Your Guide to Buying the Right Earrings for Your Face Shape

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Your Guide to Buying the Right Earrings for Your Face Shape

Earrings are delightful accessories for any outfit. The right earrings draw attention to the face, enhancing the wearer’s attractive qualities. Earrings are usually made of common or precious metals, with beads, stones, decorative pendants, or gems as embellishments. Different earrings can be used to make an outfit more casual or dressy.

Wearers should be sure that they choose a style of earrings that flatters their face shape. The first step is for wearers to take a careful look at their face to decide which basic face shape they have. Next, they need to consider the different kinds of earrings available. Typically, certain face shapes work better with certain styles or earring lengths. Buyers who are unsure how a certain pair of earrings looks with their face shape can consult with a fashion-savvy family member or friend.

Understanding Face Shapes

Most experts claim that there are four primary face shapes: oval, heart, round, and square. A minority of experts also include two extra face shapes, to more clearly define certain feature combinations. The two additional face shapes are oblong and diamond faces. It is fairly easy for women to ascertain which face shape most closely resembles their own.


Many experts consider an oval face be the ideal face shape because of its balanced proportions. Oval faces should be about twice as long as they are wide. At its widest point, the jaw is a bit narrower than the width from temple to temple. Women with oval faces often have a curved hairline rather than a straight or irregular hairline. Oval faces are the most versatile, since they look good with a wide variety of hairstyles, makeup styles, or earrings.


Oblong or rectangular faces are longer than they are wide. They are typically very slender, as well. High foreheads and small chins are common in women with oblong faces.


A broad forehead and a pointed chin are the hallmarks of a heart-shaped face. People with heart-shaped faces often have high, prominent cheekbones, as well.


In a round face, the height and width of the face are nearly equal, with the widest part of the face forming a midline between the ears. Round faces often have soft curved lines and full cheeks.


Women with square faces have straight or squared hairlines. Their jawline is typically square or angular, as well. In a square face, the forehead and jaw measure about the same at their widest points.


Diamond-shaped faces are somewhat similar to heart-shaped faces. They have wide foreheads and narrow chins. However, the chin of a heart-shaped face is generally more pointed, while the chin on a diamond face is rounded. Diamond faces also have a wider jawline, and may have sharp cheekbones as well.

Identifying Your Face Shape

Women can identify their face shape by measuring and comparing the different areas of the face. However, an easier way to determine face shape is to look into a steamy mirror after a shower and trace the outline of the face. Users can also look into a mirror anytime and draw their face shape with lipstick or eyeliner. In either case, users should pull back their hair so that it does not interfere with the reflection. Waves of hair in the way can prevent users from getting an accurate tracing. Once the tracing of the face is complete, users can compare the shape they see to the six basic face types.

Examining Earring Styles

Earrings fall into three main categories: studs, drops, and hoops. Each category includes a wide variety of styles, sizes, and lengths. The chart below illustrates some of the variety within the category of drop earrings.

Type of Drop Earring



Multiple levels of beads, pearls, or gems dangling from the ear

Gemstone or Cluster

Tiny gems or glass beads attached alternating sides of a single chain, falling in a cluster design


Short or long earrings with diamonds set in various shapes or links

Metal Fashion

Intriguing shapes, curls, and geometric designs formed from metal

While this is not an exhaustive list of all the categories and subcategories of earrings, it should help buyers become more familiar with the way in which different types of earrings are defined. Familiarity with the descriptive terminology makes it much easier for buyers to identify the most flattering earrings as they shop.

Matching Earrings to Face Shape

Once buyers are familiar with the six basic facial shapes and the three main categories of earrings, they can match their own face shape with the earrings of the most flattering kinds.

Earrings for Oval Faces

Women with oval faces enjoy perfectly balanced proportions. They can wear almost any kind of earring. However, certain earrings work especially well. These include oval and teardrop shapes, or earrings that feature pearls. Each of these earrings incorporates smooth curves that mirror the gentle curve of the wearer’s face.

Earrings for Oblong Faces

Oblong faces are slender and are longer than other face types. The oblong face is not complemented by long, dangly earrings. Studs and earrings with short, wide pendants are much more flattering, adding the necessary breadth to the face.

Earrings for Heart-shaped Faces

The heart-shaped face is triangular, wide at the forehead, and features a narrow chin. Heart-shaped faces need something to balance these unique proportions. Women with this type of face should try earrings that are the inverse of their face shape, such as teardrop or chandelier styles. These earrings are narrow at the top and wide at the bottom, and they usually look lovely when accessorising a heart-shaped face.

Earrings for Round Faces

A round face is full and curvy. For extra definition, women with this face shape can wear earrings with interesting, angular shapes. They should also try dangling earrings, since the long lines of the earrings create the illusion of a longer face. Women with round faces should avoid hoop earrings, which simply accentuate the round shape of their face.

Earrings for Square Faces

Square faces need earrings that contrast with or balance the sharp angles of the cheekbones and jaw. Hoop earrings are circular, and thus work well with square faces. Longer earrings elongate the face, and their straight vertical lines contrast with the facial angles, making them appear softer. Earrings with sharply defined designs work in the same way, presenting precise and distinct angles and creating the illusion that the face is curvier than it actually is.

Earrings for Diamond-shaped Faces

A diamond-shaped face has wide cheekbones and a narrow chin and forehead. Women with this type of facial structure should avoid long earrings, and should opt instead for wide or chunky earrings. Earrings that incorporate intricate designs, including angles, lines, and curves, can be especially flattering when worn by women with diamond-shaped faces. Diamond face types also work well with pearl earrings and other styles that include dainty drops.

Buying Earrings on eBay

Brick and mortar jewellery and accessories shops in your area should carry a nice selection of earrings. However, for a much broader selection and lower prices, check out eBay, one of the U.K.’s top online shopping destinations. To search for earrings on eBay, simply type the word "earrings". For more relevant results, include the style that you want, such as "chandelier earrings." To narrow the search results even further, you can filter listings according to price, shipping options, and other factors.

If you cannot locate the earrings you want, try a search in the eBay Shopssection of eBay’s website. Results in this part of the website are listed by shop rather than by individual product. When you save a search, eBay notifies you anytime new listings are posted.

Since earrings are not typically large or heavy, many sellers offer free P&P (postage and packing). Some may also bundle more than one pair of earrings into one product listing and sell them at a bargain price. Others may offer return policies, in case the earrings are defective or unsatisfactory. Look for the Top-rated seller seal that appears on some listing pages. This seal indicates that the seller is highly rated amongst eBay customers and should offer you efficient, professional service and a good product. If you want to request more details about the earrings or to inquire about another issue, contact the seller via the Contact Member link on the seller’s profile page or the Ask a Question link included on the listing page.


Buying a new pair of earrings is usually fun. Buyers should first determine whether they want costume jewellery, fine jewellery, or something in between. Then they should establish a budget. There are so many types and materials available, buyers should have no trouble locating jewellery they can afford. Earrings are often made from metals such as sterling silver, stainless steel, platinum, yellow gold, or white gold. They may also be made of cheaper metals and plated with silver or gold.

The style of face shape that a woman has often determines the style of earrings she should wear. Multiple styles may look good, but there is usually one that brings out the best features of the face. Once wearers have identified their face shape and matched it to the right type of earrings, they should know what style to look for whenever they buy new jewellery. They should be able to quickly select an affordable pair of earrings that flatter their face and beautifully accessorise their outfit.

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