Your Guide to Buying a Handheld Camping Torch on eBay

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Your Guide to Buying a Handheld Camping Torch on eBay

Whether camping in a campsite or out in the wilderness far away from civilisation, a handheld torch is always helpful for lighting everything from cooking to reading to when hammering in that last tent peg.

With this guide, buyers will be able to identify the kind of handheld camping torch perfect for them, as well as how to go about purchasing one on eBay.

Type of Torch

When looking for handheld camping torches, the buyer should consider the type of torch they would prefer, with each having their own advantages and disadvantages. The main types of handheld camping torches are:






A torch built solely for handheld use, flashlights come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Small and easily transportable, flashlights can easily fit into bags and pockets.

The power consumption from flashlights is not high, due to the small size of bulbs.

Due to their smaller size, the illumination from flashlights will not be quite as strong.


A much bigger torch in the style of an enlarged flashlight, these are often used at worksites due to the very large bulb and illumination strength.

The bulb is very large, and provides a large amount of light.

The design of the bulb – often now made from LEDs – gives a very clear, white light.

Due to their size, these spotlight torches can be extremely heavy.

The large bulb size means that these torches consume a much higher amount of power than other torches.


Usually designed to be flat with a hook at one end, these hanging torches can be used to light an area by hand and then hung up to free the hands of the user.

Their small size makes them easily transportable.

The flat hanging torches provide a narrow strip of white, clear light best used to read.

The small size of their illumination means they are not quite as good for lighting a large area like a spotlight.

The narrowness of the beam size might make their use too specific to be helpful for many buyers.

When buying a handheld camping torch, the buyer should consider which type of torch would best suit them and the kind of use they will be putting it to. Flashlights are perfect for lighting small areas, however if the buyer needs to light a large area they should look into buying a spotlight.

Bulb Type

When choosing a handheld camping torch, the buyer may wish to choose the torch by the type of the bulb it will use, as they vary in terms of strength, power consumption and lifespan. The main types of bulb used in torches are:


Incandescent refers to the types of bulb that use a filament to provide illumination, and are filled with gas such as halogen and xenon. These bulbs provide a large amount of bright, white light and are quite easy and inexpensive to replace, however they can grow very hot quite quickly, and their manufacturing process involves toxic chemicals such as mercury which may disagree with some environmentally-conscious buyers.


LED lights are most familiar to us as modern flashing Christmas lights, but they are becoming more and more commonly available as household and flashlight bulbs. LED torches have a much longer lifespan and consume much less power than incandescent bulbs, and do not grow hot. They do, however, cost more than incandescent bulbs and do not produce the same amount of light individually.

Power Source

There are many different ways of powering a camping torch, which vary in terms of convenience and cost. The main types of power source are:





Battery torches are generally powered by AA or AAA batteries, though some are powered by larger C or even D size batteries.

Low initial cost.

Batteries are an easy thing to replace when the current ones run out of power.

Batteries can be put in a new torch and begin working instantly, unlike wind up or rechargeable torches.

The upkeep cost of battery-powered torches is higher than others, due to the replacement batteries needing to be bought.

The battery pack in a torch – particular if powered by large cell batteries – can make the torch unbalanced and heavy to use.

Wind Up

These torches can be powered by a wind-up crack that often slots back into the handle of the torch.

These torches are essentially rechargeable by hand, which saves the buyer the cost of batteries.

Torches can be recharged on the move if the light starts to fade, unlike with rechargeable torches that require a power source.

Before first use, the torch must be wound up – preventing instant use when bought.

Wind Up torches often do not give off as powerful a light as other torches, and may fade quickly if not fully charged up.


Rechargeable torches contain a battery pack that can be charged by attaching it to a power outlet.                    

Rechargeable power is a quick and easy way to charge a torch, unlike the effort a wind up torch requires.

The only upkeep cost is the price of electricity, as no spare batteries are required.

Rechargeable torches need to be charged from a power outlet, which may be difficult if there is no nearby power source.

Rechargeable torches tend to have a higher initial buying price, due to the cost of the rechargeable pack.

The ideal kind of torch for the buyer depends entirely on the buyer’s personal preference, the type of trip they will be taking, and where they will be going. If the buyer is going to be in an organised campsite, or taking their car, then rechargeable would likely be their best option as there will be a constant nearby source of electricity. However, if they are going to be far away from any civilisation it will likely be better for them to take a wind up torch or a battery-powered torch with spare batteries.

Buyers should also bear in mind that certain kinds of torches use certain kinds of power types, for example, most spotlight torches use a rechargeable battery, as otherwise the energy consumption would be hard to stay on top of.

Buying Considerations

Apart from facts such as power source, type and bulb, the buyer should consider the other factors that will affect their choice of handheld camping torch, such as:

  • Weight – the weight of the torch will be particularly important when considering handheld items, as it will affect how long torches can be handheld for. In particular the buyer should keep this is mind if buying a spotlight torch, which can be very heavy and not suited for being carried around.
  • Convenience – for some buyers it may be important that the handheld torch be as versatile as possible, and can, for example, be switched between handheld and freestanding like spotlight and hanging torches. For others, it may be important that the power source be easy to charge, or able to be done whilst on the move.
  • Bulb Power – The strength of the light the bulb gives may be a deciding factor for some buyers, as they may need a strong bulb to give the proper amounts of illumination. However, buyers should keep in mind that a particularly strong or large bulb will consume more power and require more frequent battery changes/charging.


Camping requires a great deal of planning and a lot of equipment, and a handheld camping torch is just part of all the items the buyer will need. With this guide, buyers will not only be able to see the massive variety and combination of types, power sources and bulbs of torches, but also the factors they should consider whilst choosing.

When searching for handheld camping torches on eBay, buyers should bear in mind the added benefits of purchasing items using PayPal, eBay’s preferred way to pay with additional eBay Buyer Protection.

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