Your Guide to Buying a Well-Fitted Blouse

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Your Guide to Buying a Well-Fitted Blouse

Everyone at one time or another has purchased a blouse that looked excellent on the rack only to find that it is not fitted correctly when it is on the body. Many times a blouse fits across the shoulders, but not on the bust line. Other times, a blouse fits along the waist, but not the shoulders. It seems that each designer has their own sizing system when it comes to well-fitted women’s blouses. Even though it may be difficult, it is possible to find a well-fitted women’s blouse in clothing shops, department stores, and online at websites, such as eBay.

In order to avoid compromising one fit for another, it is important to look at the blouse in the mirror while wearing it. There are a few things to look for when attempting to find a well-fitted blouse. Before purchasing a well-fitted blouse, consider the blouse material and measurements; look at the bust, shoulders, waist, and cuffs to make sure they are appropriately sized.

Trying on a Blouse

When you try on a blouse, you want to do it in a well lit room in front of a mirror. Put it on without tucking it in. Button the front of the blouse and the sleeves. The first thing to check is the bustline. If the buttons seem stretched, pulled, or out of place then a larger size may be needed. If the buttons lie flat and do not look as if they are being pulled, then the bustline of the blouse fits you.

Next, stand with your arms hanging loosely at your sides. The cuffs should sit naturally against your wrists if it is a long-sleeved blouse, just below the elbow if it is a three-quarter sleeved blouse, and just above the elbow if it is a short-sleeved blouse. This visual check makes sure that the cuffs are balanced and do not pinch the wrists, elbows, or upper arms.

Cross your arms over your chest. Watch the shoulders of the blouse while doing this. If the blouse bunches at the shoulders, chances are it is too loose to be well-fitted. If the blouse becomes too tight across the shoulders and pulls, then the blouse is too small and the next size up may fit better.

Once these checks are done, turn your wrists and neck while wearing the blouse completely buttoned. The cuffs and collar should move comfortably around the wrists and neck. Try bending over in the blouse, reach around and touch your back to make sure that it is not pulling up too far in the front or back. Look at the sides to make sure that the bottom of the blouse falls below the hip bone.

If the blouse has bust darts, make sure that they are sitting correctly. They should not sit above or below the nipple. If they do, the blouse does not look right, and with normal wear it may make the blouse appear uneven or lopsided.

Bend your body in ways that you normally would during work or other activities while wearing the blouse. Keep an eye on the buttons, neck, and lines of the blouse. If there is any pulling, or the buttons open to show what is underneath the blouse, then the fit is not a proper one.

Blouse Materials

Different materials move in different ways when they are on the body. Make sure that the material matches the season. Silks and cottons are good for warmer climates and seasons, while viscose and other heavier fabrics can be good for colder climates. Each of these materials moves differently across the body. When you are checking the blouse for fit, make sure that the material flows correctly. If the material bunches around the wrists, armpits, or elbows a different material may be needed. Some materials fit some bodies better than others.

Caring for a blouse’s material appropriately is also important in making sure a well-fitted blouse remains well-fitted. If a blouse is not properly cared for it can lose its fitting, fray, shrink, or stretch. When you purchase a well-fitted blouse, make sure to follow the care instructions for the blouse. Remember, it is better to spend the money on dry cleaning than it is to have to replace a blouse that once fit well.

Blouse Measurements

When you order a blouse online, it is important to know your measurements. Many of the sizes vary between manufacturers of clothing. They can run either big or small. Knowing your actual physical measurements is sometimes the only way to tell if a blouse is going to fit.

The first measurement a woman needs to take is her neckline. With a tailor's tape measure, circle the neck loosely. This gives you an idea of the neck size you need. This is not important for many of the women’s blouses on the market, but may come in handy if you need to wear a blouse that buttons all the way to the collar or is a high-necked blouse.

The next measurement is the bustline. Again, with a tailor’s tape measure, wrap it around the widest part of the bust. It is important to make this measurement loose enough not to compress the bust, but still tight enough to give you an accurate measurement. This measurement gives you a chest size for a well-fitted blouse.

After measuring the bustline, place the tailor’s tape measure around the waist. Take a loose measurement to find the measurement for your waist. This helps you know if a fitted blouse conforms to your waistline. This measurement matters less for shirts that are not gathered in at the waist. Although it may not be needed, it is still a good measurement to know.

If the blouse has long, or three-quarter, sleeves you need to find the measurement of the sleeve that you need. It is best to take a blouse that fits you already with the sleeve length that you desire, and lay it out flat. Then, measure from the wrist seam to the shoulder.

Once all of the measurements are taken, compare them to a standard size chart. These charts provide you with a size that fits most, if not all, manufacturers.

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Bust (cm)






Waist (cm)






Hips (cm)






This sizing chart is just a baseline. Many manufacturers have their own size charts specific to their fitted shirts. After taking the measurements, check with the manufacturer’s sizes to see if they are different than the standards. Remember that your measurements may change over time, and sometimes over different times in a month. Make sure that the measurements take into account small fluctuations in weight and size.

Finding a Well-Fitted Blouse on eBay

If your are looking for a well-fitted blouse using the popular auction website, eBay, all you need to do is type in the search terms relevant to the blouse you want. Then click the search button. This provides a list of blouses that fit the search terms. Many of these listings have sizes and measurements along with a description of the blouse.

When buying on eBay, there are a few things to remember. You should always read the listing thoroughly, making sure to note the return policies of the seller and the shipping terms. If you receive a blouse that does not fit or is not as described, then you need to know if you can return it. Another thing to look at is the feedback of a seller. A seller with a high feedback rating is ordinarily reputable. There are also reviews about the seller posted by past customers.

When dealing with a seller on eBay, it is useful to ask them questions before bidding on, or purchasing, an item. Most sellers are happy to answer any questions that you have about their products, policies, and shipping situation.


There are ways to ensure that a blouse is well-fitted to your frame. It involves either trying the blouse on and checking certain key points, or by taking careful measurements of the blouse. Each of these things are easily done. The trick to finding the perfect well-fitted blouse is asking questions and requesting measurements where appropriate.

It is also important to pay attention to measurements, materials, and the style of the blouse. You would not want to purchase a blouse only to have it shrink in the laundry or fit incorrectly. If you are taking your own measurements, it may be helpful to have a friend help you out since it is important that the measurements are accurate. A well-lit room and mirror are also needed for checking the size and the fit of a blouse. If you are ordering from a website, like eBay, be sure to try the blouse on and check the fit as soon as possible so you do not exceed the time limit for returns.

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