Your Guide to Buying a Polo T-shirt for Men

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Your Guide to Buying a Polo T-shirt for Men

The polo shirt is a men's basic garment, good for almost any situation, and appropriate for wearing in a casual work environment. Men's polo shirts come in several styles, with different types of collars, different numbers of buttons, and in different materials, so you can choose an option that suits the occasion and your personal style. Deciding which polo T-shirt you need in advance of shopping allows you to easily find and buy the best option for your needs.


Polo T-Shirt Sizing

You can usually choose your standard T-shirt size for a polo shirt, because like T-shirts, polos fit based on the shoulder measurements. Most are also stretchy, which makes them ideal if you are in between sizes. Generally, polo shirts are loose but not baggy, although you can also choose a slim fit polo if you want a tighter fit. Either choose a polo based on your normal shirt size, or measure your shoulders and chest, compare them with the manufacturer's sizing chart, and choose accordingly.


Polo T-Shirt Features

Polo shirts feature a lot of different design variations and details. For example, long-sleeved polo shirts, polo shirts with pockets, shirts with one or three buttons, and shirts with rollable cuffs are all options. Choosing a polo style comes down to personal preferences, but if you need the polo for work, then there may be guidelines for you to follow. A short-sleeved polo shirt with one pocket on the left breast and three buttons on the collar is the classic option, as seen on Lacoste polo shirts.


Buying a Custom Polo T-Shirt

If you need polo T-shirts personalised with a company's logo or with an image, look for custom polo shirts. Custom or embroidered polo shirts are slightly more expensive than plain options, but do feature the logo, slogan, or design that you choose.


Polo T-Shirt Colour and Style

If you are wearing the polo to work, consider which colours are suitable for the office's dress code, and choose a polo shirt accordingly. In general, muted colours such as black, white, grey, and light blue are suitable for a work environment. However, if you are wearing the polo for fashion, then you can choose any polo in your favourite colours. Finally, consider that some brands, such as Ralph Lauren, Fred Perry, and Lacoste, are also more stylish and expensive, while brands such as Fruit of the Loom are more affordable.

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