Your Guide to Buying a Wired Microphone on eBay

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Your Guide to Buying a Wired Microphone on eBay

All kinds of wired microphones are available to buy on eBay. Dynamic and condenser microphones can be bought, new and used, from both professional and amateur retailers alike. Whether the search is for a single hyper-cardioid microphone for a singer, a pair of flat response units for a pianist, or a multi-microphone kit for a drummer, something suitable is likely to be found on eBay.
The process of identifying a suitable wired microphone on eBay is very straightforward. If required, the differences between the various microphones available can be researched in eBay's handy product reviews and buying guides section. Alternatively, the microphone listings can simply be browsed until a suitable make and model is decided upon.
Once the desired microphone has been identified, searching for it on eBay will highlight the vendors who have this item for sale. Their listings can then be examined and compared to find not just the best deal, but also the best vendor.
How to Buy a Wired Microphone on eBay

Items can be bought and paid for on eBay in the conventional manner, but they can also sometimes be had for less with a well-chosen offer, or a well-timed bid. A little understanding of how eBay works can help find the best microphone deals. Always remember that the amount of a bid, offer or purchase on eBay is seen as a commitment to buy the item at that price.
All eBay listings contain details of acceptable payment methods and delivery options. It is a good idea to check these first, before committing to the purchase. Some items may only be available for collection. It is also sometimes possible to get items sent via express delivery by paying an additional charge.
Assuming the desired wired microphone has been identified, the next decision will be to choose a method of purchase.

Buying a Wired Microphone Using Buy It Now

For a microphone that is required urgently, the quickest purchase method will be the most suitable. A microphone offered with the option to Buy It Now can be bought and paid for immediately. Viewing only those microphones available for purchase in this way is simply a case of selecting the Buy it Now tab when viewing the list of available wired microphones.

Buying a Wired Microphone by Making an Offer

Occasionally, vendors advertise their Buy It Now items with the option to place an offer. As the vendor can take up to three days to consider the offer, this is unlikely to be a quick microphone purchase. The offer may be accepted, or the vendor may choose to counteroffer. This will be an amount that is more than the initial offer but still less than the asking price. The counteroffer process can be repeated several times, much like haggling in a market. However, if the two parties fail to agree a price, the microphone will remain unsold.

Buying a Wired Microphone by Placing a Bid

Of all the ways to purchase a microphone on eBay, the bidding is probably the most fun. It is also likely to be a good way to find a bargain. To view the wired microphones that can be bid on, simply select the Auctions only tab. As auctions can take several days, and there is no guarantee of success, this is not a suitable method of purchase for an urgently required microphone.
Placing a bid is easy. The amount should be the maximum the bidder would be happy to pay for the microphone. However, they will often pay an amount that is far less than this if they win the auction. The actual amount will be determined by the next highest bid from another bidder. If, however, a higher bid is placed by another bidder, they will receive an email informing them of this. They can then decide to place a higher bid, if there is time before the auction ends, or bid on another item.

Making the Purchase

It is likely that both new and used models of the intended microphone will be available for purchase on eBay. Therefore, the next decision will be which is the most suitable. It is possible to display either just the new, or just the used, microphones by ticking the appropriate Condition attribute on the left of the page.

Cheapest Wired Microphones on eBay

An easy way to show the best microphone deal is to order the selected list of microphones using the "Price + P&P: lowest first" sort. There may be more expensive microphones further down the list which are bundled with other items, and are, therefore, even better bargains, so it is worth browsing the list to check.

Purchasing a Brand New Wired Microphone

New products invariably come with some form of guarantee, which can help to justify the extra cost. Where no warranty is mentioned by the vendor it can be worth checking if any guarantee is offered, using the "Contact Seller" link. The listing will also detail the vendor's returns policy, which can be worth making a note of. On eBay, an Extended Warranty is usually offered with new technology devices and can be bought separately at the time of purchase.

Purchasing a Used Wired Microphone

If a suitable wired microphone can be purchased locally, it will have the advantage that it will be possible to check it in person. Microphones which are for sale nearby can be identified on eBay using the options on the left of the page. Click on More Refinements, select Item Location and tick the Within box. Enter the current postcode and the maximum acceptable distance to travel to view a microphone that is for sale. Remember to check item collection is permitted in the individual listings.
Following the checklist below will help to identify any serious shortcomings of the microphones on offer. Where it is not possible to check the microphone in person, consider asking the vendor to perform the same checks and to report back any findings. Request additional audio or visual evidence of any defects that are highlighted.



Overall Condition

Check the body and controls of the microphone for damage. Be wary of microphones with significant signs of cosmetic wear. Shake the microphone and listen for detached or damaged internal components.


Choosing a sound source in a suitable range, check the fidelity of the microphone at all input levels. Test the function of directional microphones at various orientations and distances from the output source. While listening to the output, apply pressure to all leads, connectors and switches.


If the microphone was originally supplied with any accessories, such as wind screens, popper stoppers, or a hard case, check if these are available.

Choosing a Vendor

Having taken the time to find the best wired microphone, and the best deal, it is worth spending a few moments to choose the best eBay vendor. Checking the details of potential vendor's feedback scores will identify which is the most likely to quickly dispatch a well-wrapped item.

Finding Wired Microphones on eBay

The quickest way to find a wired microphone on eBay is by using the search facility at the top of every page. For example, to find an unused condenser microphone, simply type "condenser microphone new" into the search bar.
It is also possible to browse the wired microphones that are for sale. On the eBay homepage, expand the All Categories menu, select Musical Instruments and then click Search. Follow the link for Pro Audio Equipment and then Microphones. Finally, click on the Wired option on the left of the page.
The left-hand options are there to help refine the focus of the search. For example, using these it is possible to display only new Shure wired condenser microphones that are for sale. If no suitable microphones are available that matched these criteria, the search can be saved for convenient future reference. If required, an email notification can be requested should a suitable microphone subsequently be listed.

Buying a wired microphone on eBay is an easy process, but it is still worth proceeding with a little thought and care. Researching, and deciding on, a particular product should be the first step. Then, it is simply a matter of deciding whether to purchase the microphone new or used. Once an appropriate method of purchase has been decided upon, browse the suitable products to find the best deal. Always remember to give the vendor a quick check, before committing to the purchase. Following these steps should result in the quick delivery of a wired microphone that meets all expectations. All that remains is to leave some 5-star feedback for the seller.

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