Your Guide to Buying a Mercedes C-Class Car

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Your Guide to Buying a Mercedes C-Class Car

The name Mercedes conjures up visions of sleek, shiny, luxury cars, and the three-pointed star logo of this much-loved brand is immediately recognisable worldwide. True to its name, the Mercedes C-Class is an executive car par excellence. The Mercedes C-Class, introduced in the year 1993, was affectionately called 'Baby Benz' and sold as entry level sport and luxury sedans or saloons and station wagons. These cars were also called estates and later were known as hatchbacks. The C-Class was the smallest car in the company's line-up until 1997, when the smaller A-Class was introduced.

Three generations of Mercedes C-Class cars have been introduced, namely, the first-generation C-Class (W202 series) sedans, the second-generation hatchbacks and coupes (W203 series) that made their debut in 2000, and the third-generation (W204 series) in 2007. Understanding the various Mercedes C-Class models through the decades helps one get a sense of which cars are sought after even today. For people looking to buy a C-Class car, it is important to learn what the special features of the various models are and how to select the right model. A look at the numerous Mercedes C-Class models sold gives consumers an idea about what to look for in these cars.

A Look at Mercedes C-Class Through the Decades

Mercedes lovers recognize the core strengths of their favourite brand. The brand is known for the exhilarating performance, cutting edge safety features, and reliable solidity it provides, and many consumers go to great lengths to own these cars.

Mercedes C-Class Models W202 Series (1993 - 2000)

The first Mercedes C-Class car that debuted in 1993 was a sedan, followed by the 5-door station wagon body style, replacing the 190-Class model. People made a choice between the classic version and its variants, Espirit, Elegance, and Sport. The C-Class models offered roomier, stylish cars that had large cabins and the flamboyance of the larger E-Class Mercs.

Two four-door variants, the C220 with a 2.3L engine and C280 with a 2.8L V6 engine, were offered with a choice of inline four cylinders or six cylinders respectively. The cars had power output ranging between 148 hp to 194 hp and standard automatic transmission. The C-Class engines were offered in petrol and diesel versions with four-valve diesel engines, followed by the first-ever turbo diesel passenger car. The models had abundant safety features, such as dual-side airbags for driver and co-passenger, stability control, fog lights, and emergency brake assist. As the engines were bettered over the years from a 2.2-litre engine to one with 2.3 litres and finally the 2.3 litre supercharged engine, the performance of the C-Class enhanced as well.

The year 1995 also saw the release of the hot-rod AMG cars, starting with the dynamic C36 AMG, following a deal signed between Mercedes Benz and AMG.The deal allowed AMG access to Mercedes Benz's worldwide dealership networks to sell AMG cars and the C36 AMG, made more desirable because of limited production was a thumping success. Production of C36 ceased in 1998, but Mercedes Benz acquired 51 percent of the shares in AMG and became the controlling partner.

The larger station wagon, the S202 or the T-Model, introduced in the year 1996, had exterior and interior styling and features similar to the four-door sedan. However, it was an extended version with a large boot. This model was short-lived, and production ceased within a year of its launch.

In 1997, Mercedes Benz introduced the Common-rail Direct Injection or CDI diesel engine.

The C43 AMG, with a 4.3-litre V8 engine pumping out 302 hp with the automatic transmission, delivered serious high-power performance. This car, introduced in 1998, was completely assembled at the AMG plant and offered in estate and saloon versions.

Second-Generation Mercedes C-Class Cars W203 Series (2000 - 2006)

The W203 series offered cars that were sportier than its predecessors, and it included saloons, estates, hatchbacks, and coupes with 3, 4, and 5 doors in the range. Of the variants, 10 had engine options ranging from 1.8 litres to 5.5 litres, with 113 hp to 362 hp at 16, 18, 20, and 24 volts. Five- and seven-speed automatic transmissions and the new six-speed Sequentronic manual transmission were the options on these variants.

In October 2000, Mercedes Benz introduced the coupe, labelling it the C-Class SportCoupe with the model designation CL203. In the following year in 2001, the station wagon S203 came along.

AMG models offered during this period were mostly the C32 and C55 AMG saloons and limited production of each of the C32 and C55 AMG estates or station wagons. The C32 AMG SportCoupe was custom made on request.

Third-Generation Mercedes C-Class Model W204 Series (2007 - Present)

The series W204 debuted in the year 2007 with a tougher bodyshell, extended wheelbase, and new design inspired by the S-Class and CLS-Class cars. The models were four-door sedans, five-door estates, and hatchbacks categorised in four trim levels as AMG, Avantgarde, Classic, and luxury-biased Elegance.

Six engine options are available, from 1.8 litres to 6.2 litres and providing 134 hp to 451 hp at 16 to 32 volts. Petrol and diesel versions with rear wheel and all wheel drives are other options. Five-speed and seven-speed automatic transmission and six-speed manual transmission, S4, V6, V8, and inline 4-cylinder are the other technical features of the W204 series cars.

The sporty C63 AMG is another model derived from the improved chassis of the W204 series. At its core is the 6.2 litre DOHC 32-valve V8 engine used in various other AMG models. Cranking out 457 hp at 6800 rpm, the C63 AMG has a massive maximum torque of 61.2 kg/m at 5000 rpm. Powerful and precise brakes, impressive curving at corners, strong engines, and grippy tyres make the C63 a highly desirable car.

The 2011 Mid-Cycle Facelift for the C-Class

Restyled headlights, hood, and the front bumper, tail lights with horizontal LED strips, prominent grille, all-aluminium bonnet, alloy wheels, and over 2000 new parts altered the appearance of the 2011 C-Class, giving it an aggressive look. The interior was fully revamped with a smart, stylish dashboard and steering wheel. The high-definition navigation screen integrated into the dashboard with onboard Internet is a welcome change, and there is greater emphasis on green, earth-friendly features, with CO2 emissions down to 117 g/km. Mercedes has fuel-efficient C-Class cars using their clever BlueEFFICIENCY technology, and these include the C180 Kompressor, C350 CGI, and C200 CDI.

The C-Class has seven-speed, 7G-Tronic automatic transmission with stop/start direct injection engines and the option to upgrade to 10 of the driver-assistance systems found on the CL, CLS, and E-class cars. All-petrol versions C180, C250, and C350 have direct injection after the facelift. Some of the specifications for the petrol and diesel models are as provided in the chart below.




Petrol, 1.8-litre four-cylinder, 154 bhp, 44 mpg, 148 g/km.


Petrol, 1.8-litre four-cylinder, 201 bhp, 44 mpg, 150 g/km.


Petrol, 3.5-lire V6, 302 bhp, 42 mpg, 159 g/km.

C200 CDI

Diesel, 2.1 four-cylinder, 134 bhp, 57 mpg, 129 g/km.

C220 CDI

Diesel, 2.1 four-cylinder, 168 bhp, 59 mpg, 125 g/km.

C250 CDI

Diesel, 2.1 four-cylinder, 201 bhp, 59 mpg, 125 g/km.

C-Class models for the year 2012-2013 have minor changes to the exterior, more colour choices, better graphics on the dashboard, and the new emergency location system, eCall.

The new trim levels for the revised C-Class Estate and Saloon include Executive SE, AMG Sport, and AMG Sport Plus. The C-Class coupe is available for AMG Sport and AMG Sport Plus.

Buying a Mercedes C-Class Car on eBay

One can find a wide range of Mercedes vehicles on eBay. Besides the third-generation C-Class models and the newer models, eBay offers the C-Class Mercedes cars from the W202 and W203 series as well. With such a wide range of models available on the website, shoppers can easily find cars that fit varied requirements and budgets.

You can begin shopping for a Mercedes C-Class car in the subcategory of 'Cars' under the main category of 'Cars, Motorcycles & Vehicles'. You can find an alphabetically-arranged list of car makes that includes 'Mercedes Benz' and all the listings for that brand. Once there, you can select from numerous filtering options such as model, model year, car styles, fuel type, transmission, mileage, and the condition of the vehicle to arrive at the listings of the cars they are looking for. The final list shows all the models available with the chosen features, so you can select one suited to your budget. eBay offers numerous safe payment options for the shopper to complete the deal. eBay also encourages shoppers to correspond with the sellers via email to get clarifications before going ahead with the purchase of high-value items.


The Mercedes C-Class cars are compact executive cars that are available in several body styles as estates, saloons, coupes and hatchbacks. The engine range in the C-Class cars is amazing, offering a wide choice in petrol and diesel versions to combine high performance and fuel-efficient features. The BlueEFFICIENCY technology by Mercedes-Benz ensures that the cars are environment friendly as well, reducing CO2 emissions. With three generations of cars from W202 to W204 and thousands of tweaks and improvements, the C-Class cars have steadily progressed in style, functionality, and performance.

With Mercedes-Benz selling AMG cars, superior quality cars have been added to an already impressive range, delighting car enthusiasts immensely. Shoppers can find this vast repertoire of C-Class models on eBay, where top-rated sellers offer quality and reliable products at affordable prices. Great styling and build quality, solid engines, and efficient power transmission make the C-Class cars fully worth the money spent on them.

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