Your Guide to Buying a Left Handed Bass Guitar

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Your Guide to Buying a Left Handed Bass Guitar

Guitarists feel most comfortable when they can hold the instrument and play the strings with their dominant hand. Playing a bass guitar that is specifically made for left-handed guitarists is the ideal option. You should consider the availability of left-handed bass guitars and popular brands before making a purchase.


Bass Guitars for Left-Handers

Some left-handed musicians flip right-handed guitars and play with the strings reversed, whereas others restring the instrument. However, both of these options leave important features, such as the bridge, pickups, cable jack, controls, and even the strap, in the wrong place. This is why specialist left-handed bass guitars are a wise purchase.


Availability of Left-Handed Bass Guitars

In a right-handed world, left-handers make up only about 15 percent of the population. There are increasing numbers of left-handed equipment that are easier to use, including scissors, golf clubs, and bass guitars. However, because of their smaller manufacturing volumes, these left-handed items are often more expensive than right-handed versions. Bricks and mortar music shops may not keep left-handed guitars in stock, so buying an instrument online is often the best option.


Finding a Left-Handed Bass Guitar

Many manufacturers make left-handed models of bass guitars, including Gibson, Fender, Squier, Musicman, and Ibanez. There are other manufacturers that make customised models, including Clover, Crafter, Mike Lull, and Michael Tobias. When buying an instrument, decide whether you want a left-handed acoustic or electric bass guitar. Then check that it is specifically a left-handed instrument and not a right-handed version that has been reversed. If buying an expensive branded bass guitar in a used condition, check whether the previous owner made any changes to the model, and whether they are reversible. The body and neck of the instrument should be in good condition, with no significant wear and tear, and all of the cables and accessories should be included for electric instruments.

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