Your Guide to Buying a Microfibre Sofa

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Your Guide to Buying a Microfibre Sofa

Microfibre sofas have all the same design specifics as regular sofas, except for the material used in its manufacturing. The material used is made of tiny fibres, thinner than human hair that allow for easier cleaning. The fibre is entirely synthetic and was invented by a Japanese scientist who then sold on his invention to companies who felt that the material would be an ideal cover for sofas and other similar furniture.

Sofas with covers made from microfibre are widely available on auction sites like eBay, and the price at which they are available does not differ too much to the more commonly bought sofas that are made from other materials.

This guide is written with the intention of helping potential microfibre sofa buyers through the various options available to them, as well as aiding with the purchase of a microfibre sofa. 

Types of Microfibre Sofa

There are many different types of sofa available that use a microfibre covering and are commonly sold because of its advantages. The choice of sofas available for purchase that use this material is extensive. Below are the main types of sofa that use microfibre and can be bought from sites such as eBay:

Type of Sofa


Chesterfield Sofa

Chesterfield sofas have high raised arms and intentionally designed bumpy backs and seats. They are commonly made and upholstered with leather covers, yet are becoming more popular as microfibre sofas.

Lawson Sofa

A Lawson sofa has arms that can be either rectangular or curved, and situated quite low, almost as if they were not there. The backrest of the sofa is also low and it is of an angular design with not many smooth or rounded edges. Despite being widely made from various other materials, it is not uncommon to see them upholstered in microfibre.

Cabriole Sofa

These sofas were originally designed by those of the era of Louis XV and the various other French monarchs of this time. There are classic versions of this sofa that are considerably curvier at the arms and legs than the more modern versions that have smoother, less noticeable lines. Again, these sofas are readily available as microfibre sofas.

Knole Sofa

Knole sofas are typically English in their design, after they were originally used in the Knole house in Kent around the 1650’s. They have high arms that can traditionally be flattened as a means of elongating the sofa. Sofas of this nature also have high backrests and require the user to either lie lengthways or sit up particularly straight. These are rarely found in households as they lack a level of comfort that other sofas have, as well as being rather large in size.

Tuxedo Sofa

In terms of depth, these sofas can be very similar to loveseats. However, they are much wider and feature higher arms that may not be viewed as practical for a living room sofa. A common feature of the tuxedo sofa is that both the backrest and the arms are of the same height. Tuxedo sofas are one of the more commonly produced sofas that feature a microfibre upholstering.

English Sofa

Otherwise known as a club sofa, this sofa has legs that are on small wheels to enable to it be moved around easier and more efficiently. The arms on an English sofa are marginally curved and do not cover the full depth of the sofa, stopping short of the front. There is not a lot of depth to these sofas and they are not raised particularly high off the ground.

Camelback Sofa

The camelback sofa is not considered to have an especially deep seat. However, it is high off the ground and features high arms. The design of the backrest means that it is high but is curved going length ways along the sofa. Sofas of this nature are considered to be traditional and are often made from traditional sofa materials. Despite this, there are a number of camelback sofas available with microfibre upholstery.


Sectional sofas are a modern form of sofa. They feature a number of different components that can be altered and customised to fit different styles of room designs. They are often place in the corner of a room, and are sometimes referred to as corner sofas because of this. Some of the components that make up a sectional sofa are ottomans, recliners, chaise lounges, corner units and armless seats. The design of these sofas allows for a lot of modification and decoration and is one of the most popularly manufactured sofas to be able to purchased that is made from microfibre.

Bridgewater Sofa

Bridgewater sofas are another traditional type of sofa. They feature skirting that covers the legs and prevents any debris from rolling underneath the sofa. Sofas known by this name tend to have low arms and highly cushioned backrest.

Modern (Mid-Century)

Sofas given the tag of modern are very straight and angular in design, featuring a number of clean edges and a lack of rounded features. The arms are often fairly high in comparison to the likes of a camelback or English sofa and the legs tend to be fairly tall.

It is worth bearing in mind that some of these types of sofas may be more difficult to find with microfibre upholstery. However, there are microfibre sofa covers that are widely manufactured and available regularly on auction sites such as eBay at sensible prices.

Advantages of Microfibre Sofas

There are a number of advantages to buying a microfibre sofa over buying the other commonly used upholstery materials, such as leather, fabric and especially faux leather. Some of the advantages are listed below:

  • Colour: the nature of the synthetic fibres used in microfibre allow for the generation of richer and bolder colours. This means that a microfibre sofa can look in a much better condition than the majority of sofas made from other materials. The fact that such colours can be achieved can only benefit those who wish for their sofas to look of the highest quality.
  • Allergies: the tightness of the fibres mean that the things that cause allergies can be gotten rid of easily and effectively. Elements such as dust and animal hairs are easily removed with a vacuum cleaner.  
  • Endurance: one of the most appealing benefits of having a microfibre sofa is its durability against the natural wear and tear that occurs during the years of use that a sofa gets. Sofas made from microfibre never stretch, shrink, stiffen or sag due to its synthetic properties.
  • Stains: again, due to the fact the microfibre is entirely synthetic and made with the intention of being a high quality material, sofas that use it in their upholstery are naturally unaffected by stains.
  • Cleaning: microfibre sofas are immensely popular for their ease of cleaning. Liquids run of the fibres meaning that, as mentioned above, stains are rarely an issue. There are, however, specially designed microfibre cleaning sprays and utensils as water can occasionally leave marks on the sofa if it is left to be absorbed.

Buying a Microfibre Sofa Online           

Many online furniture retailers provide blog posts on a number of different topic concerning sofas. There are also FAQ s (Frequently Asked Questions) sections on websites of the same ilk that concern themselves with the best kind of sofa to purchase. Use the online resources as a means of gaining an understanding of the best type of microfibre sofa to purchase that suits space and comfort requirements.

Furthermore, it is a good idea to look at the prices offered on these websites to comprehend the standard prices that are paid for certain types of microfibre sofas in comparison to sofas that use different upholstery materials. This can also be useful when looking on auction sites such as eBay for microfibre sofas as a means of being able to spot a cost-effective and more affordable deal than those offered on online furniture specialist retail sites.

Buying a Microfibre Sofa on eBay

eBay is home to a number of microfibre sofas that are both easy to find, as well as simple and secure to purchase. Follow these steps to see the listings for microfibre sofas:

From here, the keyword search bar and filter tabs can be used further to tailor the search to more specific requirements.

What is more, once a product is found, do not settle for it straight away based on the thumbnail image. Thoroughly read the product description and study another other images that may have been provided. Browse the seller’s previous transactions and do not hesitate to ask questions regarding any part of the sale if it is deemed necessary.

Be aware of the terms and conditions of both eBay and PayPal before making a Bid or taking advantage of the Buy It Now option.


What with there being so many advantages of microfibre upholstery on sofas, it is understandable as to why it is slowly taking over as an ever popularly purchased sofa material. Due to this, there are now a wide variety of microfibre sofas available on eBay.

Remember to look for signs of wear and tear if buying a used microfibre sofa, especially considering how well microfibre sofas deal with everyday use. Make sure that if there are signs of damage; that a price is being paid that is representative of the sofa’s condition.

By being well read on the world of microfibre sofas, one can make the most of eBay’s facilities to find the best piece of furniture that suits them.

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