Your Guide to Buying an Indian Brass Table

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For an interesting look for your home, choose an Indian brass table that stands out in any number of rooms, including the living room, family room, and even on a patio. Indian brass tables come in a variety of styles, from modern looks to traditional tables that blend in with your overall décor. You can learn about the different styles and looks of Indian brass tables to discover which ones may work with your personal tastes and decor.


Indian Brass Tray Tables

These Indian brass tables live up to their name with shiny brass trays that act as the tabletop. They sit atop either brass or wooden legs and can be oval, round, square, or rectangular. The tray tops come with intricate designs reminiscent of India and Morocco. Many come with folding stands you can hide away at a moment's notice and then take out when needed. Get multiple uses out of these brass trays by using them as small coffee tables, end tables, or even individual serving trays when not on the legs.


Indian Brass Table Frames

Some Indian brass tables come with glass or wooden tabletops with brass frames and legs. Intricate detail and design go into making these coffee or end tables that come with either gold or copper-shaded finishes. Some have traditional coffee table looks and work well over area rugs in front of large sofas. Made with the finest craftsmanship, these brass frames are sturdy and durable enough to hold up for generations.


Rustic Indian Brass Tables

Choose brass frame tables with a bit of a worn and rustic look. A blue shaded brass with a wooden tabletop adds a western or country feel to a home. Some of these tables have a vintage look with the brass already distressed or scratched, which is perfect around small children who may damage newer tables. With vintage brass tables, one or two extra nicks and scratches just blend right in. Pick from rustic brass tables with large width and depth or other long tables that extend the entire length of a large sofa.


Indian Brass Accent Tables

Try Indian brass accent tables in more than just living rooms and family rooms. Use them in your outdoor room, as a side piece in a dining room, or even as a bedside table. Many resemble tray coffee tables with shiny brass pieces that remove from the legs. Place your bedside books and a lamp on one of these tables, or use it for knick-knacks and flower vases as décor in just about any room in the house. The regal look of these tables works well with most decorating styles.

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