Your Guide to Buying a Film Processing Kit

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Your Guide to Buying a Film Processing Kit

In the modern world, people have progressed from analogue technologies to digital ones. A good example would be photography, though some people still use film technology, whether to achieve a certain look and feel or for sentimental reasons. Since there are very few facilities that develop film, people who want to shoot in film should consider buying their own film processing kit. By doing the necessary research, buyers can find the right one that best suits their needs.


Determine the Budget

There are many types of film processing equipment and kits available in the market, but one thing that can help a buyer determine which one to purchase would be to set a budget. There are complete kits that come with all the gear and necessities. Others are very basic and may only come with the necessary chemicals. By setting a budget, buyers can narrow down their choices.


Choose the Right Type of Kit for the Film

Certain types of chemicals are necessary to turn film reels into photographs. The main thing buyers need to determine before purchasing a film developing kit is what type of film they want to process, black and white or colour. Most people think that they can use colour film with black and white film developing chemicals, but that is not true. Mixing film with the wrong chemicals can destroy it, so buyers should only use black and white film developer for black and white film and colour developer for colour film.


Check The Kit's Contents

Most film processing kits come only with the needed chemicals. The three main chemicals are the developer, which can be for black and white or colour film, a stop bath that halts the chemical process of the developer, and a fixer, which dissolves the silver halide crystals to leave behind silver metals to help create the image. The process for black and white and colour film is very similar, but very different reactions occur. The chemicals in the colour developer have additional components called couplers, which create the different hues in the image. This is why it is necessary that the buyer use the right type of kit for the right type of film.


Purchase The Right Gear

Most film processing kits come only with film developing chemicals to process film. After checking what comes with the kit, buyers should also check what's not included and what they don't have. Advanced users and professionals may already have everything they need to develop the film, but beginners might need a separate darkroom kit, developing tank, a film scanner and other small items like thermometers, tubs, and daylight changing bags.

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