Your Guide to Buying a Ghost Dress

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Your Guide to Buying a Ghost Dress

Ghost London offers stylish modern clothing for women of all ages. Buying a Ghost designer dress means choosing a fit, style, and material. Make sure you look for a Ghost dress suitable for the occasion. If you are not quite sure what you need, then it is important to consider your needs, sizing, and the style of the dress before you go to buy one.


Size and Fit of the Ghost Dress

The size and fit of the dress is the most important thing to consider, no matter which type of dress you want. Ghost sells dresses in petite, XS, S, M, L, and XL sizes. The exact measurements of each size do vary from style to style, although the most important fit is in the waist and the hips. Try taking your measurements and comparing them to the specific dress, especially if you are buying a used or vintage Ghost dress.


Type of Ghost Dress

Ghost sells several different types of dresses including formal, bridal, casual, and summer dresses. Summer dresses include fashionable and chic wrap, sundresses, maxi dresses, and tunic dresses. Ghost formal dresses include a range of evening dresses, which are mostly maxi and floor length, as well as a few short but elegant styles.


Material of the Ghost Dress

Ghost is popular for using a variety of materials including velvets, silks, satins, and casual materials like knits, wool, twill, cotton, and chiffon. You can choose a material for the dress based on the time of the year, your preference, and the occasion. For example, many fabrics such as silk and satin are usually formal, which makes them ideal for wearing to a wedding party or formal event. Chiffon and light cotton fabrics are great for summer, while heavier fabrics are better for colder weather.


Wedding Party Dresses from Ghost

Ghost sells a number of formal wedding party dresses. If you are looking for such dresses, then it is especially important to follow the sizing chart and make sure the dress fits perfectly. Ghost sells mostly modern style dresses with straight rather than flared skirts, in different materials including silk, velvet, and satin.

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