Your Guide to Buying a Used Renault Kangoo Van

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A previously owned Renault Kangoo is a good option for the budget minded buyer. A work vehicle with plenty of cargo space, the Kangoo van may be the right choice for the self-employed. Roomy and comfortable, the Renault Kangoo can serve a variety of needs while looking good but shoppers should consider their options carefully.


Renault Kangoo Features

The Kangoo is an efficient urban vehicle that comes in standard models, optional long wheelbase models, and as a five-seater van. The van has lower fuel consumption than its competitors and is easy to drive. As one of Europe's top vans in sales, both the Kangoo I and Kangoo II models maintain their popularity. The company produced several models including the Debut, Core, and Sport. The DCI features standard amenities and the Compact model is no longer available as new in the UK. The Maxi chassis has the option of a crew cabin with a folding second row of seats for versatility. Designed as a sturdy work vehicle, the interior is basic and does not boast many bells and whistles, preferring payload to style. The various models also feature an optional row of seats, different payload capacities, and length of the chassis, so shoppers should consider their payload and seating needs when choosing amongst the models.


Renault Kangoo Transmission Options

For those who transport large and heavy loads or drive in challenging environments, considering the transmission is important. The 75 bhp and the 90 bhp versions feature five-speed manual transmissions, while the 100 bhp Sport is a standard six speed. Also available is the 105 bhp Core with an automatic transmission. Some versions of the Kangoo feature stop-start technology and an Eco button that reduces torque to boost efficiency by up to 10 per cent.


Check the Condition and Paperwork

Before test driving a Renault Kangoo Van be sure to do a pre-drive check. Check the MOT certificate and compare the mileage on the vehicle. It is good practice to check the VIN numbers under the bonnet, at the base of the windscreen, and beside the driver under the carpet by the door. These numbers should all match and be the same as the MOT. Ask about the manual and be sure to check the wheels and tyres.


Take a Test Drive

Once you have inspected the Kangoo, climbing into the driver's seat for a test drive should give you a great deal of information. Start the van with a cold engine and inspect the exhaust. Blue smoke is an indication of burning oil and a precursor to what may be very expensive repairs. The idle speed should be stable. Check that all features are working properly, as spare parts can add to the cost. Be sure the brakes work properly. If there are tow bars or roof racks, be sure they are in good condition and part of the price.

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