Your Guide to Buying a Flange Tool

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Your Guide to Buying a Flange Tool

A flanging tool can provide much needed assistance for anyone who needs to repair sheet metal or auto body. In general, these tools are fairly inexpensive. The quality and application of these tools can vary to some extent, so it is helpful to consider the various types of flange tools available.


Air Powered Flange Tools

Air powered flange tools are recommended for more heavy duty tasks. Some of these flange tools require varying amounts of air, so make sure you have the equipment necessary to power them. Thankfully, these relatively small machines do not require a great deal of power, so you do not need a massive air compressor in order to use them. Read the statistics for each tool before making any buying decisions.


Conventional Flangers

These flangers are very simple in design. They fit in the hand, and the user grips and moves the stainless steel flanger handle according to the repairs that need to be made on a piece of metal or a body panel. Most of these tools contain an adjustable spring that allows you to apply varying amounts of pressure. Even if you are not planning on doing any specific flanging work, these tools can also unscrew nuts and bolts when you are in a bind, which makes them an excellent addition to anyone's toolbox.


Punch and Flange Tools

Punch and flange tools combine aspects of both a punching and flanging tool, making them great for any repairs that involve welding. The flange tool assists you in shaping sheet metal to the desirable dimensions while the punch part of the tool allows you to quickly make holes in the piece of metal that you are planning to weld. The act of punching numerous holes in the metal makes short work of welding, considering all you have to do is fill them in. Fill the holes on the top, bottom, left, and right side in that order, and then fill the rest however you like.


Additional Factors to Consider

Remember that there are plenty of ways to repair metal. If you are planning on using an air powered flange tool on a regular basis, then make sure you have a suitable air compressor system. Just to be safe, look at the recommended statistics associated with the air flanger you wish to purchase and aim for a compressor that is at least slightly more powerful.

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