Your Guide to Buying a Roadster Cartier Watch

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A watch is not only a timepiece, but a piece of jewellery as well. Cartier watches have been proving that for over a century with innovative designs, which incorporate excellent craftsmanship and many precious materials. The Cartier Roadster offers something a little bit different from the classics like Calibre de Cartier or Pasha de Cartier. Its unique style and features offer a refreshing new look for all Cartier watch admirers.


Size and Design

According to the size and design specifics, Cartier Roadster watches can be divided in three categories. These categories include men's large, men's extra-large, and women's watches. The Roadster Automatic is a good example of a men's dress watch, but it can feel a little small on a larger wrist. Roadster Chronograph models along with Chronograph XL models are a good choice for those with a thicker wrist. The Ladies Cartier Roadster watches are far from small but discrete. Depending on the year of production, a single Roadster design may be available with Arabic or Roman numbers. These small changes in design can also be used to authenticate the watch.



All Roadster watches are built to be water resistant with a series of seals. However, users should refrain from using the push-pieces of the watch when it is submerged. Cartier Roadster models also incorporate a small magnifying glass over the calendar dial. The discrete magnifier makes it easy to read the numbers and it gives the watch a similar appearance to some of the modern Rolex designs.



When it comes to materials, Cartier uses almost all in their designs. You can find a classic Cartier Roadster Stainless Steel Automatic or the same model as an 18-karat gold watch. Steel and gold combined are also found in men's watches, and some cleverly incorporate the same combination in the strap. Cartier has also experimented with diamonds in some of the designs. Users can find a custom Cartier Roadster Chronograph with its whole surface encrusted in diamonds. A more discreet use of diamonds comes in other Cartier women's watches.


Straps and Clasps

Cartier Roadster straps come in leather, metal, and plastic. Leather is a watch classic, and when combined with Cartier's adjustable folding buckle, it becomes highly practical. The adjustable buckle allows you to easily change the strap length and create a perfect fit on your wrist. Next, metal Cartier straps are easy to swap. They have attachment clasps at the base, which allow quick removal and instalment of a new strap. A double butterfly clasp without a safety usually accompanies metal straps. This clasp closes gently without putting any strain on the wrist. Lastly, rubber straps are usually combined with stainless steel Roadster models. They are quite durable, but a replacement is required every 18 months.

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