Your Guide to Buying a Multi-Gym

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Your Guide to Buying a Multi-Gym

Multi-gyms are pieces of exercise equipment that allow the user to work out all the major muscle groups. Many multi-gym models available for home use require a substantial financial investment, so it is worth learning more about them before buying one. In order to find a multi-gym that will fulfil your needs, consider its size, features, and the possible workouts.


Consider the Size of a Multi-Gym

Multi-gyms take up a good deal of space. Before purchasing one, make sure you have enough room for it. Most multi-gyms take up about the same amount of space as a double bed. However, you need to be able to stand outside of this area too, so you need at least an extra metre around the multi-gym to comfortably complete all the exercises. Some multi-gyms are more compact, but they do not offer as many features as their larger counterparts.


Consider Who Will use the Multi-Gym

If more than one person is going to use the multi-gym, you should consider all of the users' needs. If one user is significantly stronger than other, the multi-gym needs a weight stack that features a low enough starting weight and a high enough maximum weight to accommodate all users. Along with the strength of the users, consider their size. The weight bench needs to be adjustable enough so that any user can sit or lay on it comfortably.


Consider What Workouts Are Possible with the Multi-Gym

When purchasing a multi-gym, think about what sorts of work-outs you want to do. While most multi-gyms allow for at least one exercise for each major muscle group, some offer a more diverse set of exercises. The same exercise may not work as well for everyone, so it is a good idea to look for a multi-gym that gives users several options for exercising each muscle group.


Safety Issues to Consider When Purchasing a Multi-Gym

A multi-gym should always be sturdy, and all of the parts that bear weight should be made of metal. It is also a good idea to find a multi-gym that has covered cables rather than bare cables, because they are less likely to break and will last longer. Finally, the weight stack should have a shroud, to keep fingers or toes from getting crushed by the weights.

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