Your Guide to Buying a Feather Boa

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Your Guide to Buying a Feather Boa

Draping yourself in a feather boa often provides the perfect accessory for a festive party or costume. These soft, feather garlands come in many shapes and forms, but those looking for the perfect feather boa need only understand a little about the feathers, thickness, and colours available for these products.


Types of Feathers

The trends of the 17th Century included the introduction of feather boas constructed from ostrich, chandelle, turkey, and marabou feathers, and the subsequent Victorian and Edwardian eras embraced these accessories as a sultry fashion staple. Ostrich feathers appear large, long, and delicate, while turkey features maintain a dense, pillow-like softness that lies flatter than the other styles. Chandelle features, however, appear cloud-like with their fluffiness, and extend somewhere between the ostrich and turkey feathers in length. Marabou feathers shoot short and soft off a feather boa's centre line. Today, shoppers can find feather boas made of the same organic options as used in original boas, but synthetic adaptations are more common and generally less expensive. The market has also expanded to include more exotic plumes like those of the peacock.


Feather Boa Thickness

A feather boa's thickness impacts the overall effect of the accessory on an ensemble. Thicker boas typically convey something romantic about the wearer, while thinner options work well for communicating a laid back, good time. Thicker feather boas, like those made from turkey feathers, are also likely to weigh more than the other options. Ostrich-feathered pieces, for example, typically do not need as many plumes to appear full because of their size, and may rest lighter on weary shoulders throughout an evening. Thinner Marabou boas, however, are normally the lightest option, making them great for children. These might only measure just above an inch in width by themselves. Some adults may prefer multiple mini boas that intertwine into a mixture of colour and textures when worn together. Sellers usually provide several weight and thickness options from which customers may choose.


Colours to Choose From

When designing these accessories, manufacturers produce a wide variety of colours and designs. Some products simply contain one, bold colour, like red, pink, purple, or the classic black boa, while others feature tipped plumes with many hues. Many enjoy boas that feature metallic accents scattered amongst the feathers as well as different colours of feathers dispersed throughout the garland. The wide variety of available products should allow most shoppers to find a feather boa that matches their taste and personality as well as the occasions where it might make an appearance.

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