Your Guide to Buying a Slimming Dress

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Your Guide to Buying a Slimming Dress

Every woman wants to look the best that she possibly can. This has been true for a long time, since that first woman who became truly aware of the benefits and aesthetic appeal of wearing the right attire and accessories. And why not? Taking the time to look good sends a message of confidence in oneself. Quite a few people believe that taking care of one’s physical appearance leads to feeling better, living better, and thinking better. They are not wrong.

Modern beauty ideals focus on tall and willowy, slim and lean. This is unfortunate, for not every person has that exact physique. On the fortunate side, the profusion of different clothing styles ensures that every woman has the ability to choose the outfits needed to look her best. There are types of clothing that are particularly difficult to choose, however, because of the many complex permutations of style, shape, and colour available. Dresses in particular can be difficult to get just right, especially on occasions where a slimming dress is needed. This guide provides information on the basic types of dresses and how they flatter different physiques.

Some Basic Dress Types

The countless dress styles available in stores can be confusing for the average shopper. The answer: preparation. Knowing the basic dress styles will help towards more efficient shopping. Certain dress styles compliment different body shapes or figures. Understanding this will not only cut down shopping time but ensures that the person always chooses clothes that make her look her best.

The Sheath Dress

The sheath dress has a relatively simple basic design: usually strapless, sleeveless, and form-fitting, with solid colours or uncomplicated patterns. Most fall to knee-height, but can be any length desired by the wearer. Versatility is one of the primary advantages of the sheath dress, evidenced by its use in both casual and evening events. Women with hourglass figures with find the sheath to be an excellent dress choice when looking for the perfect slimming outfit. Those with slim shoulders and relatively wide bottom halves can also make the most out of the sheath dress by bulking up the top part with a wrap or a suitable jacket.

The Wrap Dress

This dress is composed of swathes of flowing fabric that wrap around the body and are generally fastened to the side or centre of the torso. There are two great points to the wrap dress. The first is that the neckline is almost always a v-neck, which is flattering to a majority of women. The second is that the basic style can be configured to either emphasise or minimise the waist. This feature makes the dress perfect for most body shapes.

If one has an hourglass figure, a wrap dress that tucks in at the natural waistline would be the best choice to highlight a small waist and curvy shape. Women with more prominent curves will be satisfied with wrap dresses that gather just below the waist and sport a flowing skirt, while those with rectangular physiques and few curves look best in wrap dresses that have more detail on the top half of the dress and flowing bottom halves.

The Maxi Dress

The maxi dress possesses an empire waist, or a waistline that is right under the bust. From the waistline, the fabric sweeps freely to the floor. These dresses were popularised in the 1970s and have recently made a reappearance because they offer both comfort and a uniquely feminine style. The dress is designed for the woman with a tall, willowy figure; however, with the proper accessories, the maxi dress can suit nearly any body type. The flowing fabric of the bottom half is also flattering to women with wide hips but slim shoulders and small busts. Now only pair of simple sandals with straps or some open-toed pumps are needed to complete the outfit for both dressy and casual occasions.

The Empire Dress

The empire dress, like the maxi dress, sports the empire waistline style. In contrast to the free-flowing, floor-length skirt of the maxi dress, however, the empire dress keeps the fabric falling closer to the body and is more relaxed when it comes to hem lengths. This dress is an ideal choice for women with tall, lean physiques as it takes the height of the person and emphasises its elegance. The dress also makes those possessing wide hips but small busts and narrow shoulders look appealing as the high waist emphasises the chest and the flowing dress conceals the lower half of the body. Women with wide hips should make sure the fabric does not pull tight against their bottom halves. With the addition of a belt to cinch the fabric at the waist, the empire dress also suits the hourglass figure.

The Suit Dress

These dresses generally come with matching jackets and are appropriate choices for anything from work attire to semi-casual events. The woman with large a bust and a rounded belly will benefit most from the suit dress, though this style is splendid on body shapes and sizes.

Jackets with at least three buttons are preferable; the buttons help support and hold in the abdomen while defining a waistline. A slimming jacket should always be structured and shaped to come in at the waist, fitting close to the body; never should it be boxy or straight-lined. A short, fitted jacket is well suited for the slimming effect on women with a small bust, narrow shoulders, and wide hips or thighs. Short and structured jackets that fit close flatter an hourglass figure as well. For those with few curves, the suit dress can serve to provide bulk, making it a good choice to add more volume to the figure.

The Shirt Dress

The shirt dress is similar to the suit dress but for the fact that it sports a button-down top rather than a jacket. While the dress length often hovers at about knee-height, many shirt dresses sport a longer or shorter hem. Again like suit dresses, shirt dresses are ideal for office wear or occasions that call for slightly more formal attire than usual, like church. The button-down shirt style is often best suited to women with small busts, as the shape of the shirt may be unflattering or ill-fitting on a woman with a larger bust.

If going for the more formal look, boots will be the thing to emphasise the dressier aspects of the outfit. Flat shoes can pair this dress for the more casual days, but do not be too casual and go with flip flops.

The Shift

A shift dress fits tight above the bust and on the shoulders, while the rest of the outfit simply falls in a shapeless drape of fabric around the body. It is a simple dress, with few details. These types of dresses, also called tent dresses and trapeze dresses, are similar in style to artist smocks from years past, a style that is a capital option for women with large busts, as well as for women with wide hips and thighs. For the woman with a large bust, rounded abdomen, or wide hips, the best choice is a shift that falls only to the knee or the fall of the fabric will emphasise these areas and ruin the slimming effect. Though the shift is less flattering to hourglass or rectangular shapes than to other body types, the woman with the hourglass figure can add a wide belt at the waistline to emphasise curves. Petite women would do well to avoid this style altogether, as it can present a waif-like appearance.

The Baby Doll Dress

The baby doll dress, with its loose fitting design and its overall casual nature, is a creation primarily for younger women. With the addition of leggings or a longer skirt though, they can also be flattering to the more mature. These dresses often exhibit sleeve styles that are short or nearly non-existent, in fluttering or ruffled designs. The baby doll dress is versatile, able to be customised to flatter all body shapes. Women with large busts and shoulders but slim bottom halves should look for a dress has a high waistline and a flowing skirt that comes to about knee-length, while those with smaller breasts should look for added detail across the top. One of the most casual and versatile dress styles, the baby doll dress is widely available with many variations on the basic shape and fashion.

How to Buy a Slimming Dress on eBay

The multitude of clothing shops on the Internet ensures that there is no lack of stores from which to choose when a woman wishes to purchase a slimming dress well suited to her body type. Online clothing retailers and online outlet stores for well-known fashion houses offer excellent selections, and eBay is the one-stop shop for any kind of dress and accessory one might be searching for.

The eBay homepage is simple to navigate. From there, you can do a search for the dresses you want and use the array of options, such as colour, brand, and material, already displayed to filter your choices down. You can also narrow down an offered selection more precisely by choosing the desired skirt length, size, occasion, and more.

The dress shopper should bear in mind that online clothing stores, while time-saving and convenient, do not have fitting rooms. Keep up-to-date and accurate measurements handy to help ensure the proper fit. Also remember that searching for local sellers is another way to get the proper dress with the least bother over international size calculations, shipping fees, and returns.


There are many types of dresses and many different styles, making the selection process for a slimming dress at times very much complicated. As the slimming effect of many dresses depends on the proper pairing of dress style and body shape, knowing the right dress style to wear to compliment one’s body shape and physique makes it easier to find the appropriate and attractive garment for the right occasion. In some cases, the accessories worn with the dress are also a factor in determining whether or not it is slimming.

Buying a flattering, slimming dress requires serious thought in order to choose clothing that emphasises good points, minimises perceived flaws, and presents one’s body to its best advantage. When buying a slimming dress or additional accessories on eBay, knowing one’s complete and accurate measurements help avoid wasted time and money. And remember: for every woman, of every body shape, there is the perfect dress.

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