Your Guide to Buying an Antique Kitchen Table and Chairs

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Your Guide to Buying an Antique Kitchen Table and Chairs

Choosing to purchase an antique kitchen table and chair set is more of an investment decision than a simple furniture purchase. Antique kitchen tables and chairs offer individuals a sense of sophistication that is capable of fitting into almost any design aesthetic. Searching for the most adequate antique table and chair set, however, can be quite a hassle. Hopping from store to store tends to be somewhat time consuming and often offers up limited solutions.

Online marketplaces such as eBay offer the search tools necessary to filter through listings in order to the find the item desired. Since antiques are often sold locally, choosing a site such as eBay that offers local sellers a platform, tends to be an intelligent move. Before committing to a purchase of any kind, shoppers would be wise to determine size needs. Figuring out the colour style and overall aesthetic is also an important research step before a committing to a purchase. Even considering wood type and drawer options, helps consumers to make an educated buying choice.

Antique Kitchen Table and Chair Size

Determining the size of an antique kitchen table and chair set should be the first task on any purchasers list. Those who have a large amount of space should consider a larger table that seats a greater number of people. People who dwell in a smaller space, however, must be quite careful to avoid an oversized option. No matter what living area one occupies, making the proper measurements and choosing spacing options is essential in making an educated decision.

Measure the Room

Whether the room in question is a wide, open spaced or a small, cosy atmosphere, measuring a room before buying an antique kitchen table and chairs set is of great importance. Make sure, however, to avoid common pitfalls. Include chair space and moving space into a measurement. Cramped visitors are likely to be crabby visitors. A common rule of thumb when measuring for a table, is to allow at least one meter from each side and corner of the table. Although one meter is recommended, a little extra space tends to be appreciated by all.

Make it Comfortable

Since classic kitchen table and chair sets tend to be somewhat more grand when purchased for seating more than four guests, making a space comfortable is still just as important. Adding two meters from every corner of a six seat antique kitchen table and chair set allows for a free flow of movement. Instead of making people squeeze by, this option gives individuals the chance to be comfortable, even when moving around. Those who have the space should consider designing a more comfortable atmosphere for guests and family.

Make it Cosy

Individuals who live in a smaller home or apartment, should not despair. Some antique kitchen table and chair sets are designed with small spaces in mind. Searching for a table that seats four or fewer gives people the chance to design an intimate area that meets the need of the individual. Looking for a two seat antique kitchen table and chair set is likely to yield the greatest results. Do not be afraid to find multipurpose antique furniture either, as such a small table can be utilised in almost any room.

Antique Kitchen Table and Chair Style

Those shopping for an antique kitchen table and chair combination, are likely to have a specific style of chair in mind. Knowing what is desired before ever setting out on a search can save both time and money. Weighing patina style, shape, and overall design aesthetic choices before shopping, aids individuals in making an educated shopping decision. Choose a style that fits the room in question, but also remember to search for a quality and functional shape as well.


Selecting a style of antique furniture, hinges on what type of patina is chosen. Some individuals mistake this element for colour, but those interested in these antiques know this all too well. Finding a piece of furniture that has not been refinished at any point of its life can be an arduous task. Searching for the right patina, often times leads to a happier owner upon purchase. Patina that is dark and rich, is better suited for a more subdued style room that is leaning towards a classical feel. Lighter patinas are a more than adequate choice for more modern settings that call for a streamlined feel.


Figuring out what shape antique kitchen table and chairs works best in a space is of the utmost importance. Those who want to save space, should find a rectangular antique set that fits with the construction of the room. People who have limited space should also avoid rounded tables, as much of the rounded space ends up being unused. Shoppers looking for a more diminutive, quaint table for a larger space, should consider rounded tables as a viable option. When considering shape, the first step is to factor in the room where the table is being set. After weighing the options, make sure to pick a shape that is pleasant to your own tastes.

Overall Aesthetic

Since antique furniture varies so widely, shopping for the most appealing antique table and chair set is often the focus. Although some searching for such an item are on a budget, selecting the most attractive table and chair set is almost always the end goal. In order to do that, shoppers should be sure to factor in how the patina and shape work together. A shorter, older table with minimum patina may not be as ideal as a larger table that showcases a deeper, richer patina. Also, consider the design and construction of the chairs included in the set. A beautiful table with gauche chairs, tends to often be a less than desired option. Weighing the chair design, patina, and shape of table are all vital factors in selecting the right antique table and chair set.

Time Period

Whether it is Mission style, or Tudor inspired, choosing a time period for antique furniture can help to seriously narrow down one’s choices. Those looking for a specific time period style such as Victorian, should consider taking advantage of advanced search features through online marketplaces like eBay. Concentrating a search to a certain time period, is difficult when shoppers are restricted to traditional shops. Online listings allow people to find the exact piece that they are looking for, no matter how specific a time period.

Tables with Drawers

Since space is at a premium in most areas, and has been for quite some time, shoppers can search from a plethora of tables designed for smaller living spaces. Antique tables are consistently designed with drawers built-in, to allow for storage of linens, eating utensils, and more. Although an antique table with drawers may not be the most appealing option to some, the actual functionality of such a table is greater than a simple table top option. Consider tables with drawers as a more functional, antique option suited for smaller spaces.

Wood Type

Antique tables and chairs are usually made of a specific type of wood, and the range of woods available can be overwhelming. Mahogany, cherry, hickory, pecan, and even oak, are all options when it comes to antique kitchen table and chair sets. Deeper wood colours, like mahogany and cherry, are well suited to a darker, more traditional setting. Lighter woods, such oak and pecan, tend to satisfy more contemporary design tastes. Pick a type of wood that matches the overall feel of the room in question.

Buying an Antique Kitchen Table and Chair Set on eBay

Searching from antique store to furniture shop tends to take up a large amount of time. With a limited selection of antique kitchen tables and chairs, restricting shopping strategies to traditional brick and mortar stores is rarely a successful strategy. With online marketplaces such as eBay, shoppers are able to search through thousands of results. Consumers who utilise eBay can buy furniture from local sellers to speed along shipping and find a reasonable price. With authorised sellers as well, shoppers can be sure to find a dependable seller with a large stock of options.

Finding an antique table and chair set on eBay is as simple as visiting the eBay homepage and entering in a term into the search bar. Once the listings are available, browse through them and note the images available. For options that are somewhat unclear in their presentation, shoppers should contact sellers about any issues that might arise during the purchasing process. Discussing an item with a seller easily solves most shopping issues.


Taking advantage of online marketplaces such as eBay allows individuals to save time and shop in the convenience of their own home. Consider contacting prospective sellers to determine whether or not the product is designed for the situation. Since antique table and chair sets are somewhat rarer in traditional markets, having thousands to choose from on a single screen is quite convenient. Be sure, however, to determine exactly what is needed from the table and chair set, before committing to a purchase.

The first step towards narrowing down a search, is to measure the room the set will be placed in. Once the size need and restrictions are determined, selecting a patina and shape, is a logical next step. Also, selecting a time period theme is an important factor for those shopping for antiques. Once time period, shape, and size have been determined, searching for a specific wood helps to focus a search more succinctly. Find the right shape, size, style, and material for your space once a plan has been formulated, for the best possible results.

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