Your Guide to Buying a Petrol Radio-Controlled Car on eBay

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  • Your Guide to Buying a Petrol Radio-Controlled Car on eBay

Radio-controlled cars have been around for many years, yet their popularity continues to grow. These cars are controlled by a transmitter and are either powered by batteries, electricity or fuel such as petrol or nitro. They can reach high speeds and have been developed over time to drive over rocks, grass and even jump over water.

One of the most common types of radio-controlled cars found on online sites like eBay is run on petrol. Petrol radio-controlled cars are powered with a combination of unleaded petrol and oil. These type of cars often come supplied with fuel mixing kits, and the petrol that is needed to power the vehicle can be purchased at any petrol station.

Some manufacturers of petrol radio-controlled cars on eBay include:

This guide will explain the origins, features, components and main advantages to petrol radio-controlled cars – to help make every purchasing decision easier and more informed. Everything that is required to create and maintain a petrol radio-controlled car is available on eBay.

Origins of Petrol Radio-Controlled Cars

Radio-controlled cars have been around since the 1960s, with some of the first manufacturers being Italian and British. Petrol radio-controlled cars are, however, a more recent invention.

  • 1960s
  • Small engines
  • 1/8th scale

The trend of radio-controlled cars began in the 1960s. The first cars that appeared were much smaller than the ones around today. They were cast in 1/8 scale. Some high-profile manufacturers of radio-controlled cars during this decade included Model Car Enterprises and Dynamic Models.

  • 1970s
  • Electric radio-controlled cars
  • More demand

Since the 1960s, interest in radio-controlled cars had significantly increased. As a result, many more cars were being invented. The small scale of the 1960 cars had increased in size during the 1970s, and so had their engines. Electric Radio-Controlled Cars were being developed.

  • 1980s and 1990s
  • Technology getting better
  • Fuel-powered radio-controlled cars

In the 1980s and 1990s, radio-controlled cars were created with bigger engines and as a result they could reach much higher speeds than before. Some models reached a peak of 70mph in races. Gas-Powered Radio-Controlled Cars were an attractive alternative to electric models because of their speed and power.

In today’s market, petrol radio-controlled cars are powered with unleaded petrol and are one of the favourite types of model cars available. They can reach high speeds, turn corners quickly and make the smoke and noise that some enthusiasts argue make the experience more authentic.

Features of Petrol Radio-Controlled Cars

Petrol radio-controlled cars seen on eBay run on fuel and re-fuel whilst moving. They operate using an internal servomechanism< for braking and moving. This means that the throttle, on the carburettor, opens up mid-movement. This results in air and fuel being taken into the engine and the car effectively re-fuelling itself when it is moving. This characteristic is what makes petrol radio-controlled cars noisy and smoky when they reach peak speeds.

eBay’s selection of petrol radio-controlled cars brake a little differently from electric-powered radio-controlled cars. The braking system is situated near the drive shaft, and when the servomechanism turns in an opposite direction to the movement of the car, it places friction on its braking system. This action means that the car can completely stop if the friction (or the turn) is great enough.

Engines in petrol radio-controlled cars are getting bigger every year. Engine sizes range from 12 – 21 cubic inches in modern models. In fact, any engine over 21 cubic inches is often prohibited in countries because of the risk to users or those watching it race on public territory. For professional racing purposes, petrol radio-controlled cars are allowed to have engines of up to 28 cubic inches. Popular sizes of racing petrol cars on eBay include:

  • 1/10th scale
  • 1/8th scale
  • 1/5th scale
  • 1/4th scale

Here are some popular engine sizes of petrol cars on eBay:

Petrol Radio-Controlled Car


AoWei 1/5th Scale 26cc Yama Petrol RC Buggy 2.4Ghz

Single cylinder, 26cc

ShengQi V2 30.5CC 1:5 Petrol RC Monster Trucks - FORD F-250 2.4Ghz

Single cylinder, 30.5cc

ShengQi V2 30.5CC 1/5th Petrol RC Monster Trucks - HUMMER 2.4Ghz

Single cylinder, 30.5cc

It used to be the case that electric-powered radio-controlled cars were more popular for enthusiasts because they were cost-effective compared to fuel-powered options.

However, petrol-powered cars are now becoming an attractive option to hobbyists and they are well within budget on eBay because of their popularity. The developments in technology, and the fact that lots of people want to control a Monster Truck petrol car that smokes and creates noise when it turns, have made petrol-powered cars one of the favourites today.

Components and Parts of Petrol Radio-Controlled Cars

Some of the petrol radio-controlled cars on eBay come with all the parts that a buyer will need, including batteries for the transmitter and fuel for the engine.

However, there are instances where cars will not come with every component. This is becoming more common as more hobbyists begin to create petrol radio-controlled cars themselves and purchase each part individually.

Specific components and parts for petrol cars include the following:




Batteries and Chargers

Keeping the engine and radio controls charged

Individual batteries and battery packs


Connecting internal parts together

Vehicle-specific bearings in different sizes

Body Shells

The aesthetics and protection of the vehicle

Full-cover body shells and individual plates

Decals< and Stickers

The aesthetics of the vehicle

Police, Ambulance, Funny, Commercial, Advertising


The running of the engine and car

Different scales and lengths of exhaust pipes


Powering the car’s movements

Fuel mixture, instructions and bottles

Gears and Gearboxes

Controls of the car

Individual gear boxes and gear sets


Night vision

Flashing, neon, luminous and day lights


Controlling the re-fuelling and braking movements

Steering Sets and individual components

Transmitters and Radio

Controls of the car

Transmitters and equipment for cars and buggies


The grip and durability of the car’s movements

Different tyre treads and dimensions

The range of components available to purchase on eBay means that anyone can construct their own petrol radio-controlled car relatively easily.

Browsing eBay and searching for individual parts and component bundles will make the process easier, as everything is located conveniently in one place. With the amount of trusted and authorised sellers online, buyers can feel confident making a purchase from the field of experts they are doing business with.

Benefits of Petrol Radio-Controlled Cars

There are many benefits to building a petrol radio-controlled car or purchasing a ready-to-run version from online sites like eBay. Compared to searching for a car in high street model shops, online shopping means it is possible to filter down results and keep search results tailored to specific needs. This makes the whole process quicker and more cost-effective. Here are some of the advantages to choosing a petrol radio-controlled car over electric cars:

  • Faster speed – petrol-powered cars can reach up to 80mph
  • Better power – petrol-powered cars can refuel whilst moving
  • Mechanisms mean that turning and braking are easier
  • Their speed makes them well-suited to outdoor, high-speed races

All of these advantages make petrol radio-controlled cars effective racing vehicles, suitable for high-speed chases, and they are fun for the whole family. Petrol radio-controlled cars can be used on rocks, grass and even over water – making them adaptable to any environment. It is, however, highly advisable to ensure that children are fully supervised by an experienced and responsible adult whilst driving a petrol radio-controlled car.

Concerns of Petrol Radio-Controlled Cars

There are a few issues with petrol radio-controlled cars that need to be considered when choosing a vehicle. These include:

  • Large petrol cars makes racing indoors difficult
  • The fumes from the vehicle can cause lots of smoke and pollution
  • Amateurs need to get used to controlling high-speed petrol cars
  • Petrol cars are not suitable for small children

Like any radio-controlled car, petrol cars do come with their considerations, but with a bit of practice and plenty of room outside, there should be no issue with racing petrol radio-controlled cars against other vehicles. Their high speed and fuel emissions – seen by some as a disadvantage – can be seen as an advantage because it means that they are effective at competing well in complex races.

How to Buy Petrol Radio-Controlled Cars on eBay

The easiest way to purchase a radio-controlled petrol car is to do so using an online site like eBay. This is because, unlike high street stores, the experience is less time-consuming, to-the-door delivery is quick and it is possible to ask questions to the sellers about items that are of interest.

The first step to finding the right petrol radio-controlled car is to type Petrol Radio-controlled cars into eBay. This will produce a list of models, makes and manufactured petrol cars. From here, buyers can narrow down the search by using the filters, and select a specific model that is of interest.

For example, if the user wanted to browse Kyosho petrol radio-controlled cars, clicking on the sub-category Kyosho (in the left hand side of the screen) will produce all listings under that particular manufacturer, whilst filtering out others.

It is also possible to select Parts and Accessories, Condition, vehicle type, brand, model, scale and seller.


Petrol Radio-Controlled Cars are an attractive option for anyone looking to improve their ability to control high-speed vehicles and compete in professional races.

By taking time to look at what eBay has to offer, and asking questions to specialised expert sellers about specific models, it has never been easier to choose specific parts, models and even complete kits of petrol radio-controlled cars.

Purchasing from local sellers enables the buyer to inspect the item or car before committing to a purchase. Authorised, global sellers enable the buyer to choose highly specialised models that might not normally be found locally. Free shipping on many items makes the purchase cost-effective and well within budget. The range of bundles, offers and choice on eBay makes the whole purchasing process a lot easier.

Editorial note: This article was flagged by Copyscape but on further investigation the similarities to other pages were in fact product names and therefore cannot be altered.
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