Your Guide to Buying a Replacement Battery Pack for Your DSLR

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Your Guide to Buying a Replacement Battery Pack for Your DSLR

Like all batteries, DSLR battery packs also lose their ability to hold power over time. Running out of power while shooting haunts amateur and professional photographers alike. Finding a replacement battery pack for a DSLR means understanding each product's compatibility specifications, additional functionality, and available accessories.


Replacement Battery Packs Compatibility

Before beginning the search for a new battery pack, locate and read all information regarding the device's power requirements. The short descriptions typically found on the battery compartment door or on the camera's body should suffice. However, also try looking through any relevant information available in the device's manual. Always look for rechargeable options that match these specifications because the DSLR will likely drain disposable batteries quickly. Just remember that any generic packs must fit within the camera's battery compartment in addition to meeting power requirements. When in doubt, try to match the battery's brand to that of the camera. Nikon, Canon, Olympus and Sony all offer battery accessories tailored for their cameras.


Additional Functionality

The search for a replacement DSLR camera battery pack should centre on battery life as these products drain batteries rather quickly. Packs typically only last one to two hours before needing recharging. However, while powering a camera may be a battery's most important function, some battery grips actually achieve added functionality as well as increasing power capacity. In fact, if looking for a replacement battery pack solely because you need more power, a new battery grip might actually meet that need better. These products can hold enough backup batteries to double the life of a single battery pack operating under the same conditions. And although they sometimes make bulky additions to the camera's body, many of these products make up for the extra weight with convenient features like vertical shooting controls.


Battery Pack Accessories

Some photographers may want to purchase alternative power sources and additional charging cables for peace of mind. Ultimately, no one want to find themselves ready to take a photo with a dead camera. Diversifying your power options might mean capturing moments that may otherwise be lost. There are Universal charging cables that claim to fit a variety of battery packs, but play it safe when purchasing chargers and make sure you get one that matches the product's brand. All cables should also match the specifications as indicated on the battery's case or packaging. Remember also to consider a new or additional power adapter that plugs directly into the camera. Again, helpful information related to the voltage typically can usually be found on the camera's body, but a manual will also confirm which adapter works best. This product will probably confine you to the space near the socket, but at least you will not miss your shot.

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