Your Guide to Buying an Adorable Garden Gnome

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Your Guide to Buying an Adorable Garden Gnome

Garden gnomes are popular, cute, and playful items that you can choose for your garden to add personality, or show the world that you love gnomes or garden statues and ornaments. While some people take their garden fairy and gnome figure collections to extremes, you can start off with just one or two gnomes to add a touch of adorable cartoon fun to your space. Take a few minutes to learn more about garden gnomes in order to make the right choice for your garden.


Garden Gnome Size

Garden gnomes vary in size from a few centimetres to more than a metre in height. Generally, a medium sized gnome makes a great statement without being hard to see or taking up all of the space in your garden. Sets of gnomes usually take up more space, especially if they feature two or more gnomes in one area.


Garden Gnome Theme

The theme is the most important consideration when you go to choose an adorable garden gnome. Garden gnomes come in a variety of themes including classic, humour, naughty, Irish, and more. You can pick a theme based on the type of garden gnome you want. You can also choose a colour such as red, green, purple, or blue, although red and green are the most popular options. Colours vary a great deal, but most gnomes feature some variation of a pointed hat, trousers, and a shirt. Some popular themes include sleeping gnomes, drinking gnomes, a pair of kissing gnomes, zombie gnomes, and sitting gnomes. Traditional gnomes are darker and usually scarier, while modern gnomes are more friendly and cheerful, and usually more adorable.


Garden Gnome Features

Garden gnomes might be adorable but many of them are more than just garden decorations. Some garden gnomes feature hollow spots for storing keys, others feature garden lights and solar panels, bird feeders, bird waterers, sprinklers, and even motion detectors for detecting intruders or turning on the lights. While you can just buy an adorable gnome statue, you can also choose a gnome that serves both a practical and decorative purpose. If your garden is low on space, then a dual purpose gnome is a great way to save on space, and make the practical items in the garden more decorative.

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