Your Guide to Buying a Used Kitchen Cupboard

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Your Guide to Buying a Used Kitchen Cupboard

Kitchen cupboards do not usually receive as much attention as the centrepieces of the kitchen, such as the stove or table. Even though kitchen cupboards may be underrated, they play a significant role in making and keeping the kitchen a neat and attractive part of the house. Kitchen cupboards can enable people to organise what would otherwise be a cluttered area. These pieces of storage furniture may also help keep some food items from prematurely spoiling and household items like china and utensils from getting damaged or dirty when not in use.

Buyers have the option of purchasing used kitchen cupboards instead of brand-new ones in order to get value for their money or to own unique vintage items that add a touch of style to their kitchen. If you are thinking of buying used kitchen cupboards, you should consider that there are various types, made of different materials, each with their respective advantages and disadvantages. It is also important to consider the available floor space in your kitchen as well as your style preferences when choosing a used kitchen cupboard to make a wise purchase.

Very Brief History of Cupboards

A cupboard is a type of storage furniture or a closet with shelves. A kitchen cupboard is commonly used to store food, dishes, utensils, and other kitchen-related items. The origin of the cupboard may be traced to the Middle Ages. The term "cupboard" was initially used to refer to a table or board for storing cups. Later, the word was used to describe a stepped sideboard, as well as open shelves where plates were displayed. Since the 16th century, the term has been used to refer to a case with doors for storing items.

Types of Used Kitchen Cupboards

All kitchen cupboards have the same function, which is storage, but they can differ in shape, height, and other features. With many styles available, you can select the type of used kitchen cupboard that is suitable to your kitchen and needs for storage space. When buying used furniture, however, you should keep in mind that you may not be able to choose from a wide selection of styles, so you may need to compromise. Nevertheless, you should consider your style preferences when choosing used kitchen cupboards.

A wall kitchen cupboard refers to a cabinet that hangs on the kitchen wall. It is commonly installed above the countertop or stove. However, the exact height and location that it is positioned at depends on various factors, such as the height of the buyers and the height of the kitchen ceiling.

A standalone kitchen cupboard is a cabinet that does not need to be installed because, as the name says, can stand on its own, either on its base or on its legs. The advantage of standalone furniture pieces is that they can be moved when the kitchen is redecorated. There are various types of stand-alone cupboards, including the standard kitchen cupboard, the tall kitchen cupboard, and the kitchen corner cupboard.

The standard kitchen cupboard is usually shaped like a rectangular box. It is a popular type of cabinet that comes in different designs and sizes and is usually larger than other standalone kitchen cupboards. The tall kitchen cupboard is also rectangular in shape but is much taller and narrower than the typical standard cabinet. Its tall height compensates for its narrow width and enables it to accommodate more items. A tall cupboard can be ideal to place in narrow spaces where standard cabinets cannot fit.

The corner kitchen cupboard has a triangular shape and its front side is usually slightly curved. Similar to tall kitchen cupboards, the corner cupboard can be a good choice for kitchens with small floor space as it can fit in any corner that would otherwise be left empty.

All of the above pieces of furniture are detachable and, therefore, can be easily found as used pieces for sale on eBay or local flea markets, among other places. Conversely, it is difficult to find used built-in kitchen cupboards because a built-in cabinet is not easily detachable.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Used Kitchen Cupboards

One type of kitchen cupboard is not necessarily superior to another, as they all have advantages and disadvantages, and the final choice depends on buyer's preferences, needs, and budget. Each type of kitchen cupboard was designed with certain considerations in mind.

Type of Kitchen Cupboard



Wall Kitchen Cupboard

Contents of cupboard are easily accessible when cooking

Doesn't take up floor space

Children or petite people may need a stool or step ladder to access its contents

Potentially susceptible to damage due to its proximity to the cooking area

Standard Kitchen Cupboard

Ample storage space


Takes up ample floor space

Harder to move than smaller standalone cupboards

Not as quickly accessible as a wall kitchen cupboard

Tall Kitchen Cupboard

Takes up minimal floor space


Limited storage space

Not quickly accessible when cooking when placed far from the cooking area

Corner Kitchen Cupboard

Maximises corner space


Limited storage space

Not as quickly accessible as a wall kitchen cupboard since it may not be as close to the cooking area

Before purchasing a used kitchen cupboard, you can use the above table to quickly evaluate the pros and cons of the various types of kitchen cupboards. You may also want to consider the type of kitchen cupboard that is suitable to your kitchen space, style, and storage needs.

Kitchen Cupboards Materials

There are different kinds of materials that are used to make kitchen cupboards, including wood, melamine, metal, and thermofoil. Some kitchen cupboards are made largely of one material, while other cupboards are made out of a combination of materials. It is important to consider the type of material the used cupboards are made of because some materials age well, while others are more prone to damage by moisture, heat, or rust.


Wood is the preferred material for furniture and there are different kinds of wood that are used to make wooden kitchen cupboards.. Popular materials include maple, a hardwood with an even grain; cherry, a high-quality wood which ranges in colour from deep red to reddish-brown; and oak, a wide-grained hardwood. When buying used cupboards, you should remember that wooden cupboards made of high-quality wood are elegant and picturesque, but they may be more expensive than cupboards made of synthetic materials. Kitchen cupboards made from hardwood age well and you can find beautiful vintage or antique pieces that can give a unique look to your kitchen, regardless of its style.


Certain types of metal, such as stainless steel and aluminium, are used to make metal kitchen cupboards and other types of furniture. Stainless steel has greater resistance to rust, corrosion, and stain in comparison to ordinary steel.AAluminium is commonly used to form light, hard alloys that are resistant to corrosion. Metal kitchen cupboards may potentially last for a long time because their metal parts are resistant to rust and corrosion. However, when buying used metal cupboards, make sure you inspect the piece of furniture closely as a rusty or stained cupboard is not a wise investment.

Melamine and Thermofoil

Melamine is a synthetic material that can be used to make melamine kitchen cupboards and other furniture and generally costs less than wood. Melamine kitchen cupboards can be long-lived because melamine is known to resist scratches, chemicals, and moisture. Thermofoil is another synthetic material that is created by fusing a thin layer of vinyl onto a substrate material using heat. Thermofoil kitchen cupboards and cabinets may appear as if they were painted or may also look as if they were made out of wood grain. Thermofoil kitchen cupboards come in various textures and sheen levels, but furniture made of thermofoil is more vulnerable to moisture and heat than other cabinet materials. This is why used kitchen cupboards made of thermofoil are usually not the first choice for buyers, unless their price is very low and budget is the main criterion for selecting a piece of furniture.

How to Buy Used Cupboards on eBay

eBay has a large selection of used kitchen cupboards and you can start looking for the right one for you by typing the relevant keywords into the search box found on any page of the website. For instance, you can simply search for "used kitchen cupboard" and browse through the results until you find something that you would like to buy. Or, if you have a good idea of what type of second-hand kitchen cupboard you are looking for, you can enter keywords that are more specific, such as "used wooden kitchen cupboard" or "used corner kitchen cupboard". You can then further refine your search results by price, colour, or location of the eBay seller.

A kitchen cupboard is a heavy and bulky piece of furniture and shipping fees can be quite high, especially when ordering from abroad sellers. To save on delivery fees, it is advisable that you consider purchasing the used kitchen cupboard from a local eBay seller. Sometimes, it may even be possible for you to personally pick up the kitchen cupboard at a location you both agree on.


Kitchen cupboards are pieces of storage furniture that can help transform a messy and cluttered kitchen into a neat and orderly one. Cupboards may be used to keep grocery items in order and to store glasses, cups, dishes, pots, and pans. While the basic function of any kitchen cupboard remains unchanged, there are various types and designs of cupboards that can match almost any kitchen style and floor space available.

You can choose from among different types of used kitchen cupboards, such as wall kitchen cupboards, standalone kitchen cupboards, and, rarely, built-in kitchen cupboards. After carefully considering the particular advantages and disadvantages of each cupboard type, it should be easy to select the right type out of various kitchen cupboards that are made of different materials, like wood, metal, melamine, or thermofoil. Whether you are planning to furnish a new home or simply need additional storage space in your kitchen, eBay has an ample selection of used kitchen cupboards that you can choose from.






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