Your Guide to Buying a Razor Comb on eBay

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Your Guide to Buying a Razor Comb on eBay

eBay is a great place to buy a razor comb, offering a range of colourful and unique designs. Frequent visits to the hairdresser’s can quickly become expensive, and the razor comb can be a convenient solution. Simply a comb with an attached razor blade, the razor comb on eBay is affordable, allowing one to trim split ends and add texture to a hair style without causing you to spend your time and money travelling to the hairdresser’s.

Easy to use, often by sliding it through wet hair, the razor comb removes the excess bulk of hair in a few small strokes. This guide will explain the best ways to search for the ideal razor comb and how to buy one safely and securely on eBay.

Types of Razor Blades

Although a simple item, eBay offers a variety of razor combs. Below is a chart outlining the main types, explaining their function and their suitability for different requirements:




Open Razor Comb

The open comb is designed for thicker hair, with an open blade enabling it to cut through and shape. This comb styles and cuts freely, allowing the user to remove excess hair and add texture. As opposed to the closed comb, the open comb encourages a choppier, chunkier layered look to a style.

Closed Razor Comb

The closed comb, or safety comb, more suitable for thinner hair, cuts and shapes a less heavy style.  The closed comb prevents the user from thinning out and removing too much hair. This comb gives the user the opportunity to create a less choppy style, with soft textures and a gentler look.

Feathering Razor Comb

The feathering comb adds texture to a layered look, softening and shaping. This feathering effect has a gentle and unique look. Feathering can add a soft touch to choppier layers, or create an entirely soft, feathered style altogether.

Thinning Razor Comb

The thinning comb removes weight from thick layers, reshaping the style. It creates a refreshing and neat look as it thins out the style. Thinning of the hair can be used in any one part of the hairstyle, such as the fringe or a few small layers. Alternatively, one might wish to thin down thick locks in order to create a tidier, more controlled look.

Characteristics of a Razor Comb

The variety of razor combs found on eBay consists of characteristics that are convenient for their use.

  • Shape: the razor comb has a smooth easy-to-use shape with handle. In some cases the comb has a double use, with the handle acting also as a regular comb to assist with shaping and combing hair in to place. eBay also displays razor combs that have a cover for the comb when not in use; this may be particularly suitable for customers who wish to travel with their razor comb for example.
  • Colour:from pinks to blues and reds, eBay offers a terrific variety of razor comb colours, so all you need to do is choose your favourite. With some razor combs offering an easy blade change system, one could even keep several differently coloured combs to choose from.
  • Material:most commonly made from plastic, razor combs are light and easy to clean with a sometimes-removable stainless-steel razor blade; other razor combs can be entirely made from metal. Some razor combs are made with a metal guard over the razor, which enables the user to accomplish a more precise cut.
  • Maintenance: to keep the razor comb clean, simply rinse or soak briefly after use, removing any leftover hair. Razor combs sometimes have removable blades controlled by a small switch on the comb making it easy to clean and replace them.
  • Size: with a double comb reaching up to 21cm long, razor comb sizes can vary. Choose the size which is convenient; the average width of a razor comb is round 3.5cm making it portable and easy to use.

What to Consider When Buying a Razor Comb

The following section will outline the main buying considerations for a razor comb:

  • How often will the razor comb be used? If it will be used regularly, then a comb with a replaceable razor might be beneficial. Alternatively, perhaps combs with a razor each side may be the most appropriate.
  • How big does the razor comb need to be? Does it need to be portable or fit in to a small bag? Consider the convenience of difference sizes of razor comb offered by eBay. Scrolling to the bottom of the product page allows the buyer to learn of details about the item such as measurements.
  • What should the razor comb be made from? Plastic is a lighter, more affordable option. However, detachable parts can sometimes be added to a metal comb. Razor combs are made from different materials in order to suit the needs of the buyer; think about where the razor comb will be used and what you want from it.
  • How many combs does the item need to have? Consider the benefits of having a double or single ended comb. It might be preferable to have a spare comb with a razor to tidy up a style.
  • What sort of condition should the razor comb be in? Razor combs often have a changeable razor function; there is no reason not to buy these as a second hand razor model. Consider the wear that you might wish to get out of your item.
  • After browsing eBay for the item, get a price range in mind. What is an acceptable price for the razor comb? Remember that the preferred price range can be selected on the left hand side of the page, which will filter the products accordingly. Remember that you also can select the kind of sale you would like, such as an auction or a bidding item. How soon does the item need to be delivered? Delivery options are also available in preferences on the left hand side.
  • As illustrated in the chart above, which type of razor comb is the most suitable? The large varieties of razor combs offered by eBay are each designed to suit the buyer’s needs and perform different jobs.

Buying a Razor Comb on eBay

The easiest way to buy a razor comb is to browse and purchase it on the Internet. You will be presented with an array of different brands and options; the easiest way to narrow these options down to the desired item is eBay. Simply visit the eBay home page and search for the item in the box at the top of the page.

Using eBay means that searches can be made for the ideal comb by using the ‘preference’ options on the left hand side of the page. Choices of razor comb can be narrowed down by clicking on the buyer’s desired preferences. These preferences include:

  • The category that is being searched for. For example, razor blades are under the category of ‘Health and Beauty’ and the subcategory of ‘Hair Removal’.
  • The condition of the item; whether it is new or used, for example.
  • The price range that the customer thinks appropriate to pay for the item.
  • Whether the item is an Auction item, a bidding item, or you wish to Buy It Now
  • The location of the item for the purpose of delivery.
  • The type of delivery; the razor might be required for the next day.

Filter your options by choosing from the preferences above; this allows eBay to bring forward the relevant items.

The wide variety of razor combs offered on the eBay platform are advantageous because brands and items can be browsed quickly and efficiently by using the search filters illustrated above. Further information on the item is also available on the product page, which appears when the image of the desired razor comb is clicked on.

eBay Safety Considerations

There are some safety precautions to consider when buying an item from eBay. Be sure to check that the buyer has a good reputation. If the buyer has any negative feedback, why is that and what was the outcome? Be careful if this is the first time the seller has sold an item on eBay. Review the item and seller carefully; do not hesitate to ask any questions.

A seller can be asked a question by scrolling to the bottom of the product page and entering the question in to the section provided. When you are ready to purchase your item on eBay, use PayPal to make a secure payment.


Razor combs are an affordable, easy alternative to expensive trips to the
hairdresser’s. When purchasing the razor comb, think about how often it might be used. Will a changeable razor be required? Which colour is desired? eBay is a great platform for finding the correct item and allows users to choose their preferences to narrow the search.

You can also visit other websites to read up on the reviews of razor combs displayed on eBay before a final decision is made. When you are ready to make your purchase, take a moment to review eBay’s terms and conditions.

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