saving money on the new divan not only means there is extra money in your wallet after the whole endeavor, it also allows the wise consumer to put more money towards a higher quality mattress. Higher quality is sure to mean a better night’s sleep, which clearly makes finding ways to save and select quality very important.

Thankfully, when it comes to a divan, good quality does not necessarily mean that it must be purchased new. Manufacturers and furniture companies are not the only sellers who list divans on eBay. Many private sellers list their new or pre-owned divans there also, and these listings offer even more ways to save. A pre-owned divan is often just as good as a brand new one, especially if it was built by a quality furniture manufacturer. Buying used is not only a sound choice for your wallet, it is also an ecologically wise choice as well.

Searching for a Divan on eBay

It is not hard to find a good quality divan on eBay. Simply input "divan" into eBay’s search box and browse through a large number of listings. Choosing among the options listed, including new or used, can help to narrow the search some.

Not every divan is alike; there are many types and options available to choose from. A good plan to follow is to consider all the options and then decide on a type, size, and model that will provide the most comfort and value. Then it is time to turn to eBay to find the exact one.

The Different Types of Divans

Take the time to learn and understand the different types of divans and what they offer to the performance of the bed. For example, the more compression that the mattress springs receive over time, the quicker they wear down and begin to lose their springiness. Many divans are designed to minimize this effect, and certain types do that better than others. Generally speaking, a divan that protects the wear of the mattress is also more comfortable to sleep in, unless the owner prefers a firm bed.

Sprung Edge Divan

Speaking of comfort, many people desire a sprung edge divan for the luxurious comfort that it provides. Unlike other types, the sprung edge has no hard edges encasing the spring unit. Instead, it has either open coil or pocket springs that are attached to the base and that cover the entire surface. This construction makes this particular divan extremely comfortable. It also means that every part of the mattress is evenly supported. This is significant, not only because every part of the bed is equally comfortable, but also because the mattress receives less stress and therefore will endure longer. Some sprung edge divans provide more firmness than others, so the consumer who prefers a firm bed can still consider this type. Silentnight is one of several reputable manufacturers whose sprung edge divans are sold on eBay.

Firm Edge Divan

A firm edge divan has a wooden frame surrounding the spring base, which provides added strength and keeps the springs in place. However, this construction reduces the comfort felt across the entire mattress. The solid edge of the divan does help to keep the mattress in place and it is also a good support platform for a quality mattress, as it protects against too much stress.

Some divans are two piece units with a divide down the middle. That split can be a major discomfort as this edge can sometimes be felt by the user, despite the fact that it is under the mattress. Because the mattress is so thick, however, it is possible that people may never even notice this extra firm support down the middle.

While this type of divan does support the mattress across most of its surface, it can also be damaging to the middle springs. Also, the firm edge divan is typically heavier than other versions and much harder to move around. Because of these issues, it is easy to see why there are not as many of these types of divans on the market.

Platform Top

A platform top divan is a great option for those who prefer a firmer bed. As the name indicates, it has a solid top with springs underneath of the surface. Orthopedic beds often use this type of a divan because of the increased support. The platform top not only supports the body while sleeping but it can also be a little easier to get out of, and people who have mobility issues may benefit from this type of divan.

The platform top divan is not the best choice for those interested in extending the life of the mattress. The platform does not absorb any impact that the mattress receives, so the mattress springs tend to wear down quicker with this type of divan. Most manufactures account for this in the construction of the mattress intended to be used on a firm platform divan.

Linked Divans

For larger beds, and those occupied by two people, it is possible to use two different types of divans and link them. This can provide each person with their individual comfort preference. The dimensions need to match, and there may be a noticeable change in firmness along the center of the bed, but most mattresses will be able to minimize this effect. Another bonus of the linked divans is that it the movements on one side of the bed do not travel to the other side very much, and one partner’s tossing and turning does not have to disturb the other one.

The Different Sizes of Divans

The dimensions of an individual divan typically match those of the mattress they are intended to support. Large beds, however, utilize two divans joined together to support the mattress, and this allows the unit to fit through the same entry as the mattress. Although they are reasonably lightweight, a divan can be a large, cumbersome piece of furniture. Splitting it in two makes it much easier to handle.

Each one of these double units may have its own set of storage compartments underneath, and these can be accessed from either side of the bed. This may be a bonus for some people, as many of the smaller divans only have drawers that open on one side. The split down the middle of the bed can be an uncomfortable spot, but the mattress generally tends to compensate well for this effect. The following chart shows not only the different size beds, but also whether that particular size divan is typically sold as two separate units or one. When considering purchasing a divan on eBay, compromising on size may be a way to save in shipping costs.

Bed Size


Requires Two Divans

Small Single

75 x 190 cm



90 x 190 cm


Small Double

120 x 190 cm

 Many Do


135 x 190 cm

Many Do


150 x 200 cm


Super King-size

180 x 200 cm


There are variations in bed sizes, but the above listed are the standard measurements most commonly used.

Storage Options

Many manufacturers have wisely taken advantage of this extra space underneath the bed with the addition of large drawers, sliding cabinets, and other storage options. This space can be used to store bed linens, out of season clothes, and even toys in a child’s room. For some people, especially those in a smaller apartment or home, this is actually one of the main reasons for choosing a divan over other bed options.

Not all divans come with these useful under bed storage options standard. When searching for divans listed on eBay, try a search for "divan" together with "storage" and be sure to indicate that you want to search through the description also. In order to find the exact divan that you desire, it may be necessary to use the advance search, where you can include even more options in the search terms.

Buying a Divan on eBay

With so many different divans listed on eBay, it is quite easy to find the exact type you want; one that provides just the right comfort levels and includes the desired storage options. It is also easy to find what you are looking for a great value. 

It is possible to find a divan bed listed as a complete unit, and this may provide an even greater bargain by combining the mattress and the platform in one sale and hopefully lowing shipping costs. For example, some divans come with headboards that attach to them; check the listing closely to see if it includes a headboard. In fact, it may be possible to purchase the whole bedroom set, including dressers, wardrobes, and even night stands, from the same seller. This is a great find as it serves to lower the total shipping cost even further.


A divan is a great style of bed that offers built-in storage options and differing comfort levels, and there is one suitable for each person's preference. Buying a divan on an auction typically means saving money, and saving money is something everyone can get excited about. eBay sellers list many different types of divans, with a variety of different options included in each one.

An understanding of the different types of divans that are available, and the unique features offered for each one, helps the consumer know how each one affects the comfort of the bed as well as the durability of the mattress. This knowledge also makes it easier to narrow down the search and identify a divan that suits the buyers needs. Once a certain type has been chosen, the final decisions about price, size, and storage options are all that stand in the way of finding just the right one to bid on. Buyers that keep all of these factors in mind are well equipped to make a successful purchase and get a good night’s sleep, which is the best way to help ensure success in life.

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